you think normies are in? You think they understand this shit? You're dead fucking wrong. The mass retarded normie population really still doesn't get this shit while wall st has quietly invested millions in 2017

Check this fucking shit out

They don't fucking get it at all. What does this mean?

1. We are, unironically, the early investors even until now. This is the smart money point, Bitcoin has proven itself not to get shutdown by worldwide govt so big investors are starting to get in. This is why we're seeing futures and ETFs this year/last year

2. Normie fomo retard ticker symbol roullete part 2 boogaloo is coming to a binance near you. Not even kidding, shit like TRX and IOTA will pump again from retarded fomo normies who don't know how this shit works

Is the bear market over? probably not. Are we going lower? Probably. Will we have another fomo moonbubble? You bet your fucking ass

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>spends his time in this shithole and unironically thinks he is "smart money"

smart money cashed out in december and dumped on you
now you are waiting for a bigger fool
>"b b but this does not apply to the bigger fool theorem"
said the bigger fool

my man.

also, it hasnt been adopted so they dont see it. they think its still funny internet money and are measuring it in dollars. most of the projects are immature, shitcoins, or will be obsolete. we unironically .com'd.

this next part is going to be fucking hilarious. take care and stay safe lads, if you can see whats coming you WILL make it. i will see you all on the other side.

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>i will see you all on the other side.
after you have blown your brain out in august you mean

>comparing IOTA to TRX

kys plz

nope ETFs are coming. Wallstreet has invested millions alreaday, this is their new favorite toy because they know retarded normies are going to come flying in to pump stupid shit again

>eeetssss ovvaaahhhhh dey cashed out

nope. US govt just OK'd what will be dotcom bubble pt. 2 electic boogaloo easy to join in edition, and considering we live in the meme generation, its going to be a mania unlike any other. December was a taste of that.

We will be in a bear market for a while but you better bet your fucking ass wall st is pulling strings to make it happen again, too much money and too much fun to not let it happen again.

BTC is solid longer term anyway, will be gold marketcap eventually no matter what and is one of the few coins that isn't a fucking scam

also since I've got HST in my ID, look that shit up bizbros

lol both retarded scam coins,

IOTA = Rick and Morty of crypto
TRX = Beats by Dre of crypto

you have one thing right
etfs are coming for btc

but no one will buy your shitcoins you all have invested your precious btc in
justed fools

I don't invest in shitcoins mouthbreather, did you read what I said? I said when the bullrun starts up again there's going to be a catalyst for another normie fomo bubble of retarded shitcoins that don't matter

lol ok then Mr r/iamverysmart

I'll send you a postcard from the moon

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all of the normies who will ever invest in shitcoins are here on the board

Are you convincing us or yourself? You aren't an early adapter. If you were you would have made enough money by now and wouldn't be hanging around making hail mary posts on Veeky Forums. There is no more fomo money coming back, accept it.

Link-Link of crypto

Thats good animation but that guy is like not funny or entertaining, Im surprised the channel is so popular. Was Alex Clark known before youtube, I just dont get why he has so many subs/videos.

didn't you hear? Septemeber never ended. A new retard is born everyday. There will be more, this board will get worse

this fucking idiot thinks IOTA is anything but a scam, and there will be many more like him

Listen, dude, have you even tried IOTA's thing they call a "wallet"? It doesn't even fucking work. Its not even a cryptocurrency. I guarantee you keep that shit on exchange, as you should because I guarantee you'd lose it if you'd try their abomination they call a "wallet"

Wall Street hasn't "invested" Wall Street is fine making a killing with it. Investors care about it minimally because of huge margins but at this point they treat it like buying sand.

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LINK is the Donald Trump of crypto

There wouldn't be ETFs and futures if wallstreet wasn't already in

I'm done here you win.

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its true though, why would they play a game they don't have control over lol. Unlike you stupid fuckfaces they put in .01% of their portfolio into this shit because that's all it takes to have control over this tiny market

I've got my IOTAs on the official wallet and never had an issue, only brainlets like you love crying about it. Also lol for the German Foundation "scam", DYOR

but ya actually nevermind I wouldn't want a dumbass like you to benefit from it anyway, stay poor and salty feggit

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kek no you don't. Enjoy your dagcoin coded in "TERTIARY" man you are fucking retarded for falling for such a stupid scam

Wallet doesn't work for shit, you have to generate your own private key (IE THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT OF A WALLET), the wallet desyncs 24/7 and if two people try to send you something at the same time only one of them will go through

great coin 10/10 neck yourself