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you died

So what to looking for?

i dunno man, just chat..about trading, life forex crypto whatever man

i remember when people talked about bitcoin here it was confined to one single thread, and look at it now

so the broker told me to buy BTC because they expect to rise up to 10k?

who are you with

bitcoin is kind of fucked right no, fewer new buyers, everyone trying to sell at profit, tons of different coins that do the same thing better for a cheaper price

broker station!

most of the advise he is giving me is not that good or wrong

but im stuck with one open position EURJPY that is taking half of my investment. waiting to rise just to avoid too much loss

ffuck me take your money and find a better broker

that is scammy as fuck 1 star reviews...are you US?

youve got waaaaay better options, look around for a bit, ill look for some high rated reputable brokers

did you buy eurjpy? whats your entry point?

What you meam US? If im from US or my account is in US?

135.336 eurjpy

after loose all my money with Bim Capital, just left 5k at broker station! Yes! all of them are scam, but I didnt know it

Im currently living in UAE

Im living in UAE