S-should I sell

s-should I sell

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I don't even know what this abject shitcoin is, but you're a fucking faggot for posting that soyjack face

how dense are you? why would you sell after the 250m shiekh deal was announced. that is guaranteed 3-4x ROI. you biz investors are so impatient jesus christ

If you ever have to ask then you should have already sold.
Same goes with coming here looking to justify holding.

Sell and buy back cheaper. Muh hodl makes no sense.

Still believing in the 250M meme? The fuck aim to tokenize as much from the SEED Group. There are no further details about the number, process or anything.


>listening to pajeet shills on biz
not gonna make it

Yes sell. You were never going to make it anyways

lmao how do these con-artists propose to be able to tokenize everything.
If a company wanted to tokenize its assets, they would do so themselves to keep the gains in their own hands.

the delusion of investors is too strong in this one


its evident that the UAE has a hard on for cryto but did not have any vehicle as an entry. JNT is that entry. Especially because the founders are arabic themselves and the uae doesnt like doing business w rando westerners, anyways ez 3-4 profit stay poor

yes, sell you absolute ugly fucker


You can throw around with links as much you want. If you don't like the news you are calling it fake and if it fits your views it's gucci.
Basically all these articles are paid and all they can release is...we are aiming to tokenize 250M, over 10years, over 50years? Is it signed? No? Is it a wish? I am aiming 250M net wealth. Nice.

Keep on investing like that and you are broke in no time. Anyway how is the JNT price doing since the release?

If you think it is guruanteed and everyone else of the JNT hodlers are thinking the same, why wouldn't you sell your whole family and go all in? Could it be that nothing is fixed yet?

"tokenization of assets" is in and of itself condescending green frog plushie thread material

>Keep on investing like that and you are broke in no time. Anyway how is the JNT price doing since the release?

yea let me always ignore any positive news / partnerships about a coin sounds good. JNT has been listed for a fucking month as i said earlir you man-children are so impatient. if in 12 months i dont see green then i will think about selling

keep fudding plz guys

not even larping


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this coin has been on exchanges for a month holy fuck

>Thinking for a 12m time period.
JNT is filled with newfags who are aiming solely in institutional money. Good luck.

Tokenizing assets, how stupid are you people. Yeah sure I'll tokenize my house so I can get a ERC20 house instead and store it in MEW lmao

u don't have a house



id much rather be on institutional money than the impatient and diminishing NEET bucks of you stupid dorks