Holy fuck check this out

Holy fuck check this out.


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Dont have twitter, please tell me what I should see
- granddad

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He started following Sergey and Smartcontract.com.

And Steve Ellis

Wat does it mean guys ?

singularity incoming

>yfw Szabo gets announced as an official advisor

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Oh boy.

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That's why sergey sold links lately

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This is big

uhhh guys....

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So what? It's not a coincidence that he followed all of them at the same time

oops thread ded

fellow marine, when are you going to learn, that chainlink is not about false info, YES he i following serget and his team, NO it doesn't mean he endorses them. he is just following what they say.

I also would like to see chainlink grow and rape all other tokens, BUT by using simple facts

So it's true

Who cares, Szabo is a fukken nobody.

Member when that guy who kept buying TRX during distribution asked Sergey to DM him and that was huge news? I member. These are the eyes you want on it.

Reminder Nick Szabo is a much likelier candidate for Satoshi than that scam-artist CW

Satoshi was Nick, Sergey, and a few other unknowns

oh sheeeeeeeeeit




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Kek link -400% in two days

He was part of the original Satoshi team bro DYOR, he is far from nobody and will likely have statues of him in financial sectors in the future.

He must be flattered that someone is taking his idea, keeping the term he coined for it, and is now looking to put it in practice. It's great but I wouldn't read much into it (and even if it's a vote of confidence, he might be important but he doesn't have that much true power as far as I know).