Will there be a time in the future where “diversity” isn’t considered a goal in recruiting?

Will there be a time in the future where “diversity” isn’t considered a goal in recruiting?

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>implying you'd do better at the job than jahus

Praise Jahus

hey I might be a n33t but at least I can tie a neck tie acceptably

Nuke this planet
Start afresh
There is literally no cleaning up this mess

but can you tie a noose

based black man

>Flashing gang signs in front of the logo of a prospective employer in a picture seen by thousands

Someone contact IBM's HR department and get this jungle ape thrown back onto the street where he belongs

Same shit in finance w womyn

Hard to imagine he'd be any worse than the retards who already work at IBM.

Seriously, I've never even heard of a more incompetent vendor.

Trump isn't helping. If we had a more moderate republican in office, I definitely think the tides would have shifted. Instead, the left has been galvanized by trump, and tech companies like IBM are playing to their base while simultaneously loving Trump's tax cuts.

Finance is way more results driven than IT though, so I assume that a lot of those women get cut after a couple years

of course thats neet 101

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Diversity always means less whites.

Diversity hires are always for insignificant positions. The goal is virtue signaling, not profit/productivity.

Eventually this phase will pass and the 43% of white Democrat voters will wake up and stoo voting against their own interests.

Like wtf, I don't think its a problem he is black.

>What's up with the tie
>Gang symbols
>All that jewerly
>The glasses, dude you aren't the hood version of harry potter


It is an internship meaning he is working for free

That way they can hire more white people

Interesting and accurate. Hadn't thought of it like this, but you're spot on.

look at how short his tie is, I would have bounced him before the interview in my company for not understanding how to dress formally. That's not racism that's professionalism.

kek, been crossposting between Veeky Forums and /r9k/ lately and I can't tell the difference

Inb4 he gets denied like black people got at Tesla and they will start crying: "m-muh racist multi-billion companies are against us!!1"

Internship at IBM?
How retarded do you have to be? The place is all pajeets

IBM is cleaning up

They pay all their interns in xlm

More on this please

just sold 100k xlm.
this is why bridges are collapsing in florida

This. I don't even understand why anyone is upset about this. If the guy is worth his position he'll stay and that's good for IBM, if not he'll get sacked because the shareholders will always prioritize profit over muh diversity or whateve latest nonsense.

Thanks OP. Almost bought 100k xlm.

Except for 8 years of Obama which proves you 100% wrong

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does dis nigga even know what IBM stands for

He will spend the summer running mundane errands >for free or min wage, in a building full of poojets, and then replaced by another identical copy of himself, and the cycle will repeat.

IBM gets to look progressive and get a free janitor/errand boy

haha they announce it on twitter like it's some kind of oscars?

Ay Bee Monee!

IBM is such a bloated organization

thats because you had a father

Actually in employment double blind studies, they underperform.

I doubt IBM hires based on colorquotas. They're too competent to not value competence and they generally don't pander to the media. Their business is entirely B2B focused so they don't have to pander to brainlet normies. They just have to deliver good products and shill the products well. Other companies don't give a shit about virtue signaling in "deep tech" B2B.


They couldn't make this anymore obvious

What does IBM even produce more? They seem to describe themselves as a "consulting" company

Their business strategy is platform based these days, not products

It's sad that the whole focus of the Twitter celebration seems to implicitly or explicitly be because he's black. I feel bad for black folk who want to get by on their own merits rather than be reduced constantly to their skin color for the sake of tokenisation.


You fucking lazy basement NEET do it yourself


Things didn't crazy until 5-6 years into the Obama presidency. He's still responsible to an extent. His changes to title IX (taking away due process in college rape cases) were horrendous, and he could've done more to downplay identity politics.

But again, things didn't go full retard until Trump entered office. It's only in the last year or so, major companies have made this blatantly surface-level diversity push... like pic related, or Playboy hiring only female photographers, or Google forcing managers to take diversity training, etc. etc.

as someone who has had to use IBM products.... you're full of shit.
IBM survives because their dogshit is 30% cheaper than anything else on the market.

It'll introduce technical debt of ebin proportions, but hey we saved on the bottom line so its worth it.

Whats the problem tho?

>normies hire niggers and woman
>soon its getting more niggers and more woman in decision making positions
>since they‘re all subhuman IQ/retarded they fuck up
>company goes bancrupt and some jews buy their patents n shit for cheap

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>reduced constantly to their skin color for the sake of tokenisation
Big if true.
Niggercoin to the moon!

For the majority of them there's not much merit to get by on

Do it yourself. I support this.

This is so pathetic and cringy.

IBM went from one of the biggest tech giants to a dying Affirmative Action tier piece of shit hanging onto the former glory.


What do they even do these days?

"Linda! Where the fuck is my coffee?"
>wah wah wah
"Well, where is the goddamned intern, then?"
>wah wah wah
"...are you fucking kidding me?"
>wah wah wah
"Seriously? That idiot started working *yesterday* and now took today off because of 'stress?' Fire that dead wood, and patch me through to HR, because I'm not making my own fucking cup of coffee, goddamn it!"

>wah wah
"Yeah, Human Resources? I need an intern. The one you sent yesterday... quit. I need this position filled a.s.a.p."
>wah wah
"I don't care: anyone; I need someone here *now* to bring me coffee."
>wah wah
"Diversity, shmuhversity, I don't give a single solitary fuck what or who they are, I just want SOMEONE to bring me a fucking COFFEE. NOW."
>wah wah
"Excellent; send 'em up!"

"So, I understand you're interested in working for IBM; why?"
"I appreciate young people like you with vision & conviction, and look forward to seeing your contributions to our corporation."
"Welcome aboard! Now go get me a coffee!"
"Cream & sugar."
"No, that's you're job: you bring me coffee when I tell you to. That's it. Sometimes you run errands for myself or members of my staff. I hope you like dogs, because Linda's got a couple of Great Danes that need to get walked twice a day while she's here at the office... and guess who gets to walk them? You do, buddy!"
"Now, listen: that all comes later; for now, you are merely an intern, an anonymous, disposable, non-critical cog in the impersonal machinery of our massive transnational corporation. You are literally the fodder we trample underfoot to stay comfortable enough to work effectively. Now, that doesn't mean you can't have a good time here; it just means that, ultimately, you do not matter at all. We literally only hired you to bring us coffee. That's it. You have no actual input into the operation of this corporation, or even this department. You will never be given an opportunity to "shine" beyond menial service...."

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big if true

>Like wtf, I don't think its a problem he is black.
>>What's up with the tie
>>Gang symbols
>>All that jewerly
>>The glasses, dude you aren't the hood version of harry potter
So, the problem is that he IS black? Or as I like to call them: niggers

True if big

On top of all that I’m pretty sure he’s gay

There's no problem, and I am quite happy for the depicted gentleman's successful employment/internship (is it paid?) at IBM.

What we're discussing in this thread, however, is the way that IBM -- like all their ilk -- is literally parading this guy around, saying:

"Look at how progressive, we, IBM, are! Half a century ago, we were selling mechanical counting machines to the Nazis so that they could tabulate the number of Jews they killed during the Holocaust.* Now, look at us: we're hiring hip, young, ethnic leftists! You wouldn't dare to call us racist now, would you? I mean, c'mon, not only did we HIRE an actual BLACK GUY -- and not just a normal, regular, short-haired black guy -- we hired a fucking DREADLOCKED BLIPSTER! Yee-haw, we are SO progressive! We're gonna hire some wimmin (at least one of them will have been born a man), some other ethnics, an a whole bunch of other non-whites for a bunch of menial positions like janitorial work, dining facility staff, maintenance, security and these vaunted "internships."

>meanwhile it's still old, white & jewish money running the show -- just like it, apparently, should be

>* strangely, and despite IBM's vaunted claims for accuracy, the total number of Jews tabulated by IBM machines as killed during the "holocaust" (which never actually happened) is approximately 6,000,000 higher than actually died in concentration camps during WWII, calling into question the accuracy of IBM's machines.

Blacks are the white man's strongest allies in our war against the Jews, because we need only remind them how 85% of all slave ships were owned by Jews, and how the Jews, to this day, look down their long noses upon the negroid with even worse disdain than they hold that most dangerous of animals: the caucasian gentile.

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do it yourself and do it now you niggerlover

Didn't IBM stop being relevant in the 90's or something?

When whites are gone and the west reverts back to the stone age because east asians won't give shitskins any gibs.

Will that be the fabled multicultural utopia we keep hearing so much about?

We have some Power servers at the lab, they are powerhouses for integer processing.
I bet their power and mainframe divisions are all old cis white males.

Obviously, but that will take some decades to see how garbage diversification is in reality

I've met some pretty high up the ladder figures in IBM. They're quite the spergy, out of touch bunch. Realise it or not IBM is a shit tier company running on fumes fuelled by a previously influential name. They're propped up by investors that are knee deep in shit and will rather kill themselves than move on. Hiring blacks is one thing, if the man has the qualifications then I'm cool with it, hiring a douchebag that comes dressed like that is blatantly trying to advertise that they are still a relevant company to all the libfag programmers out there. Anyway it is just an internship in this case, he'll fuck it up.

Seems they have great R&D for new tech and nice contract deals but are way too bureaucratic and self-regulated to compete with younger companies

Thinkpads were solid machines but they couldnt even make profit. Lenovo got the line in the green fast

Government contracts (and free publicity from Jewish journalists) go to diversity-hiring companies.

Clif talks about the reality that soon everyone (with a functional IQ) will need to be recruited.

Countries like Japan and China dont have this problem, maybe live in a country with culture that isnt self destructive?

Diversity kills

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Or spent 5 minutes on youtube.

>it's an internship meaning he is working for free

if a company did this to me I'd be wondering if they hired me because I came off like a fucking 30 IQ stuttering pothead and downie in the interview and if I was some sort of quota

>tfw not american
is it really that easy to get a job through AA if you're black?

I would feel awkward as fuck if I benefited from AA anyway

Believe me, this didn't just happen overnight. In maybe 2012-13, the mainstream media tested the waters a little with Tumblr, but it didn't really go anywhere. It wasn't until GamerGate that shit really went fucking nuts. Kotaku and Polygon got HUGE boosts in traffic after demonizing GG, though ironically, this was from GG constantly checking their sites for clickbait to show off (which totally wasn't shilling because it's an archied link, you guys) and get outraged over. That's when the media realized not only was Bush Era Republican-bashing still profittable, but it creates morally untouchable controversy. You pander to the far left, and the far right gives you nothing but good press. Even better, if something bombs, you can just blame all these idiots screaming "NIGGER!" over and over again.

The problem isn't that Trump took office. The problem is that the media empowered the far left so much by milking far right outrage that the far left got blind stinking drunk on the illusion of power. Clinton losing was the bartender taking away the bottle and telling the drunk they've had enough, while the corporations are standing outside with a keg and tell them they should keep the party going.

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Christ I hope white people get to be at least second class citizens in the upcoming chink empire.

the real problem is people are fascinated by fake news, extreme news, and the new media reality of the internet- combined with a population unable to sort truth from falsehood- leave most people believing things that aren't true

the new media depends on clicks... fake news generates more clicks. outrage bait generates more clicks.

and people are getting dumber and dumber. there is a cumulative effect of mass advertising on one hand ( nothing but lies ) and the failure of education ( leaving people without an ability to use logic or reason to detect bullshit ) along with a trend toward disrespect for science, and elevation of ignorance ( everyone entitled to believe in their own version of "truth" and reality)

Just rope yourself anons and hope you come back as a liberal
The system has spoken and made up its new rules
You either assimilate, or be left behind or just kill yourself and you don't have to deal with this anymore
There is no complaining

It only takes controlling 10% of a conversation to influence the outcome. This is blatant targeted propaganda. If you don't understand how this works that's fine, but at least be aware of it. Realize that this is manufactured to normalize certain thoughts. If you can be told what you can see or read, Then it follows that you can be told what to say or think.

IBM pays their interns. A lot.

You're ignorant if you think this has only been happening for a decade.

>If you can be told what you can see or read, Then it follows that you can be told what to say or think.

Seems to me that you failed basic logic.

so much sad cope selling in this thread
just end it lads

This counts as a diversity hire. He's bringing them coffee.

>things didn't go full retard until Trump entered office
No. Things went full retard and that's why Trump entered office. Did you not either Gamer Gate first hand? That's when it all got exposed. It was bad before that, but that was a pivotal point in SJW nonsense going way too far.

IBM = Indian Bowel Movement
Ginni "resource actioned" 30k Americans in the past 8 years. Guess where and who are the replacements? The fish rots from the head

niggers are so fucking ugly

the nigger takes pictures hahaha and went to a HBC yet gets an internship at IBM??? what is he going to do? Take pictures of the pajeets megaminds who work there?? God fuck subhuman niggers their faces make me want to vomit

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This. IBM is a dumpster fire largely thanks to retarded offshoring.


>wearing a red tie

i know this kid
smarter than every cracker in this thread combined

>smarter than every cracker in this thread combined
literally is a photographer
niggers are incapable of abstract though

found the only emtotionally healthy person here lol. rest of you are just resentful that a non neet got a job and youre racializing it

We will, no worries. Chinks and whites rule the world.

Chinks hate black people though, they're fucked.

selling now thx.

To be fair, we don't know his qualifications. You are all pathetic and this is just a cope.

Work harder. Also, it's pretty pathetic that you people still see skin colour; it's not like that is something you can even control.

>hiring a peak IQ 80 intern to get coffee

whats the problem?