Bought at 150 satoshis

>Bought at 150 satoshis
>Didn't sell at 2000
>Back at 300 sats

I doubt there ever has been a bigger JUST in history besides Bitconnect. Verge IS Bitconnect.

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>muh wraith protocol
nigger the wraith protocol was priced in at 50 sats

It's actually dark doge or black lab, whatever. All this shit is a scam

Carlos Matos is their main dev I heard.

>spent 250 on verge in July
>sold for 15k
>ATH 35k

Their whitepaper is garbage and the project itself is garbage but hype can take coins to big places

You're still up 100%

>not selling an obvious scam coin at such a gain
Fuck you, fucking retard.

Yep. It's why I will kill myself.


you're just a retard. Maybe put your gains into tron and ripple? ;)

I'll do you one better
>Bought 1M XVG back at 5 sat
>Sold it all for about $10k to participate in an ICO
>MFW it would have been worth $200k+ at its peak had I just held for a bit longer

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My body is ready

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>up x2
>biggest just in history

I got fucked on this too, at one point I'd made a 10 x profit off a $5k investment but didnt cash out because muh wraith lambo

>Privacy Coin
>Cards distributes by bank
The fug

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Fees are a fraction of Monero. Still a good coin

It will come back and go up. When the next wave hits this will go way up and all will be forgotten.

Verge was the first coin I ever bought. Got in at 4 cents. Fell for the hodl meme because everyone thought it was going to $1. Fucking devs botched the Wraith launch in every conceivable way.

got in at 11 sats, had 2.7million xvg at one point
no one thought it could hit 10 cents eoy
sold half before it hit 750 sats. the rest at sub 1000
missed out on making it.

>bought at 5 fucking sats
>sold at 1200

My god this is a good feel

Bought 10k XVG for ~20€, sold after some time, missed out on 2000€ at the ATH

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lol dat 240x
i did it with trx kek

Yup. I bought back in October then sold in Nov cos of the repeated bullshit over 'muh epic Wraith' and the fact some PR guy got fired for links to a PnD group. Naturally it then fucking rocketed over Dec/Jan - if I'd held it I'd have got over 20x gains on it.