90 % of all traders lose money

>90 % of all traders lose money.

What qualifies you for the other 10% ?

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Trading is a "job" that people pretend to have to justify not actually working. No one is making a living doing it. It really consists of 2 types of people: NEETs who live with their parents and have no expenses, and rich people who can afford not to make more money, but still want to be perceived as having a job.

Proud 90%er here.

those 10% have at least 10% of jewishness in their blood


Years of dominating MMO economies

I'm smart, they're dumb

>What qualifies you for the other 10% ?
I buy low and sell high.

I don't trade, just buy and hold

Nothing. tried trading and my longhold portfolio went 7x in the same time my swing trade and short term rumor / hype trade portfolio went 5x.

I realize it's not comfy and more effort than it's worth and not very rewarding for me to try to time the market and skim off of volatility. Super stressful too and takes up a lot of the day looking at the charts. Subject to whims of whales and other manipulative faggots. Orders books are super thin in crypto even on benis exchange.

Now I just research very thoroughly and accumulate gems very low while gradually selling off my more mooned holds to keep up the accumulating.

t. 14 FD + Idex tabs open right now.

Much more comfy desu.

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Haven’t made a losing trade yet. Only have about 20 under my belt though.

If you want the real answer, it's (1) having the ability to not make emotional decisions; (2) having a big enough bank roll going in; and (3) having the balls to scale. A phenomena you'll see among aspiring day traders is that they often do fine with papertrading. Then when they decide they're ready to start using real money, they crash and burn or never make enough to justify it. The reason? When actual money is on the line they let feels fuck them up.


all the big banks and hedgehog funds

Something else you need to know is that having already made it by Veeky Forums standards is a huge advantage because then you can still make good money without having to hold positions as long, which can be risky even if you set a sell price (remember, in order to sell, there have to be enough people willing to buy at that price -- which is why you should be day trading high volume stuff, but thats another topic).

I have been a statistical anomaly my entire life.

put in stocks that give dividends, don't sell until you are 60.

The fact that i'm net positive over my career

Im all in on link.

Also, whats your source?

anyone know why it's 90%? I would've thought 80% lose money because of the Pareto principle

I buy high and sell low

You dont belong here

Didn't give up when I was in the 90%. Naturals have it easier, they're probably too good for autistic stop losses.

I'm breaking even

Already cashed out 2x my initial investment months ago

>projecting this hard


They don't crash or burn, they underperform the market. Last year june market cap was around $120b, as of right now just under $400b.

If you at least quadripled your money during that time and took profits here and there, it's enough. Or opposite is true too, if you lost more than %50 since january, you are underperforming. Hodl isn't a meme, hodl makes sure your performance as close to market as possible.

im in the other 10% because when i trade.... which i never do..... i only buy....


Mine > Dump > Trade
I've never put my own money in a crypto currency

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20 trades? lol
try 20,000 trades and 1,100% ROI lmao

Veeky Forums will never cease to amaze me with their timidness

get good
dive right the fuck in
make mistakes

I'm officially part of the 90% as of this week.


its an MMO, throw in a few hundred and get grinding, get rekt on, then get good

scalp everything, hunt RSI all day. I don't even care what the trend is. Short when I want and Long when I want, scale out into 1% profit on a "loss" by dollar cost averaging into a better price

stop loss = my mouse and trigger finger

only 1% make bank. remember the "99% movement" a few years back?
if it was 10% there would be a lot more sports cars around and a lot less homeless people

#1 reason: don't come to Veeky Forums for financial advice. It's like mad magazine here.

>you at least quadripled your money during that time and took profits here and there, it's enough. Or opposite is true too, if you lost more than %50 since january
I did awful and actually managed to lose money between June and December riding shitcoins into the ground because "don't sell at a loss just wait lol" attitude. Learned from the experience and did really good from December to February. Down a bit from ath at that point but nowhere near 50%, I feel like I'm finally starting not to be shit at this.

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I cashed out my initial investment 3x

my steel hands

and trading low volume coins

>What qualifies you for the other 10% ?
i have been watching FBN for the past 8 years or so


90% are impatient newfags, who cant spell their ico.

>why is muh sensless shitcoin not mooning x800 in two weeks
>i bought bitcoin at 10.000€, why isnt it mooning

Not everyone who's rich flaunts it with a sports car.

people who rate the 1% in sportcars are just cattle

10%? More like 2%.

And the two are ahead because they have accualy dont daytrade constantly. They look for a good trade and maybe do 1 trade if even that a day.


all gambling addicts. some gambling addicts win big for a while. till they lose it.

lmao, anyone honestly think anyone who made it in crypto managed it from day trading? everyone of them.. winklevoss, roger, Jihan, and any whales.... they simply bought cheap long ago. they were buying in a time that nobody else wanted to and they held it.


if you're in the green, the difference between having to work or not is scaling or leverage

keep telling yourself that and chasing green in crypto bro. addict.
how red are you?

Jesus is protecting me

The 10% treat it like a business. As much as these neets like to larp, you can't roll out of bed at 9:25 before the bell rings and trade in your underwear. You will lose.

I've been learning how to trade stocks for over 2 years now and on the surface it seems extremely simple, but there's so many nuances and little things you have to know. I'm not surprised that 90% of traders fail

the only people who are red in crypto are people who bought the december meme and hodled


a very particular set of skills

90% of people suffer from an all-too-common condition called Normitis; symptoms include general stupidity, herd mentality, a constant need for reassurance, an insatiable appetite for unironic pandering, reliance on popular media for information, the inability to see patterns clearly forming, the inability to conduct purely rational thought, not buying the dip, fomo'ing all-in at ath, hodling when they should sell, selling when they should hodl, buying the wrong thing at the wrong price at the wrong time, and not being a virgin.

>daily reminder that you are ahead of the curve

>daily reminder that you reading this now are smarter than 90% of all humans alive today

>daily reminder that you're still a human, which makes you kind of an idiot anyway

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They can only be 2 groups in the 10%
Buy high, sell higher
Buy high, scam normies

The rest
Buy low, lose private keys
Buy low, sell lower

letting the dead cold machines handle the grunt work