Let’s play a game anons:
1. What rank will link get to?
2. What will the market cap be eoy?
3. Look up price on chart

There’s no fucking way 1000$ eoy will happen.

> this assumes distribution stays the same!!
> mcap doesn’t equal cash inflow!!!
> you can’t predict with mcap like this!!

^ No fucking shit, this chart is full of wrong assumptions it’s just a thought exercise to constrain idiotic price predictions.

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>not in table

Who would have thought..

The... the singularity won’t happen, goys. It’s literally inpossible!

>No fucking shit, this chart is full of wrong assumptions
That means the entire chart is trash
That means this "thought exercise" is null
That means "idiotic price predictions" might not be idiotic

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1k assumes staking, partnership reveals and total crypto marketcap doing a 10x. It’s improbable, not impossible.


$1000 EOY won't happen most likely but I don't care I'm a millionaire at $25
$1000 EOY definitely happening 2019 or 2020 though

The absolute state of Veeky Forums

Shh the mentally impaired can't handle these facts, they're a community build on feelings and " i want " , this is probably the first time for them they are apart of a larger forum, the first time they feel like they have friends.

Please don't post this stuff, let these retards believe and speculate.

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brainlet OP

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If that user sold ath he has around 16 mil but even he was to sell now, he still would have above 5 millions.
I wonder if something like that can happen again. Too soon to tell, I guess.

No shit $1000 EOY is a meme you retard. It’s 50% FUD 50% Delusion. $50 is a fantastic and plausible target for this year, and $100-200 is the ceiling

Comparing Chainlink to Eth

kekekekekekekek the state of braintards

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>eth will be 1/2 the price of btrash
>1,025 to 621

Eth exploded because of smart contracts and their potential. Link will explode because it will unlock that potential for real world use

Eth is worthless in the long run without decentralised oracles...

What the fuck are you talking about you dumb nigger?

There is this thing called staking and holding, plus market cap is an arbitrary number which means nothing. Also it's calculated by trade volume, we only need to reach 50 billion market cap for link to be $1000 which is easy as fuck you dumb nigger.

Do you even know how any of this works?


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You're right, Eth is babby tier compared to Link.

Link = 10000 eoy 2021

funny that the lowest price shown in this whole chart is still 20% above current price.

shows that link at $3 would be already an absolute dream. and unfortunately, will forever remain a dream.

Of course it's a meme, $100 on the other hand is still a go. Fine by me.

But Chainlink is in the same spot (77) it's just that the entire crypto market cap went down that percentage (from 0.39T in the first column)

2019 will be the year of LINK.

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I sexually Identify as a stinky linky. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of delivering tamper-free smart contracts for individuals and institutions alike . People say to me that a person being a smart contract is Impossible and I’m fucking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install 6 flat sides, a big mac and a permanent plaid shirt on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Linky” and respect my right to provide middleman free agreements and immediate resolution. If you can’t accept me you’re a linkophobe and need to check your blockchain privilege. Thank you for being so understanding

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Why does nobody here point out that this graph is wrong and makes absolutely no sense? Marketcap wont always be distributed the same way it is now. 90% of coins could die so that the mcap would be distributed among the remaining 10%.

I can only imagine the level of autism required to make such a chart.
God speed user !

Data source can sign the encrypted data themselves. No need of middle man oracle. That is the wwhole point of decentralization. No need of decentralized oracles for already decentralized smart contracts. I hold some link btw but i have no hope of it going more than $5.


You guys are killing me.
Please, please do keep on Holding,

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That's what the said about Trump+++

The future is ours++++

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>t. guy who also laughed at BTC and ETH shills
>also guy who is about to LARP as a crypto millionaire

derrivatives, bonds, insurance, healthcare, corporate contract law, autmoapping for aelf driving cars, zeppelin Os, hyperledger, HSC, DocuSign, nigga do you even economics? He literally said chainlink and smartcontracts would be the backend of the entire global economy.


Oh so $10 is highly reasonable. Hmmm well I might actually make it since I only cared about my wallet ranking for so long.

If this is true then price would be at least slightly higher then it is now. I mean ChainLink isn't a secret.

actually it is. what do you think 4chins fud and memes are for. We are the gatekeepers. No normies dare pass our cancerous barrier. You need immunized to even dream of getting through the fud and memes. Ironically this was not in the plan, but our autism doesn't wait for invitations to fuck up the world. We are the chosen ones user.

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you are worse than TBC with your shitty excel spreadsheet

Took me 20 mins, if you think this takes any skill to make you fucking suck at everything.

But but but Money is just arbitrary user the bankers can print more money at will. Of coarse it could be $1000 at EOY.