How safe is pic related's stock?

How safe is pic related's stock?

Thinking of dumping my savings into it. I don't even use it but even I can see all of its competitors are rubbish and getting smoked in the global race/original content

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dumb overpriced shit, buy nvidia or amazon

Why the fuck would u buy now after it's 10 bagged in a few years. Fuck some u fags are dum as shit

10 bagged?

I don't speak nigger, sorry. Why should I care how it's done in the past?

I'm looking at it in terms of stability and how it's killing in the market, with international expansion still a heavy priority

I don’t trust it long term, content providers can just pull their TV shows whenever they want.

It’s tripled since I bought and they haven’t peaked yet. Other anons are right to be careful though, the political events in Netflix might kill it, but their technology and growth are still strong at the moment.

u fuckin short this shitstock now u faggot with all ur savings, up 70% ytd, u fuckin retarted or something? this shits at its peak after Obama announcement, time to short the shit outta Netflix and actually make money

Pulling their content and putting it on what, TV? Lmao!

Everyone I talk to who has Netflix talks about wanting cancel their subscription.

How do you short it when it's at peak?

Why buy a business that generates more money. Why not buy a crypto and hope you can magically sell it to another idiot for more money 10x. We lambo now

I trade cryptocurrencies because of macro views on global currency debasement and long term structural decline of legacy power structures, and even I'm taken aback at this chart. It really makes you think about the value of a dollar in the year 2018.

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it's pretty mindboggling the world is so full of retards netflix is not only allowed to exist but somehow make money and go 10x in five years

see links related for netflix clones, but free, with a wider selection of content

then again people are also too stupid to install ad blockers which is why morons like Pewdiepie pull in M per year off retard utub watchers

guess I shouldn't be complaining since I'm a free rider

this is bait right?

you talk to idiots. I wouldn't buy their stock but they are the only good streaming service.

>literally any free streaming service like fmovies, putlocker, etc. (all of which stream in HD)

wat did he mean by this?

i trade the netflix stock, its great because every retard and their mommy think its overpriced

>buying a millennial fad stock at its ATH

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HBO isngood but only has HBO content and Amazon has shit content, the others have worse than shit content

>Fuck Netflix. If Twitch IPO's though.... BUY BUY BUY

Buying at ATH after it already moon'd. The biz specialty

Twitch is going to go down the drain.