Best cities to move to after college?

Where is the best location in the US for a single 22 year old college grad to move to? Preferably not an extremely hot area, but also not brutally cold. Nice and comfy. Also, I'm looking for a city where the rent isn't super high. But I graduated with a STEM degree so I don't know if I might be able to afford something. Lastly, I want a town with lots of single 20 somethings looking to date. I missed the boat in college, but I hope it's not too late for me to have some fun before everyone settles down.

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I'm looking for the same thing but I'm 19 and I don't have a degree. If you need a cryptoneet to room with hmu




Unironically DC. Sure the rent is on the higher side but so are the wages. The city is compact and is easy to get around and there's several neighborhoods with bars and tons of recent grads


>not extremely hot

OK, it's extremely hot 3-4 months of the year. Mildly hot for another 1-2 months. Pretty damn nice otherwise.

Southern California, is based af.

Pretty good food everywhere you guys.

I recommend areas such as Brea, Fullerton, Irvine, Downey, Rowland Heights, Chino Hills, Pomona and Riverside other surrounding areas.
DO NOT LIVE IN LA. its all hype. unless you have a job out there making 75-95k plus.

Many of these places are near colleges so lots of 20 somethings in the area. Cal State Fullerton, UC Riverside, UC Irvine, Cal Poly Pomona.

Paso Robles, Ca
Trek 20mins south to SLO to fuck coeds

OP said reasonable rent

Minnesota, Portland.

Stay away from Liberal states and cities. Do this and you can't go wrong to be entirely honest.

Ok. Fresno then.

Portland's gotten pretty packed and more expensive in the last decade. There are a bunch of nice towns right around there that are way cheaper, but still have access to the same stuff. Also, +1 to Minnesota. Twin Cities are underrated and there are some really nice suburbs.


Southern Oregon: Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass.

>but also not brutally cold

I’m graduating with a finance degree next year and I’m thinking of somewhere out west (Floridafag here). Denver, Boise, or Salt Lake City are what I’m considering now. Cali Oregon and Washington are too expensive and too many liberals. I also want to be close to nature

You can't have everything. Most places with nice weather are shit for rent and job market.

Thoughts on Stow, oh?

Um, I mean, Minnesota is cold in the winter, but I thought the concept that winter = cold was well established to most of the global population, even if cold is a relative term. I'm not talking northern MN either.