How do we defend against this

How do we defend against this

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Idk, don't stick it under your skin maybe?

What's that? Bogdabot?

HERF guns

You gotta pray to the right aliens...not the bad ones, the good ones.

We dont. What you dont want fridge handlewarmers and a life in a nursing home now all of a sudden?

>implying you are not already chipped and herded by aliens who expect to harvest your psychic mass after tailoring it to suit their diet.
Anons, I would expect chickens and cows to rise up against humans before we stop getting chipperd

>acquire following items:
>microwave oven -- disassemble to acquire microwave emitter
>metal pipe large enough to contain microwave emitter
>ceramic tube large enough to contain metal pipe
>some other tech

Okay, now build this thing that looks like a flashlight but emits microwave radiation from its business end.

Find people who have RFID implants.

Fire a burst of microwaves at their implants, frying the implants.

Continue to repeat these steps until all human RFID tags have been neutralized.

stick it in your dick...they wont monitor you cuz dat would make them gay

This is not going to happen . no one wants to pull out and replace that shit once every 5 years. It's like putting an Iphone 3 in your ass thinking it will never get outdated.

Tinfoil gloves

Sucks, because chipping is probably going to end up being mandatory set at the base of the brain... Try setting people free without killing them, user...

they don't need to implant anything to know where you are, what you're consuming & what you're thinking

If you're not doing anything wrong why would you want it removed? Honest question.

>getting the mark of the beast
no thanks satan

If you're not doing anything wrong, why would you want it implanted in the first place?

It's going to be something that you'll want. Like a cellphone. The tech is going to benefit you, but also sell you out to the government.

don't buy crypto for one

you cant, might as well kys right now

>bible predicts this thousand of years ago
>atheist fags still think its full of crap

hope you guys gonna enjoy hellfire

>tfw this is true

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people that preached this stupid ass boogieman shit didn't realize people would willingly carry around a phone and watch that would be able to more accurately track their location than this

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This, the current way to manipulate your braindead morons is more cost effective, why bother with silly and expensive shit like some super chip?

All future spying tech will be repackaged and make you want it.

the point of it is to link to your bank account

Underrated post.
This tech will be obselete on arrival


Honest question: Wtf can you do when people don't care and will have these implanted voluntarily? Everyone will be your enemy and the only possibility left will be mass murdering "regular people" which I suspect are bio robots anyway.

>Literally predicted by christians nearly 2000 years ago
Get fucked fedorafags

Every conspiracyfag loses their goddamn mind about something like this but I would volunteer for it. It's just a fucking rfid chip it can't monitor your location by gps.

It's better than having to carry around a fucking ID card or a LITERAL PIECE OF PAPER WITH THE MOST VALUABLE NUMBER OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE ON IT

LITERALLY I want a reason why everyone in America shouldn't be implanted with one of these

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See what I mean? The only thing you can do is kill everyone who agrees because their agreement means forced "agreement" for your kids.

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there isn't anything you can do about them. just be sure that you do not get it yourself. they will get what they deserve

Just stick your hand in a microwave and it'll be diabled

because even if it makes sense to you, it's not your place to decide for other people. just as its not their place to decide for you. if i was in charge of you, then you wouldn't get a chip. considering the totalitarian risks of cashless currency LITERALLY I want a reason why everyone in America shouldn't be banned from impanting one of these.

Which passage?

which token is that

>there isn't anything you can do about them. just be sure that you do not get it yourself.
You don't understand how -anything- works. First a lot of people agree, then the government uses this "widespread" agreement to make it mandatory and calls everyone who doesn't agree a backforester ape, then forces it on those with gun power. Like IDs. You think everyone agreed to have those?

and you'll have interior third degree burns, good plan

>totalitarian risks of cashless currency
>he doesn't know about cryptos

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>we are to aliens what chickens and cows are to us

If intelligence was unilaterally divisible this would be possible, however a linear increase in brain connectivity allows for exponentially more complex abstract thought processes and furthermore these can be seen as well defined points. Hence while aliens may be far more intelligent than us, the fact that we can have this debate about whether or not we are in fact being harvested already distinguishes us from every living being we harvest.

Self awareness is a binary property.

Isn't it a common delusion among schizophrenics that tracking shit is buried in their skin?

I call this "majority communism" by the way. It's when the majority of down-bred retards make decisions for the minority.

magnetic tattoos like in that movie where people had implants in their brain

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what i mean is, this is going to be implemented globally whether you like it or not. the only thing you can do is to not get it yourself. eventually it will be the only way that you can buy or sell, when that day comes, im still not getting it embedded- i would rather die

You understand that every human on earth will have one chip like this and be recorded on a blockchain. That's what """"supply chain blockchains"""" are all about.

Ah I see. Sorry I didn't know you're a retard. Nothing can physically stop you from trading 10 chicken for a cow either, whether you have an RFID implant or not.

Revelation 13

unless, for example, that sort of trade is made illegal and violators get the death penalty

You don't say.

But you just used the same reasoning to tell me why people won't need to get a chip.

what is apple pay, samsung pay, android pay, etc.

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Nvm you're someone else, didn't see. Anyway I'm out, I'm smarter than you all combined and don't need to read your shit.

What is more likely that they’ll do it remotely without you or anyone else ever knowing.

It will be transmitted via radio waves and nanotechnology.

and what about the ant and highway theory? if they perhaps have a “brain with another layer on top” that enables more advanced intelligence like we do compared to all other animals, they should be capable of things we can’t even comprehend, no?

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools

I already have that kind of intelligence, it's the goyim that seem to have some issues operating outside of the cattle fence.

what is your ethnicity?

imagine if zimbabwe ran on crypto
now imagine if a nation with over $19 trillion worth of debt ran on crypto

PUt M0Re good stuff under my skin PLEASE? I love itttttt

The correct answer is Jesus.

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It's complicated.

you're smart so you should be able to explain to a simpleton such as myself

Yes it certainly takes a special kind of smartness to tell strangers personal info.

Hey I got some magic beans here, $10 and they go really well under your skin.

so you're jewish?

You are about to ramp up to another intellectual peak here buddy. Keep going.

Because that gives the government power over you. I hope you realize that slavery is wrong, user

You think cattle branding is a novel idea?

Checked. Also check your Apps on your bigbrotherphone

wear a tinfoil glove

I can't believe that the market goes down and this entire board becomes a clusterfuck of the worst things combined out of /pol/ and /r9k/

so I can steal someones money by bumping into them on the street and scanning their hand? awesome

You mean no pajeet spam and December fags. Welcome to Veeky Forums fuckface.

THanks for the laugh

all these christfags talking about the mark of the beast lol. i chipped myself for some fun rfid projects

If you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear user

check the firmware in your cellphone dummy

I’m waiting for some faggot to say, “Acktshually in Sweden...”

large magnets

jokes on you, you never leave the house.

Literally met a guy a few weeks ago who had two RFIDs implanted that hold his encrypted private keys. He got into Bitcoin in 2010 and has paid attention to everything since. This dude knew everything about every project it was impressive. Super chill guy but needless to say extremely paranoid at this point

>get a chip embedded in his hand
made me think

Imagine if everyone had microchips in their hand + ChainLink = super smart contracts that are intertwined with human action + thought.

Trust me, if you're investing in ChainLink today you'll most likely be a millionaire by 2022.

Take care,

But would you like to be a millionaire in such a shitty world?

Go back to plebbit

Stop what? It's a fucking RFID chip. It just holds a string of numbers that can be read by a RF scanner. It's no different than having a string of numbers magnetically encoded on a piece of plastic in your wallet. Unless you expect that the world is going to be blanketed with RF scanners, in which case you should stop using mobile phones, because you're already using a device with an array of sophisticated sensors broadcast your location and activities to your mobile network provider already.
I work in animal rescue and own a RF scanner wand. Stupid pet owners get confused about what RFIDs do all the time, in the same way that you're all clearly confused. "Why can't I just look up where my dog is?" They don't work like that. It's not a tracker. It's not a GPS device. I have to wave a wand within a few inches of the chip to get a number, which I then have to relay to an operator for the company you registered the chip with, so they can call your dumb ass and tell you where your dog is.
The RFIDs you're all freaking out about are the exact same technology, it's just a compact way store a number. We could have been starting our cars and unlocking our front doors with hand gestures 40 years ago with a simple, cheap, and effective technology, but thanks to idiots like you the broadest consumer application its seen is getting Pookie back into your yard so she dig a way out under the fence again next week.

hard to see how you got anywhere in life when all you do is focus on the negative and not the solution

Why don't you want a camera recording every single second of your life with other people controlling it user? Honest question.

>Every conspiracyfag loses their goddamn mind about something like this but I would volunteer for it. It's just a fucking rfid chip it can't monitor your location by gps.

GPS isn't the only way to locate you retard, you just need to put a small beacon at the entry half of the shops in a city and you can be tracked easily.

>doesn't get the implications

>"citizen, why are you missing your tag? freeze all his assets until we figure this out."

Get yourself a big rare earth magnet. It’ll scramble any data that little thing is holding and render it completely useless. Other than the fact it’s a foreign object floating around in you.

Fucking kek user
>What? It's just a barcode on your face,
>it's just like the ones in the supermarket what are you worried about

Do you carry a rfid card on you? Most westeners do.
It's the same thing.
I mean, I know the average intelligence in America has dropped to nothing - meaning people frankly think stuff like this is magic, but Veeky Forums should know better.

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>Honest question
If it was, you wouldn't have to say it.

This is my fetish. I feverishly jack off in front of my webcam in hopes that someone somewhere is watching. AMA.

I think they only do this shit for two reasons. To make people scared with a decoy and then mislead the masses with a 'voluntary' solution with plastic cards.
PROTIP: We're already living in the dystopia, it's just a pain in the ass fit them to go full 1984 right now. also, you can complain about the system and guess the truth but if you lay one hand on the system itself with terrorism or whistleblowing, you will be gulaged. Just sit back and enjoy the ride because it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

That's not a unique thing

The chip is figurative. To uninstall, stop watching the TV.

>Self awareness is a binary property.
No user, real life isn't simple like you

But it's not a barcode on your face. It's an encoded number that could be held on keychain dongle or on a card in your wallet or whatever if you don't want one implanted. You use numbers just like it all the time, on purpose, for all sorts of things. Unless you're an actual luddite who lives "off the grid" and buys everything with physical commodities. Considering the venue for this discussion I doubt that's the case.
The benefit to implantation is that it locks usage of that number to your physical presence. So if it's encoded to a maglock on the door of your house, no one without valid chip will be able to enter it. If you're really worried about big brother tracking your behavior then you should throw your phone away. It's a much more effective device for such an application and it's being used for it right now. If you ever have a networked mobile device on your person then you're a simple triangulation away from having anyone with access to that network know your exact location. Nevermind the cameras, microphones, accelerometers, thermometers, etc that you're carrying around. RFIDs are fucking nothing compared to that.