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Does banning this make it more or less valuable?

In other words, if the ECB banned this, would you be bullish or bearish?

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If we can spread the meme that Trump wants it banned then it could pump hard af

Bull. No-one who uses if for drugs or guns will stop, all that will happen is more people will use it. Streisand effect.

Bullish as doing it automatically validates the entire purpose of Monero.

How are they going to ban it? By banning decentralized exchanges?

They would just ban it but have no good way to enforce it. Kind of like drugs haha

I don't know user, has the war on drugs made drugs more or less valuable?

Yeah but drugs are an actual product.

As soon as no 'normal legal' vendor or exchange is allowed to receive / deposit monero it has no value since it's not an actual product.

i cant name any signal that would be more bullish. not one.

they can't do it and they know it.

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This is one of the most retarded posts I've seen in a while, well done

Actually, it would become its ultimate form as a working product
Closing the fiat bridge is the first step towards adoption. Then you just trade it for goods according to its market price, that will be decided by supply and demand

>ban an untraceable blockchain
>ban a nigger's shadow too

lloooooool hats actually a great point

Personally, any type of government action against it means they are afraid, which is what I want. I want crypto to destroy the nation state. So if I don't see any resistance I would assume crypto isn't what it was made out to be.

>I want crypto to destroy the nation state

Hello, 3rd world pajeet. We don't want you in our countries, fuck off

Banning is an admission that it cannot be regulated. This would broadcast to everyone who wanted to hide wealth from the government that Monero is a viable option.

Streisand effect

So let's say owning monero is illegal.
Yet you can buy drugs with it on the dark web. Why would a drugs dealer accept it , when to only thing he can do with it is to hold or buy other drugs. Or do you expect that people will buy illegally face to face monero?

Illegally FIAT to buy Monero

There are atomic swaps and sites like shapeshift available. You'd be an idiot to think this will lose value.

I'm a white American. Our own political and corpororate elite are our greatest enemy.

People would accept it in trade of other goods, not just drugs. I would buy a used car/house with it and declare the transaction in USD for tax/bureocracy reasons.
Point a single flaw in my idea

Why would you want to sell your used car for a currency that you can only use on illegal things? Why not just acept FIAT for tax evasion.

Monero has a use case because it give criminals an entry from the illegal world to the legal world. As soon there is no legal entry there will be no use case for them and they switch back to good old FIAT. Normies won't start using it because they can't buy Monero legally. The only value of monero would be the trust of some crypto anarchists in future supply and demand.

Less valuable ofcourse, normies would dump it as soon as it happens. Most of it's volume is from centralized exchanges and people buy it to hold it not to use it. Yes there is still use for xmr and it's good for that but it's price is from speculation not from adoption. Transactions has been declining for months as you can see here

Bullish. I'm tired of explaining it. Literally best possible scenario is all out ban.

1.Trade monero for BTC
2. Trade BTC for fiat
3. Trade fiat for blowjobs

The flaw is you're a brainlet