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What happened

>Buying Dash
You brought it on yourself tbqh user


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What? I don't see it


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>Buzzfeed 'reporter'


Don’t let it go to your head OH NO NO NO

$3.7B dollar valuation!!!! Fucking kek this is hilarious

Top KeK

They must have maxed out their marketing bux on music videos and advertising to fags on PBS


Jesus christ this is fucking killing me lads LOLOLOLOL

How much of dash supply is just locked up in masternodes? Who the fuck buys this shit

I made a better presentation for my 8th grade science fair KEK

how did this coin end up being worth so much anyway

>crypto is not a ponzi scheme scam

imagine uniroincally believing this

fucking lol. that can't be real.

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Lmao it looks like an elementary school science project

the oldest marketing scam like ripple :)

top fucking kek

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Top lmao I remember my 3rd grade science project was more impressive than this. I used wordart on MS Word to have some sweet eye catching titles

they paid rory macdonald (mma fighter) 350k sponsorship. i have a hard time believing this fud

thanks just bought 100k


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Same reason bitconnect was so high at some point

almost all of the supply is owned by the lead dev which he got in the "accidental" instamine. and under the guise of most of it being "locked up" in masternodes, they can hand wave around why there's barely any active coins on their chain.

you'd have to be an idiot to hold this shitcoin for anything more than short term

Holy shit it's like some kid in middle school made his science fair project to make a crypto currency, and he named it DASH

Look who's across the aisle

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kek nice shop

Picture aside, Dash's "technology" IS unironically 3rd grade science fair project -tier.

Fucking this

I sold all my DASH at a large loss 2 weeks ago.
No regrets.

This is like the shit I'd make. Then the teacher would call my parents, I'd be in big trouble and I'd have to do it all over again lmao

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Cheers, here's the template btw if anybody wants.

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A+ work user

Thanks lel

It's literally just a picture of something someone from dash put on public display. I believe that was an ad hominem my good bagholding sir