ITT: Anons, Post your tips for how you saved money (or are currently saving money)
Doesn't have to be specific methods, can also just be a mentality or "mission statement" of sorts
financial freedom isn't all about making the big bux, it's about knowing how to not piss it away, too.

>Acorns app to round up purchases on debit
>all denominations of cash smaller than a $5 bill into a big 'ol jar that gets deposited once a month
>NEVER pay retail for anything if you can avoid it, someone else always has what you're looking for for cheaper
>buy meat on sale, and buy the biggest piece you can (ex. If you want porkchops and roasts, get a whole rib loin and cut it up yourself)
>rice, rice, rice. Rice is cheap as fuck, only needs water and heat to make
>if you are a smoker, play around with rolling your own, or buying a vape
>ordering out food kills the dream $20 at a time
>minimize the amount of shit you own (and stress caused by that shit) by selling a bunch of it
>buy clothes at thrift shops (no its not all ratty poor people shit, I have a duffelbag full of ralph lauren, adidas and air force one's, all purchased at salvation army)
>cancel any subscription services you don't actually use

most of what I know how to save on is clothes and food, because those are the industries I have wagecucked in.

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marry a nigger and get them to steal everything

Live at home is rule #1

Scrape chewing gum off the street, bonus is it's much more flavorful.

This, or "crowdfund" rent with a few friends who have stable jobs.
never pay more than 25% of what you make each month on housing.
>lived with mom until 21
>21, moved in with GF's parents, they are in hard financial times so my $250 a month helps.
>everybody wins

plus they get to listen to her moaning each night and that might revitalize their own sex life

My oh my is it awful.
i'm 21, she's 20, they're both 60

I wake up to her dad blasting Heart almost every morning trying to relive them glory days and it hurts knowing one day I'll be doing the same thing, no matter how rich i get.

Should I sort the gum by color or by scent?

Also beans. Both are super fucking cheap at immigrant markets, along with spices and parts of animal westerners don't typically eat. Eggs are really cheap at the right places as well. Green onions are always cheap at Asian markets.

>Go to different churches every few months for free food (it's usually junk, but there are some good items in every bag).
>Same churches sometimes pay a bill for you once or twice a year.
>If you live in CA you can get gibs even with a job.
>Anything with a light on it when turned off is in standby mode and can be unplugged to save on electricity. Anything with a switch is turned off fully so don't waste your time.
>It takes more electricity to boot a computer and is more dangerous than to just keep it on, just turn off the monitors.
>Coffee filters can be recycled once or twice easily.
>Carpool if you can.
>Kodi + Covenant
>Some online shopping can be cheaper than salvation army. $19.99/yr on Asos for shipping, they often have shirts for a couple dollars than are comfortable, good looking and well-made.
>Skipping a meal never hurt.
>Cans have a lot of recycle value in some states. Don't throw quick money away. Step on them to save space and take 10mins to sell them when you have a few trash bags.
>Work overtime if it isn't too stressful. That's more time earning and less time you have to spend on frivilous crap.
>Running and body weight workouts relieve anxiety and keep you from stress eating, having to do drugs or pay for a hooker if you don't have a gf.
>Being religious isn't just a decent way to gain some guidance, but your elder/pastor/whatever probably has great tips or even connections.

Someone post that thread of the guy who uses rags he washes instead of toilet paper to save money pls.

>>Anything with a light on it when turned off is in standby mode and can be unplugged to save on electricity. Anything with a switch is turned off fully so don't waste your time.

Modern kit does not burn an amount of energy worth worrying about. Sure for stuff you don't use daily, leave it powered off. But for TV/monitor etc, you're doing more damage to the unit cycling it's power than you'll ever save in power. We're talking 1c a day here for a house full of gear, and it's just not worth it.

>It takes more electricity to boot a computer and is more dangerous than to just keep it on, just turn off the monitors.

Absolute bullshit. Even laptops are 30W+ to run, versus 0W when powered off or a fraction of 1W on standby. Want to size this up for yourself? Get one of those kill-a-watt meters, they're not expensive.

Everything else is alright, but those bugged me.

PS a bigger tip when it comes to computers is that if you have a gaming PC, don't use it for everyday surfing, only for gaming. Use a tablet or laptop or something else low power for surfing. Saves a bunch on computing power costs.

Regarding heating, it's far cheaper to heat only a small portion of your home i.e. shut off any rooms you don't have to use, and if you spend a lot of time on the computer put it in a small room that you exclusively heat. Also, spot-heating areas of your body is cheaper than heating the air i.e. heating pads are a good idea.

Lol you fucking Jews don't enjoy life have fun with your money when u save it and the cheapness is so engrained into you you can't enjoyy shit all cause you're too cheap

check out schools in the mornings, sometimes food deliveries are left at the back for personell to carry in
i'ce scored 25lb packs of chicken, minced meat, rice, and potatoes
great way to stay /frugal/

kekd. there are some valid points though.

Shave with a straight razor.
$20 for the razor
$20 for strop
$50 for sharpening stones
set for life

stealing is not saving

That’s not /frugal/, it’s /illegal/.

he is a nigger
it's literally the same for him

Stealing from the state and the kids... way to piece of shit it up bro

Kek consider myself frugal
>Buy leather dress shoes for the office with Goodyear welt, they can basically be repaired for ever
>Buy all your groceries at Lidl of Aldi
>Buy liquor on sale, give it to someone as a birthday present
>Always cook from scratch , no premade stuff (contains to much salt anyways)
- Always hustle when you want to buy something.
- If something has no expire date buy large when the deal is good (bought 12 gallons shampoo for example ).
- Buy safety razor from Ali Express and razor blades from Amazon. Now you can shave for 10 bucks a year.

I can continue if people want

Ring it up as bananas at the self checkout and get filet mignon for 50 cents a pound

If you're overweight you can literally stop eating. Just water with potassium and salt.

Leaving it on I've noticed no real change in my bill, abpenny or two less. The biggest point of failure for computers is typically the boot-up though. I guess a better tip overall is to get a surge protector that doubles as a battery. Either one of those two can help save equipment.

Snake juice isn't bad. It's easier for super fatties to start out with 16:8 though. Move their way to OMAD then OMAW. As long as they keep themselves in check.

>>If you live in CA you can get gibs even with a job.
spoon feed me pls I want to be the blades in this state's belly

jesus christ hahahah

My dad learned how to torrent when I was 10 years old and I haven't paid for TV, film, music, etc. since. It amazes me that people are online all day but don't know how to illegally download the dumb shit they pay for

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Kill yourself. Your cost of living drops to zero.

>Cancel your porn subscription.
>Cancel your WoW account.
>Cancel Netflix/spotify/whatever entertainment

>Always shower and wash hands in cold water.
>If you are a wagie, walk instead of driving.
>Use the same clothes 7 days straight to save money on cleaning products/washing machine.

>only eat rice and beans, it should give you most nutrients you need to survive. If your feeling really down supplement with vitamin pills.
>Wash your ass with cold water instead of toiletpaper.

Invest newly found gains into chainlink.

this is pretty funny, don't let them shame you

>>Always shower and wash hands in cold water.
>>Use the same clothes 7 days straight to save money on cleaning products/washing machine.
>>Wash your ass with cold water instead of toiletpaper.
congrats you're now pajeet

>>Coffee filters can be recycled once or twice easily.
A french press doesn't need filters. Buying coffee beans in bulk, grinding them yourself and brewing in a french press is pennies a cup. That, or buy one the metal mesh filters. Paper filters are just dumb.

lol another dumb edgy b/tard tries to pretend he's funny.

does your moomy know you're no the web little boy? it's 18+ to be here

I'm not a cheapskate, I just try to live simply - I hate clutter, broke out of the "acquire stuff" mentality, and buy quality and durability over anything else. I own stuff, and it's good stuff. It lasts. It works. If I don't use it often, I get rid of it. For instance, I have 8 cabinets in my kitchen. Only 3 of them have stuff in them. I have enough plates, cups, glasses, and silverware for 4 people. Enough pots for simple meals. I don't own a toaster.

>No cable - $150 a month for mindless shit, that i don't watch anyway. Haven't missed it, it's been two years.
>Cheapest phone plan I could find for a smart phone, because I rarely use my phone. It does come in handy, so I keep it. I use free wifi for everything outside of the house.
>I cook, so I spend less than $40 a week on food. Rice, beans, potatoes, vegetables, they're all cheap. I eat healthy (and cheap) 6 days a week, the 7th I eat whatever the fuck I want. I don't keep a lot of food on hand, because boredom means mindless snacking, and I have so many fucking grocery stores around me I don't need to 'stock up".
>I put less than 1000 miles a year on my car. I live near the train, I have buses that stop right outside my door, and tons of stuff is walkable. Considering going anywhere requires an hour in traffic, I just rarely go places anymore. I'm considering getting rid of the car, now it's paid off, for a motorcycle.
>Anything in the stores is overpriced because it's "New". Buy last years model, and enjoy steep discounts. Especially clothes. Outlet stores and Goodwill are amazing. If someone can tell you're wearing last year's fashion, they're a cunt and don't matter anyway. Buy quality, so it lasts, and take care of them, especially shoes.
>If you wear glasses or contacts, get the prescription, and shop online. Shit's cheap now.
>Don't let a doctor get you on stupid pills. Don't fall for the Pharma jew.

I went from a phase of
>buy lunch every day at work for $8-$13
>Bring in a $1.50 frozen meal with 18g protein or greater
So I'm spending about $30pw less

jesus christ

if you don't already know how to cook, learning is the #1 money saver. going from eating fast food / delivery can easily save >$4000 a year
also wet cooking is fast and pretty hard to fuck up

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>Pirate everything. Books, movies, magazine, TV, don't pay. Netflix is the only thing you should pay for - that, and a VPN. There's enough stupid people paying, don't sweat it. I havent paid for a book in years. I can download every bestseller on the list right now - mobilism. org, and Usenet has EVERYTHING.
> Pay for LED for everything, your lights, your monitors, TVS, everything. I have tiny electrical bills because of this.
>Buy generic, especially things like shampoo. Most shampoos and soaps are overpriced, and the only difference is the perfumes. But definitely bathe regularly.
> Stop wasting money on the fast food jew, and the snack food jew.
>One thing I noticed - when I got rid of cable, I stopped wanting shit. It's amazing how much money you save, when you're not being yelled at all the time by ads.
>USE COUPONS. I'm shocked by how many people don't. They exist for a reason - to get you in the door - they're taking a loss on that item, because they're counting on buying more, while you're there. If you go, buy only the product on sale or with a coupon, you've defeated them. COUPON THE FUCK OUT OF THEM. If they have a coupon, use it. If you don't have one, ask for one. I worked in retail during and right after college, and EVERY FUCKING chink and pajeet in the county would come in with our coupons, every time. I'd have chinks have meltdowns if the coupons were expired, or our offer was over.
>If you smoke, definitely vape - and make your own liquids. I vape. I make my own eliquids. A 60 ml clone of my favorite vape is less than $1.50 to make. It's better for you, and cheaper.
>Alcohol. Shit's expensive. I personally rarely drink, your call here.
Most of the money people spend, is out of convenience and laziness. Just make a budget, and look at what you spend every month. I guarantee most people can cut at least 25% and not feel any pain, they'll just need to do a little more, like cooking.

>give it to someone as a birthday present
Dude. I havent given a birthday present in years. Nobody gives me any, and I did that shit for years. Stop.

>Anons, Post your tips for how you saved money (or are currently saving money)

Make twitter account and promise people to send them 3-30 eth if they send me 0.3-3.0 eth

Was with you until chainlink and no toilet paper. This is madness!

I went the short beard route instead. Bought pair of clippers, trim once weekly. Also use clipper to cut my hair.

Regarding meats, if you like chicken make sure to get thighs instead of breasts as the price is considerably less.

sure and you can get money from the bank for free if you ask them in the right way!

>ITT: Anons, Post your tips for how you saved money
>If you are a smoker
Absolute state

>Netflix is the only thing you should pay for
Why the fuck would anybody pay for netflix? All of their originals are ripped and uploaded within hours. BroadcasttheNet has internal 1080p rips of every netflix series

Because it's $10, it saves me from having to buy hard drives to store shit, and I'm not so broke I can't afford $10 a month. I'm not that fucking stingy. I just don't waste money. I could probably get someone's password from my family, but it's $10.

You stream bro, not store.

Yeah, that's what Netflix is. And a lot of the shit I keep, is stuff I can't find on streaming sites.

>pretending disk space is expensive
You can buy a brand new 8tb hard drive for less than $150. That's barley more than one year of netflix


No, it’s $120/year and $1200/decade

This is a good point as well.

Muppet, i make $40 a fucking hour. Stop lecturing me about shit that doesn't matter. I pay for Netflix going to the bathroom and chatting with the cute admin on the way back.

Just walk into any welfare office and tell them your situation. They don't really trace anything. My brother made $12/hr and got $75 for food every month still, they didn't ask hours he worked or anything. You can get money the same way, a few hundred dollars if you're lucky. You'll have to attend a meeting once a month or every few months depending on location, which is like an hour.

Time consumption can be a cost matter. Most people drink before work, so in that case you might as well pre-grind or buy pre-ground.

That's really fucking lenient compared to Indiana, we have to work at least 20 hours a week or be forced to spend our time in volunteer work while applying for jobs every day (we have to document it too). The amount of work put in for all that doesn't even get you $100 for food, so having a job is more attractive unless you have a lot of kids (then you get a lot of free shit).

What do you guys have for phone bills? My friend was telling me, yeah bro I just get a package with my internet and cell and cable and it's only $350 a month. He spends insane amounts of money on things he only uses once, a few months ago he bought him and his gf some skates that were $500 each because they were on sale from 1k but I don't even know if he's used them more than once. I'm struggling to find a job in my field but I only have $30 on month on my phone bill for talk and text, I just use wifi since everyone has it then I spend $500/month on paying back student loans because I'm a cuck and another $500 on rent. Pro tip- if you live in a city with a decent holding of university/college students you can get a good price on rent by just telling the person you're a student and you can save $200-300 maybe more if you want to live with some other students maybe you get (un)lucky and live with a bunch of sluts. Why did I have to pick such a shit major..

this thread is about saving money wherever possible

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Stay informed and DYOR. The best tips for being frugal. You will only ever spend more than you need if you know nothing about what you have to purchase.

>bragging about your income in a frugal thread
holy shit dude how do you handle being such a sensitive faggot?

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>a duffelbag full of ralph lauren, adidas and air force one's
Fucking baller.

Stopped eating and replaced it by bingesmoking

Eat twice a day instead of 3 times a day.

I've been skipping lunch for the past few months. Your body gets used to it pretty quickly.

>Why the fuck would anybody pay for netflix?
Why the fuck would anybody be watching TV period? You could be reading books and philosophy, doing things that increase your understanding of the economy and reality and how to hack it in your favor.

and your brain works better too
and you sleep better

>he boycotts the medium of film to impress incels from Veeky Forums

who's your favorite philo?

>birthday present


>i make $40 a fucking hour

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If you live in the UK, try matched betting. It's hedging free bet offers for guaranteed profits.
Bookie offers "place a bet £50, get a free £50 bet".
You place the first bet with the bookie and then lay it off on a betting exchange. You usually lose a small amount here (maybe £2).
You then place the free bet with the bookie and lay that off at the exchange. You get to keep around 60-70% of the value.
All tax free and legal.

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i make almost what you make pre-tax (37ish) and theyre right. you are just lazy. netflix is legitimately an unneeded expense if you know how to use a computer

Because i try not to waste as much of it as I can on things I don't use. I use Netflix, you cock sucking sloppy party bottom.

LOL, I got you all neckbearding over $10 a month. Hooked some real fat neckbeards, good eatin'! LOL.

Honestly, I save enough on other shit, I don't care about Netflix. I was just bored waiting for Bitcoin to crash and burn. I'm going to go enjoy the flames of the REKT wreckage on Bitmex now.

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I can only hope he bleach cleaned the machine after every wash.

Always pay with a credit card that has cash back, and pay it off monthly to not pay any interest.

>Kill yourself. Your cost of living drops to zero.
>pink ID
checks out

1 frugal too many, albeit using a public wash salon makes sense for those or better yet throwing them away afterwards - cloth is basically everywhere and almost free

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just go to a public bathroom stall, click open the tp dispenser and put the fuckhuge roll in your backpack. then get home and put on towel rack. you can bulk and shit 4x per day and you will only do this twice per year.

washcloth user spends more money on detergent and electricity than the regular tp normans.

>grab fruit and veggies from neighbors’ gardens at night
>sneak into movies, theater hop
>walk into McDonalds with old cup and get free refills
>grab out of tip jars while cashiers aren’t looking
>pocket small items from Walmart aisles without cameras
>get free stuff off craigslist and re-sell them
>take people’s pets and return them when they start posting ‘Have You Seen This Dog?’ rewards

feels good to be frugal bros, fucking wagecucks lol

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For US friends: instead of keeping all of your money in a savings or checking account collecting dust buy short term US Treasury Bills. If you start a 4 week ladder you can have funds coming back in weekly if you need cash. The interest earned beats almost all savings accounts, there's zero risk, and the interest is exempt from state and local taxes.

Just found these bad boys on craigslist. Gonna pick them up in an hour to use tonight.

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>tfw i want to do all of this but my wife is too fucking expensive and gets mad if I point this out.

Does anyone have any advice for this?


I shit and shower at the same time

Don't smoke
Don't drink
Buy hair trimmer and never get your hair cut professionally
Buy cheap shoes in bulk, same with socks
Meal prep/freeze meals
Don't get a car
Live with a roommate or move into a shithole

Sit her down with all the numbers in front of her. Smack her if she tries to get up. "These are the fucking bills, Brenda. You gonna spread your goddamn legs and pay all of them?" *Calm down a bit* "Listen Bertha, it's just that you have no idea how much money's been stressing me out lately. If we just do a few things to cut down on the bills it would really take a load off." Then after she hugs you and agrees be like, "Speaking of getting loads off." Then fuck her on some cash.

>tfw I unironically do this, because I've discovered the frugal yet luxurious benefits of a bidet

fucking stinkies

Stop drinking your cum, user. How do you expect to get to Valhalla if you indulge in faggot shit?

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>a motorcycle
I know I'm going full /mom/ here, but don't do it bro. You're trading a lot of safety for small extra convenience and cost savings. It's not worth it, trust me.

I use republic wireless. Their business model works off the assumption that you'll be connected to wifi for 90% of your usage time so they pass the savings of you not using the network onto you.
When you're out and about it uses the metro network I think. I've never had major problems with it frankly, and I'm almost always connected to a wifi spot except when I'm traveling. I pay for the cheapest data plan (.5 gb) and I rarely ever hit it (I don't watch video when I'm not on wifi, just read shit which doesn't take much), and they refund whatever data you don't use on each bill, so my bill fluctuates. If I were to use all my data (again this never happens to me) I would pay 17.50 I think. It averages about 15 bucks a month.

The best part is my company pays me for using my phone for work, and they pay me 40 bucks a month, so it's like a 25 dollar bonus every month.

I'm shocked at how much people pay for their phone service when options like this exist.

This isn't really as wild as people think, it's not super different from using handkerchiefs instead of tissue (which is something I do). Use 'em for a day, throw 'em in the wash and they're like new.

That being said I probably wouldn't do this cloth toilet paper thing, because shit is gross to me, and the cross contamination risk in the washer seems like a health hazard.

What I really want to do is this:
Bidet bro, please bestow upon me your wisdom... I've been wanting one of these for YEARS but I haven't taken the leap. Where did you get yours? Was it hard to setup? How much did it cost? How exactly does it work? You use the cloth to dry your bottom after the bidet washes the poo off right?
So jealous right now.

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waaat? how do I do this? this sounds interesting.

>implying I wont look it up myself anyway
humor me.

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my mom makes 54$ an hour as a nurse lmfao

I got a $20 bidet from Amazon. It basically just has a splitter that you hook into the water inlet to the toilet tank, and is a little plastic piece that fits between the bowl and the toilet seat, with a little dial on the side that turns it on and controls the pressure. Nothing too fancy, and was really easy to set-up. The water comes out room temperature and even as it starts to cool it just becomes more refreshing. Yes, the bidet washes off the poo and the washcloth is used to dry. I usually swap cloths every few days anyway, just to be safe. Absolutely recommend. Haven't bought TP in over a year.