Willy The Whale is back for more exciting adventures.

Got a lot of XTCC last night on the dip.

Graph is looking nice and steady from afar which is great and is the goal.

Objective now is gradual rise in price til later.

More info later.

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KYS faggot no one cares.

KYS faggot no one cares.



Any chance to up my stack today Willy? Looking to be risky

Thanks again Willy looking forward to buying you a beer one day.

im scared willy. my father really needs oxygen. can you pump it up to .15 again so i can cash some out to get him a new tank before next week?

Wont deny that.

I have an expensive taste though.

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I want to kill you OP. Will never touch this pos coin because yof your faggot ass, willy. Fuck off and saged

Well if things go as planned that shouldn't matter

What did I do bud?

How much did you lose?

You didnt sell at a loss like a poor tard right?

i am in. let the show beginn.

when will we shill this on reddit? i think the fucking website needs to be ready to do this.

Hi Willy, scam looks great. Down to like 1/7th of yesterday's price!

Just bought 100k!

In and waiting patiently with my coins :)

Do you still think you'll pump this to a 1$ by Sunday?
That's gonna take aloooootttttt of pumping

Everyone had a chance to get in at 0.0005

It is .025 now

Thats 5000%+

Go fuck yourself poor fag.

This rocket is going to keep going regardless.

Maybe, but the people that showed up the last three days are pretty fucked right now. And you only buy dumped coins, so how are people that get in now supposed to profit?

ayy welcome back

Willy said he's taking this to a dollar. We're far off but the man has been delivering. It would be great if biz would stop buying sell walls and tone down the autism just a bit.

Liar, your first thread was at 0.01 faggot.
You didn't do shit, everyone got dumped on.

When people buy my sell walls in stunts the process.

If you do want to buy. Set up lower sell offers then my walls or market buy people that sell cheaper then me.

Also to answer people on the spread.

A spread has to be there in order to generate deflation in trading.

That in turn promotes price growth overall.
And to that one guy..
Idc if anyone gets in or not.
If you don't know why i am doing this by the 7th thread then stay poor because you lack the capability to DYOR.

Willy Over and Out.

If you actually believe this faggot is a "whale", kill yourself. anyone who bought this shitcoin got dumped on upwards of -60%. been watching all his nigger scam threads. Every positive post is his discord groupies. Don't fall for this scam anons.

Sell wall is up :)

Wow all that text.

Butt hurt from your boyfriends cock or mine?

>Willy Over and Out
holy shit kill yourself you autistic faggot.

No one cares about you.

You'll find peace and freedom in your shitty video game world though where you can larp about everything you couldve done in your life.

But he hasn't really delivered that I've seen. He only buys coins that people dump below his sell walls after squeezing them down a ways. Biz is the only one buying high. So biz is pumping, not Willy. And he said yesterday he'd pump to .2-.5 and we only got to .175ish. I guess that's not too far off, but that pump only had a few hundred dollars behind it because the sells were so damn thin.

Everything points to OP making big promises and not really doing shit. And the price is talking. Throwing money into this seems really damn stupid to say the least.

Funny I got in during his first thread so far I'm in the positive. I get that this was a risky decision but so far OP has delivered. He's also been completely honest through the past few days. I could lose my ass in the end but I knew that going into this .

this. willy is based, user over and out

Price is tanking**

This, OP talks like he knows what he's talking about but it's all nonsense, he wants to make you feel that there's a "plan" behind this, every dollar you put into this goes to him and his faggot group. Stay away.

>3 posts by this ID, one offering to buy him a beer
fucking faggot discord shill, you deserve to be flayed.

Ayyyyyy, I've been waiting Willy.

stay away, stay poor

lowest this will go is .02 right?

>stay poor
I'm actually making money while you fags shill
this scam for your faggot friend. pathetic that you need to scam anons to make money, poor pajeets

This child is so emotional.
Doubt you are making money.

Oh yeah, here's some proof that OP is a lying nigger trying to jew you. Anyone claiming to have made profit is part of OP's group.

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Will I get cucked if I create a sell order and walk away for the day?


I create charts for a living.

You draw circles and guess with no actual clue.

Child, nothing more.. nothing less..

Wont continue to waste my time with a 14 year old.

Pump still scheduled at 4-6 PM EST.

About 2 hours.

The color of my lambo, just showed up in the shop today, matte is nasty, 100% expelled too

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>he's this mad
feels bad to be this exposed, huh nigger?
>t-the p-pump is getting p-pushed back
keep shifting your deadlines nigger scammer, we know you never did shit expect dump on anons. Kill yourself!

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If you've been here since the first thread you would've seen the price go up over 10x easily. Every time Willy posts about a pump it goes through. He created huge sell walls and posts screen caps flexing his epeen.
It's hella sketch to trust some guy on 4 Chan telling you to buy a coin but please don't just scream scam because you have nothing better to do. Either way you'll be proven wrong soon enough when Willy delivers and you stay poor.

enough with your grand claims of being some sort of succesfull daytrader, back it up with proof or get the fuck outta here

bought at 0.02, sold at 0.9
bought at 0.025, sold at 0.7
bought at 0.035, sold at 0.04
still have 45k xtcc and got my initial investment back to binance at x3

Last night he said the pump was at midnight, now he says its in a "few hours" AHAHAHAHAHHAHA

If you actually fell for this pajeet, congrats on this seriously.

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> people who bought at 0.18 lost money so far

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Willy will you reply to my post here (Without attacking or dismissing me.)

He specifically said in 12 hours, you retard.

bro you're a dumb fag he said he would pump today at 4-6PM EST in the last thread. Every time he said he was going to move the price it moved. It's time for you to post proof you're making money like you said here Or you're just a hating poorfag. I can prove that I bought my bags of this shit before OP posted his first thread to confirm that I'm a random user and not some "discord shill" you fucking pathetic faggot. If you calculate my buys you will see I bought some shitty prices too. Thanks based Willy for digging me out of a hole!

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He won't, he'll just ignore you and keep pushing back his pump deadline so you keep believing him. Truth is, guy doesn't know shit and has no money to pump anything in the first place, his group just convinced some anons to buy high and then they dumped on them. Pathetic.


That's honestly what I'm expecting. I haven't bought in, so whatever. I just think he needs to address some stuff that doesn't pass the smell test to maybe help other anons decide if they want to hold out hope or cut their losses.

The most baffling thing is that you lie when the information can be found by any user if they so choose by looking back at this thread. You're probably the same bitter fag from yesterday who was fudding all day.

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you haters must hate money too lmao, bunch of fags

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>tfw you are OP
>you r a small whale
>you buy up a bunch of xtcc pumping it to current price
>cant buy past .1 because someone else has big sells
>need to sustain price at 0.07 to 0.1 to unload all bags you bought lower on the way up at a profit
>not enough biz retards buying
>start to panic.
>lower sell wall to 0.1 so wall u wont buy not as obv

> a privacy coin's creators are unknown, scam confirmed

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this would be legit thinking if he didn't pump to .17 well past all sellers at .1. stop fudding if you're not actually following the posts/price action. Less than an hour and half till he said he was going to move the price again. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Why are there so many autistic crying faggots here?


you precious dipshits probably have portfolios consisting 80% of shitcoins and the other 20% chink scares. Get fucked.

The bottom line is that if you got in early enough on this coin, you're gonna make it. Anyone else I guess is just mad and trying to stunt the volume

Will you take me up on 15 year single malt scotch? Drinks around for willy.

Still want xtcc memes? My cat wants in on it.

But how will you sell, pajeet? there are no buy orders at high prices since this was a fake pump.

sell for lambo directly

There was less than $1000 dollars between .1 and .17 so I guess you admit that his thinking is legit lul

he said there were serious sells at .1 so he had to move the buy wall lower to not make it obvious he wasn't buying. your reading comprehension is shit user.
Per his words you dense faggot:
>cant buy past .1 because someone else has big sells
>need to sustain price at 0.07 to 0.1 to unload all bags you bought lower on the way up at a profit
>not enough biz retards buying
If there were such big sells how come as you said it was only a 1000$ you just confirmed my thinking faggot.

Another day, another thread full of whiners. If you're so sure this is a scam, just sit back and watch and then you can get all smug about it next week.

Read OP got ya good. you'll never see that money again.

I bought before OP started any of this OP didn't get shit you dumb faggot. see

I'm up $1500 on my initial investment of $90 so I could care less.

But you short sighted twats don't realize that as soon as this shit hits CMC and gains traction, it will be obvious gains. Don't be salty faggots because you didn't get in early enough.


>B-but I b-bought in before OP :(
Way to prove you're a part of his scam group, wow you fags are pretty dumb. no wonder this pump failed so miserably lmao

way to prove that I bought at shitty prices. Yeah you're a real dumb fag do the math on those purchases.

Obvious troll is obvious. You upset because you don't have any lunch money to throw into this? Pathetic lol

look at the dates you dumb faggot. I bought during the last time this was posted on biz and during the last pump from .01 to .08 it's previous ATH before Willy posted these threads. I just got lucky because I was bagholding this shit already. If Willy Pumps it great. If not oh well I was already planning on holding this shit till a cmc listing.

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So you admit OP isn't buying and that the push from .1 to .17 was extremely low volume/meaningless? This is exactly what I've been saying lmao.

Explain to me how this is a good thing. Please.

>explain to me how this is a good thing. Please

>please keep feeding me I'm a bored pathetic autist with nothing better to do other than draw on charts and play detective on Veeky Forums and stare at my Blockfolio all day

Stop talking to me faggot. You have not followed the threads. I don't care if Willy pulls through or not because I bought this before any Whale Wars threads. The premise that Willy is positing is that he is going to create a realistic growth chart for the next few days not a straight pump and then when the price is at a 1$ he is going to dump on his "whale friend." That is a lot to digest. But what I can confirm is that every time he said he was going to move the price it moved. Whether that was up or down. He moved. He said he would flash buy walls and sell walls and we have seen them at 10M+. So far he has done everything he has said he would do. If he pulls through great. If not then I'm waiting for the devs to get a listing on CMC. If you ask me it's all more plausible that this is somehow connected to the dev team and they are creating volume for a listing. Now stop being a faggot and asking me questions.

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>implying willy isn't the dev

Why even reply if that's all you have to say? Can't answer question so attack the asker. Gonna ignore you now because you aren't worth my time.

>I don't know don't talk to me.
Deal. Don't reply to any of my posts and I'll return the favor.

Hey I didn't imply that. In fact I said him being connected to the dev team in some way to generate volume for this coin to get a cmc listing seems more plausible than anything else to me. I doubt he is the dev though. But maybe user.

stop discussing if this is a scam you stupid faggots.
buy this shit and then dump it on reddit once they find out. it is their problem if it is a scam or not, not ours.
CMC listing and then exchange listing is gonna all make us rich.

If you can't short it why fud it?

I don't understand why your wasting your time, I can tell you right now everyone has their suspicion it's a scam

I got $50 on the line

Please don't save me

Show about to start?


less than 30 minutes left by my watch

I would say hold till binance, if Willy pumps it I will sell and rebuy to hold till binance then dump it for the binance bunnies

22 now

ther's going to have to be some serious improvements to get this thing on kucoin much less binance

that was my loose plan user. If this pumps to a dollar and there is liquidity to dump, then I will for sure. You know it's going to dump at a dollar no matter what, maybe dump at 90-95 cents if I can. Haven't quite decided. But the CMC listing could be real soon from that tweet. I don't know how quickly a binance listing will come though. I don't think there are any other stellar assets on there yet and XTCC still needs to do their fork. It might make sense to sell around the time of forking, too.

I think their twitter activity is quite strange. Constantly listing all major cryptos in hashtags and such. Also that post was pretty passive aggressive to CMC, it doesn't appear to be too professional in my opinion.

The tagging of various cryptos is a bit spammy, albeit very common. That's an interesting interpretation of the CMC tweet, I doubt they meant it as such, but hopefully it wasn't off-putting to CMC. Very possible they already submitted their application and were expecting (perhaps even promised by CMC) that they would be listed in the next iteration

wow what a super bitch this eternal virgin is.

Yeah, their communication skills lead me to believe that they are Chinese. They gave me 201 XTCC for the "240" follower giveaway and another 101 for retweeting it. Then they didn't give me anything at the 300 follower giveaway. I will agree that it didn't look that professional same with the binance tweet. I don't know what is required for a binance listing but I saw on their twitter responses someone saying that they need a million dollars to list on binance. It'll be interesting to see what happens.
8 min now

Is this coin even worth a fucking hold when he dumps on everyone? kek. They didn't have an ICO though, which I kind of like.

wow what a super bitch this no coiner is...

sucks you're so mad bruh but I promise no matter what moomy and duhdy still will never love you

some user shilled it to me a week or so ago as a stellar asset that would fork and be a fork of xlm with privacy features. So like an xlm form of monero. I thought worth the risk. Then this pump action came along and I'm riding the waves. You will have to determine if it's worth it for you.

I guess. Biz meme's aside Stellar has one of the best crypto platforms out. If I'm going to buy it's either when this hits a penny again or I FOMO at .40 if this is legit.

Anyone remember that chink that had 75k stolen fro. Posting his secret for the air drop? XD

oh man. damn that would hurt bad. especially seeing these threads now.
it really is. tx's are so fast you can actually arbitrage with it. a privacy version of it could be big. You know it's right around a penny right now user?

Willy where are you?

3 cents and a penny is a huge difference.