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Who here /wagecuck/

back from lunch, 4 more hours to go boys.

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thanks for this
t. neet

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T. Student living on daddy’s dime

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>€0 in my bank account
>leeching off govt

why would you ever want to be a wagecuck?

I'm a student and still sucks. It's just one step above being wagecuck but in the end, you return home and need to spend writing meanliness essays.

Back from 8 hours of backbreaking labour because my boss wanted me to help with that shit even though I'm supposed to sit on front of a computer, but literally half the company is sick or on vacation so I had to do it.

Fuck me man, if I dont get out of wageslaving I might just end myself, your job really is YOUR LIFE, everything revolves around it.

I miss college and school.

no government gives enough help to live on it, you also have to prove that you are searching for the job to get anything

>he only works 40 hours a week

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Woke up today thinking I have the cuckery at 2 pm
> manager calls at 8 am asking where am I
Boutta end it all right here at work

Literally all I do is wage and Veeky Forums.

I want to die.

student is literally the lowest of the low

Trips of truth.

wagecuck on vacation here. Best of both worlds. I have a car, money, my own place, and I have nothing to do for the next week but relax.

Who here /shitposton4chan/ all day at work?

I get paid $15 an hour to bait you niggers haaaaaaaaha

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>19 more years of wage cucking 9-5 40 hrs a week minimum till I can retire

And im considered one of the lucky ones. End this shit system. 4 day work week now.

Ya until the crashing realization on the last day that you have to return to work.

After vacation all I can think about is how other people are still on theirs and that some people can just be on one their entire life. It makes me so depressed that I've stopped taking vacations all together.

I'm right there with you. I get paid 20.56 to shitpost all day.

>work meat department at grocery store

I can tell you all sorts of horrifying things about the meat industry.

Me. $20/hr twelve hour days. Do about 2 hours of actual work the rest is just porn or biz

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student is debt for slavery tier

>4 day work week now.

It'll never happen. The people in power want more for less and without unions it just means more work for less pay for the rest of us. Every McJob has already practically made it so you work 7 days a week, they bring your hours down just below full time but you still have to come in every day. In order to make it you gotta take two of those jobs which means you're working like 60 hours a week every single day.

So glad I'm smart enough to not have to do that shit, I would actually kill myself.

What is up my fellow office monkey.

It's not a bad job, but the fact that I have to be anchored to a desk fucking sucks. I want to see the world.

Shill me the top 3 coins most likely to supermoon in the next 2 years. Waging is aging me like crazy.

How? All you do is stock and cut meat

Just go all in with ETH if you've only got 3 years.

Actually m8 I'm in the oil field. Did the office thing for about a year and felt the same as you, had to get out. Love my job now, get to see some of the most beautiful landscape and just do Jack shit most of the day. Only time it sucks is when I don't have cell service but that's pretty rare.

what jerbs?

That's surprising. I remember reading oil field work as pretty dangerious/busy. Kudos to you for finding a job that has a little bit of everything you're looking for. I'll just keep clacking at my keyboard and image I'm somewhere else.

Office Pet/Monkey. I order supplies, hire new staff, sort mail, accounting and generally do dick all week besides the 3 or 4 of actually work.


what the fuck? I do that too but I only get $15

how to negotiate

>approx 1 in 75 of each primal/subprimal we get in has some form of cancerous tumor or pus-filled cyst in it

>if you buy ground beef before noon, you are getting day old trim from steaks that has sat out all night getting dry and bruising to the point it's gray

>90% of meat cutters do not actually sanitize the cutting bench when switching from pork to beef (poultry we always do, tho)

>the cuber (mechanical tenderizer used for making cube steaks) is so difficult to clean that it almost always has meat still stuck to it from the day before (oh and it was sitting in the chlorinated cleaner so its chlorine meat now, too)

any many, many more.

Got to get into a company that has a worker base that is part of a union my brother. Linchpin of society as far as I'm concerned.

I worked a 4 month desktop job contract.
The day i walked out the door for the last time was euphoric.
I imagine its the same freedom feeling niggers get on release date after being locked in prison for a decade.

dubaicoin (DBIX)

brand new exchange Palmex (middle eastern coinbase) launching full fiat-crypto trading end of Q1

Founders of Palmex also founded DBIX, and DBIX will act as BNB/KCS do, by reducing trading fees.

DBIX also is a platform for smart contracts

market cap currently $11 million, 2.1 million supply, buy on cryptopia
should x10 next month, x100 end of year when Palmex fully gets rolling

Also, CEO of ArabianChain (founders of dbix and palmex) is chairing Saudi arabia’s first ever blockchain summit in april

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Because I was raised to have pride in my self sufficiency.

Lmao no its fucking worse

Currently doing my late shift.
2 more hours to go. Comfy time ahead though. Will enjoy a nice fap at home.

Just got back from lunch too user.

Currently working at one of the biggest engineering comapnies in the country. Feeling rather good knowing I'm helping build shit that'll either blow up commies or be in space.

Forgot to mention. What jobs you doi ng my fellow wagecuckers?

T. Assembly technician, 36 an hour. Work 8 hours a day

See Many oilfield jobs are nothing but nigger tier labor, but if you shake the right hands and suck the right dicks it's not hard to find one like mine

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Manufacturing engineer, 30 an hour, 8 hrs a day

>be me
>Bank teller/loan officer for a tiny bank.
>My boss is a total bro and thinks the world of me
>seldom anything to do
>try my hardest to educate myself on all these loans and interests rates and shit
>my brainlet gets bored
>inevitably have to come back and shitpost when there's no customers or paperwork to be done
>mfw I'm a wageNEET

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>Software engineer, working 45 hours a week, sometimes even on weekend when clients have bugs investing everything in crypto living ramen life, crypto is future

Living the dream brother, loan officers generally make good money and you got room for growth even if it's temporarily stunted by coming here once and a while.

One of my buddies is trying to get a job like yours and he's having a hell of a time with all the regulatory tests he has to take.

only 60 more years

lol no it aint. you unicucks are a joke. youll be in so much debt you wont be able to buy a used car in 10 years. 99% of degrees are fucking worthless now. the job market is saturated with you people.

My company even fires people that want to get higher degree on the side.

T. Wanted to do something greater while working but boss told me they would fire me.
I do high money anyway and like my job so i said fuck that

Bonus: I phonepost in full view of him and my immediate supervisor, and they don't mind at all.

Again, I try to learn as much as I can on my job; I hate wasting BroBoss's time.

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yeah I'm dropping out to do a trade