Considering this guy went in and spread massive FUD and is working for a "payment structure that can trade between any...

Considering this guy went in and spread massive FUD and is working for a "payment structure that can trade between any sort of currencies, worldwide" i think that crypto is in a good spot. They are afraid.

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he's also been fined $13M for money laundering, top fucking kek USA is a shit show

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Disgusting face

It may make you like it, but normies won't, and without normies it will die.


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It really is though

Of course they are afraid. Everything is pinned to the dollar. If that is taken away from the US gov then they aren't the biggest dick in the room anymore.

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not him, the company (some kind of payment company - why they hate crypto is obvious) that is his biggest campaign contributor, i think?

im a terrorism boys.

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A large portion of our politicians have deep criminal ties.

>Buying coins on speculations


>Buying stock from jew companies on speculation


This is the fucking state of corrupting of the USA.

I fucking hate this country.

>USA is a shit show
I'm a burger and I agree. Please get me out of here.

It is, but so is pretty much every other country when it comes to crypto right now. See Korean insider trading

U underestimate the normie, fren.

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Ya it was supposed to read "This is the fucking state of corruption in the USA" but I'm a brainlet that doesn't know how to properly type on my phone.

Hol up buddy !

>Buying a piece of company that manufactures, sells and earns money and gives Quarterly dividends

>Buying virtual monopoly money

The state of Veeky Forums

ok what are you doing when you buy gold then? And don't just say use case because its traded more than 90% over its usecase

You could just as easily invest stock into a startup company that has no completed product.

This is ether shit tier bait or the retard wrangler that's paid to watch you isn't doing their job.

>Buying gold

I only buy high tier assets that generates more money.

Gold, comic books, paintings are all shit tier.

i'm old.

Same story as internet in the 90's

First, it's risky, then dangerous, then it's evident.

The same pattern follow all innovations.

>start up company

Also, the risks are start up is retardly high.
I follow the Graham's formula on investing in companies that consistently generate more money each year. Dividend increase each year. Solid products and good business model.

Literally have never lost money in stocks following this formula.

Nigger what are appreciating assets?

This board has so many brainlets.

you do realize you can balance your portfolio with different types of assets right? You do realize you can invest in crypto and have it be a small portion of your portfolio?

Added him to the hitLedger.
bye bye crypto FUDing Jewfag.
I'm a jew ffs, and even I want this white pajeet shot.

>what are appreciating assets
another word for 'bubbles'

I sit in my pajamas, the very ones he insulted I so feel abused with my fleece tattered from a Sherman wake up call.

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I do have small portion of ETH, BTC and XMR.

But it's still gambling. Not investing.

'The telephone was a mistake'

I put my life savings in ETH.

You are case and point of how many fucking neets plague this board nowadays

>easily invest stock

Fucking retard, you're the type of brainlet that shines my dress shoes every Friday

That's fine. As long as you realize you've gambled your life savings.

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I'm a gambler by nature. Always had good luck on my side. Life is a gamble.

All investments are a gamble since nothing is guaranteed to not crash to 0

Now go be retarded somewhere else

>dress shoes
>every Friday

ISHYGDDT. The autism is too much.