We still laughing at you... why?

Here's why we laugh at you daily:
- Bitcoin currently consumes as much energy as the nation of Israel
- In 99.9% of cases, blockchains do nothing better (and certainly nothing justifying the absurd energy usage) than existing solutions.
In almost no case do cryptocurrencies solve non-technical real-world problems. If venmo wanted to pretend regulations on transmitting money don’t exist, they could offer all the services bitcoin and friends offer next week.
- The lack of awareness in saying that the government can magically print more fiat while not acknowledging that the majority of the value is due to trading coins plucked from thin air on unregulated platforms
- The lack of accountability in relation to the ease of investment. Devs and entire companies can be anonymous and it's very easy for them to evaporate after pocketing your money or your more mainstream butts
- NEETs should get a job and contribute to society

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This is bait right? Or are you that stupid?

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You shattered my most valued perceptions

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its not bait. they're real. and very stupid.

The sub is all SJWs though

You're right, a deflationary decentralized currency is the equivalent of trading usd over venmo, which can somehow dodge regulations all of a sudden.

The year is 1995. Here's why we laugh at you internet fags daily.
>The Internet is not a secure mode of communication like mail
>Telephones mean instant communication is already here
>Why would I use electricity that costs money when I can find products and companies in phone directories for free
>Computers are a huge capital outlay
>Training costs time and money
>It's too complicated to understand
>People will stick to what is tried and tested
The internet is a bubble cap this niggers, except you can't because you don't have a computer and you don't know what cap this means.


lmfao, the "energy waste" meme is ridiculous, you can make any metric up to make it sound bad.

If you ever post on my board again OP with your mindless drivel we will have a huge fucking problem, understood?

>caring what plebbit liberals think

No shit, they are a fork of Somethingawful.com

No, we're laughing at you.

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>we laugh at you daily
wow, and i had totally forgotten about this sub entirely. sad life you guys must have.

Here’s why we laugh at you.

>We think the yellow ferrari you bought with your digimoney looks stupid

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Nothing you're saying is going to stop Bitcoin and you're wasting your life on Reddit and Veeky Forums.

>'check your privilege'
Sounds about right for reddit

Stormfront here. You fags are pathetic and will die poor. Such is the fate of all degenerate gamblers

>Bitcoin currently consumes as much energy as the nation of Israel
>a reason to laugh at Bitcoin and not israel

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We shouldnt really talk about Bitcoin anymore. At this point it actually has more to prove than Ethereum.

They're really that stupid.

How did SA end up like that anyway?

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You seem wise user.
Is Link $1keoy2018 ?

>why don't you just flat out tell poor people it's their fault that they're poor
It is though

We're not /pol/ you stupid nigger. We're far smarter than that underage board. Most of us hate trump precisely because he's a neocon jew lover

Somethingawful was always like that. Full on radical femists.
buttcoin is run by the same people who run /r/shitredditsays

that is who you are arguing with.

Stop larping, it's not a good look man

He's arguing with a falseflagger so bored he's just shitposting for ez attention

Stop what Now? I don't speak reddit

You barely speak English.

I speak better than you, nigger.

Prove it.

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You are a gay nigger. The end.

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Nice selfie you degenerate whore.

>live worse than a homeless person for 2 years
>become millionaire by smartly investing your savings
you priviliged white male not everyone can afford to live as cheap as you reeeee

the fact that so many people made millions on "fake lolbertarian coins" TRIGGERS them to no end. They believe that no one should have a legitimate reason to not use state issued money, they don't understand why anyone would.

Bwaaahahaha! More please!

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Non-bootlicker here.
You will hang with the commies.

Yeah, im sure 10 twiggy soyboys who is afraid of weapons will do shit to real natural warriors.

Just think of all the energy consumed by all the combined banks in the world that can shut down once we replace them

honestly the lentils with rice is the only bad part. i wouldn't be able to do that.

Thanks for the free bait Chaim

that's what was weird about the john oliver segment. it seemed that part that mystified him the most was "but the money wasn't issued by the state???" I'd be curious what the thinking pattern is to produce this but I already know they don't have any

While I have to agree to some extent... I have to stop you right there:

>NEETs should get a job and contribute to society
Historically, men were motivated to contribute to society in return for a stable, worthwhile future, with a place to call home, steady income, treated with respect, proper food on the table and MOST OF ALL PUSSY and eventually KIDS.

Now that governments do everything in their power to fuck over people (men mostly still) trying to innovate or at least get some decent steady job they can enjoy, whilst feminism has sent women AWOL, while the job market make it awkward to find something stable and housing prices are skyrocketing, now that processed food is pretty much the norm (unless you feel like driving to some awkward hippie shop selling seeds of whatever and growing your own) pray tell... where is the motivation?
The main motivation one may still somewhat have is to try to impress the few women remaining with somewhat realistic expectations and to not anger the mob otherwise named "the gobernment" who will extort you next month for X amount...

Without banks the ((((carpet industry)))) will take a serious hit on their revenues. they can't let that happen

Why don't you just go back to plebbit?

Stormfront is a bunch of losers. You are people who routinely fail to adapt to changing society and because of that you will continue to fail