"Look Stacy, there is that CREEPY loser that has been living like a hermit all summer playing with his internet money!"

>"Look Stacy, there is that CREEPY loser that has been living like a hermit all summer playing with his internet money!"
>"Yeah Diane, his friend even told me he was thinking about asking me out once he 'made his millions'"
>"Ewwwwww, that's GROSS, I heard that the government shut all of that down because pedophiles and terrorists were using it, which is why the entire market has crashed"
>"Omg really? So he is a pedo AND poor?! Ewwwww"

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>caring what normies think

keks were had

>Thinks Stacy knows what the word "hermit" means.
You don't know any Stacys irl, do you user?

>going outside, ever

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Every girl I’ve talked to about this thinks I’m a shrewd risk-taker for doing this and were impressed by the balls it took to invest and make so much.

>This isn't what I meant with roleplaying, just forget about it. The usual blowjob will do.

They would never have such an intelligent convo

>maybe if I stick my butt out since I have no tits, and you stick your chest out since you have no ass, we'll attract a chad

Who gives a fuck what these girls think. Stacey’s mom has got it goin’ on.

Can someone explain to me why their hair are dark at the point where they start growing? I never had a gf

she will come to you after she pops out a few half black babies with tyrone.


Colored hair, when it grows longer it fades over to their real hair color.

pls no bully life is already hard
why is it so popular among stacies to color it this way? i notice it way too much, men don't do it as often

It's not intentional, it's just what comes with coloring it but not doing it often enough. I quite like it to be honest.

I will rephrase my question - why do stacies even color hair to begin with. Especially this color


>"This color"

I don't know why blonde is popular, not a fashionista. I'm on Veeky Forums.

As for why they do it in the first place... Because they're Stacies. Comes with the package I guess.

They will say anything to get your money.

why are white women so ugly

Super autist detected.

I agree there is absolutely nobody at the wheel of the right one, but the one on the left is pretty gud imo

I bet crushing the windpipe of the one on the right would feel so good holy shit just look at that neck

you are just gay

How ironic my lady friends just made fun of me last year for getting into crypto shit

That girl on the right is nearly perfect, 9.8/10 would marry

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>fake tits
>fake nose
>fake eyes
>fake hair color
yup you should marry her and have some mutts together

kek. I never noticed that before.

Always go for a girl with nice tits.

Everyone gets a fat ass eventually, but big tits are either natural or paid for

prettier girls have better social skills. Wouldn't expect you to understand.

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3/10 on the Ukraine