Did you soy boys get your lambos yet?

bwahahahahahahh nice magic meme money faggots

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>Veeky Forums meet up

Vanguardism is strongest among adolescent males. Most forget about it as they get older because they didn't understand what they were doing to begin with.

jesus look at the size of that fucking dude
he has so much mass he literally attracts other faggots with his own gravitational pull

MAGA squad up

Stay jelly at this guys bulk. He could kill you easily

The Ghostbuster with the American flag brought his knee pads

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Jesus how does each and everyone of them look like some horrible genetic monstrosity

the pose is fucking epic, kid's so completely oblivious to how autistic he looks. his confidence in spite of his own utter hopelessness is inspiring. one of the best soyboy group pics on the internet and gets better every time i see it.

What the hell is this

>kid's so completely oblivious to how autistic he looks

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these kids look european af

this is what ancaps look like

These are the types of people who call you a soyboy cuck over the internet and post blacked memes all day on pol. Scary stuff.

which is why that kneepad guy on the right is carrying a 'Murica flag I guess..? lol

To be fair pics from other pol meetups were not nearly as bad and dare I say ethnically surprisingly diverse.

You mean this is what americans look like

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That pic is so great. Got to love /pol/.

show your incel brethren then

Just google pol meetup. How hard can it be, Mary?

>pic of libertarians

Looks like a harmless boyscout troop. Disregard

second from the right must have a delicious boipussi

me on the rite


fat kid has god tier swag

I wish I would have saved some edits a guy did awhile ago that had him in black n white photos and it was shooped to make him look like a mob boss. shit was pretty good

I knew i'd seen them somewhere before

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