Anyone else getting worried about the increasing SJW presence entering crypto?

Anyone else getting worried about the increasing SJW presence entering crypto?

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I don't care, just want to make money

Silicon Valley spreading their gender bullshit yet again

No. It's still early enough, any new money is good money.

SJWs usually wait until something is immensely more popular to spread their cancer, spreading it this early will bring much needed attention (through various "outrage" scandals) to groups that would otherwise never look at crypto

Bring on the dumb money. It's food for the sharks, and they are hungry.

Gamergate 2.0, when?

>am I worried about braindead sheep throwing their money into a market I’m heavily invested in?

No, no I’m not

No. I can decide where I want to put my money. If I see an ICO shilling diversity bullshit, I won't buy them. If enough people think this way then they will fail as a company and hopefully realize why.
It's that simple. Vote with your wallet.

Now the problem is too many beta males exist. They're the reason why roasties are able to get anything in life for free. Pathetic virgins with no self esteem want female attention in any form they can get it so they pay for their shit.

All beta guys are doing some form of financial domination

>implying anyone with a brain is still in crypto
>thinking you will profit from this

Crypto is not something you can spread liberal bullshit at. Because it's wild west.
No one will entrust their money to SJWs, niggers or women. Look how Cardano dropped when their revealed their SJW devs. Pretty sure it Cardano won't exist in a year. That's what free market does.

It's not wild west when the G20 nations agree to regulate the shit out of it

idk man but they are partnering with huawei

They just want to make sure stronk independent womyn, Jamal, Mohammed and Pedro get their share because they are entitled to the hard work of white men. But only while it is profitable to do so. The second it tanks they will back away and laugh at "those stupid white boys"

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Short any company that doesn’t hire based on merit.

If it’s just pandering touchy feely marketing shit by some intern doing their Twitter account, I’ll let it slide

If you've ever talked to these "SJWs" in real life you'd find out they're mostly just normal people.

The internet just polarizes things to extremes and people get skewed vision of the world. No tech startup would ever succeed if things were as bad as Veeky Forums/reddit/whatever thinks it is.

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There is no way a SJW is a normal person. You can't hold such irrational and bigoted beliefs and be normal.

What's an SJW anyways? Is it just anybody you disagree with? I don't get it.

What you think the "SJWs" think is an exaggerated caricature.

Anyone who spends 9 hours a day tweeting about Drumpf is not a normal person, and does not come off as such

Nah I have some friends working in Silicon valley and they’re are nice guys and all but once you dig deeper a very scary ideology rears it’s ugly head. They genuinely believe that soon we will be ruled by an AI which will take over all allocation of goods and services. Basically communist central planning done by a computer... which of course they get to program.
It’s scary shit. There’s a reason why Elon Musk talked about summoning the devil.

Is that comic sans?

Yeah, but the amount of those people in the feminist left is very very small minority.

Oh so what they publicly say is all a larp? Whew! There's hope for humanity yet!

I'd bet they weren't 100% serious.People like to explore hypothetical scenarios in their mind and sometimes they talk about them.

This does not mean they 100% want to implement a full AI communism once they have the chance.

It does worry me when we need to have conversations about how to make things more inclusive instead of how to make them work. But in the end I keep believing this is going to dissappoint the shit out of everybody but ancaps.

Could be, sometimes people exaggerate things and don't actually mean it. People on the right also say silly things without being completely serious.

Maybe the low level guys won’t but the upper echelons definitely plan to do it. There’s a reason why the “we need UBI because of automation” meme is being floated. Also my boy Elon doesn’t talk shit. He knows what’s going on behind the curtain.

Who gives a fuck. If you can make money, what is occurring socially should not matter.

Banksters will be very happy because it costs basically nothing.

>be $RandomLabs
>choose between hiring competent people (albeit cis straight whites only are) and lazy morons (womyn, negroes, gayfags and shit)
>outcome directly related to your strategy

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it honestly helps me filter out which companies focus on innovation and which companies focus on trying to be white knights.

because at the end of the day, people are voting with their money. If devs realize promoting SJW is going to lose them money, they wont do it

I like this guy.


they are literally telling you what projects not to invest in.


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I thought about applying to a job at coinbase, but then I heard about their weird sjw shit (like instabanning accounts that send money to some alt right guy or something) and noped out of there. Guess I'll just have to keep my cushy overpaid gov job for the moment, lel.

>wanting a gf with strong political views

Thats why you bet on chinese coins. Women in tech LULULULUL