Anyone else mining electroneum? Getting 80 ETN a day...

Anyone else mining electroneum? Getting 80 ETN a day, since it has a mobile miner who knows could be popular worldwide and explode in price.

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Sorry forgot to add the mobile miner doesn't use your phone to mine, it gives you a hash rate based on how good your phone is

Wow that's cool, so your phone doesn't actually mine but it's more like a proof of stake based on your Hashrate?


You Can mine only with your phone ?

How shit of a hash rate is 34 H/s? Installed out of curiosity on a galaxy s6

34 hs is pretty shitty but for some reason the mobile miner still gets quite a few coins a day at 50 h/s. I get over 35 with my 2x r9 380s

Lmao I meant over 35 ETN a day. I get I 1300 h/s with my 2x r9 380. I get around 10 from the mobile miner, it's weird. I have a note 8. The app is in the Google play store, electroneum

anything stopping me from doing this on multiple devices?

Their fucking registration process, step after step

Nope lmao that's why I thought shit people can abuse this

I have my mom and dad's phones mining all day

I have this set up on virtual Android software. Absolutely fucking milking this. Not sure why I'm even telling you twats but I've made enough to put into Link to feel comfy saying I suppose.

Virtual android setup? That sounds cool. This miner literally just came out so I think the price is going to BOOM at some point

No, unironically it's going to crash.
This app is a scam for everyone who is legitimately using hardware to mine. This app even states it's to provide a mining experience, it doesn't even mine. It's a fucking emulator subsidized by people who actually mine. This is a disaster waiting to happen, but I'm cashing in on this while the scam lasts.

What do you think it will reach before then?

can i mine on multiple devices with the same account ?

Do I have to be looking at the app for it to be mining or can I be on/biz/ on my phone and it will still mine?

No it runs in the background. ETN could be fucking massive i'm telling you

What's this virtual android software?

What about when the screen locks? Is it still mining?

I have an iphone and the IOS app isn't out yet so I don't know

do i need to be constantly connected to the internet? if yes, does it continue to mine automatically if it gets online? how is the internet data usage?

Can you mine this shitcoin on an iphone?

>do i need to be constantly connected to the internet


and also, how does it even get its value? isnt there a inflation by giving away free money?or do you get money through fees

I have read that it sends data once an hour. One of the idea's for the app was that it would get adopted in 3rd world countries (the small amout of money you get could be life changing for those that have literally nothing(hence why this could be the first crypto to gain real mass adoption)) anyway , yea 3rd worlders don't have that much internet to use, so the app is designed for that.

A number of coins have been set aside already for the mobile miner. So no, if 10 million people start mining, it wont affect the price negatively, each miner will just recieve less.
lol wtf, why is this on

>Falling for this scam
So many people falling for this 50% premine scam shittycoin... Such a pitty.

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because their retarded advisor leaked that they were going to be listed on binance but the chinks got made because they broke the NDA lol.
the 50% premine is predesignated to the mobile mining pool you retard ;) i bought the ico and sold half of it when it was %2000+ and im holding the rest now at a profit of %500, wow such scam dude haha.

My shitty phone has a 15 hs lol, is it even worth the battery energy?

>shitty phone I found on the ground
>use it for things like this
>hash of 9
welp that's shit... i'll let it run all day and try to get 10 a day or something. pathetic considering I can get massive hash on my pc but like most places these tardranglers didnt build a miner for the pc only mobile. welp shafted again by a coin company

It doesn't even drain your phone because they give you a hash rate based on how good your phone is. Actually using a phone to mine would overheat so fast

Is there anything stopping me from running a bunch of virtual phones for this?

I have no idea I don't know how to do that so I haven't tried. Try and let us know

>$2.4 a day
mofo dont ever waste my time like this again

Yeah! Fuck passive income!

Not even. I'm making less than a dollar kek.

>need 2 emails

fuck this

You can't mine on iphone. It is literally aimed at Pajeets.

That looks incorrect to me. I just installed it on my phone and the app is taking 25% CPU, which is 1 core on my phone. It is actually mining using your phone's resources and will deplete your battery.

Yeah im mining now. Going to get a shitload of old phones and connect them to works wifi and leave them therr lmao

>buying an iphone
Its your own fault for buying an overpriced piece of shit. Enjoy you kikephone faggot


Nah a Veeky Forums army of virtual androids would be fucking hilarious

>Emulator on a beefy desktop

You can also use claymore miner, I'm getting 1.3 kh/s with 2x r9 380, barely any power usage

Blue Stacks is what I'm using.

Helpful wholesome user, I like you.

How beefy does my computer need to be for blue stacks? I only have a laptop atm lmao

Can confirm - use bluestacks

Gonna test bluestacks with 8g ram ssd 2x r9 380 i7 6700

Decent laptop could probably run it, but it'll produce a lesser hash rate is all.

I swear to god this is the gayest sign up process ever.

> sign up
> need verification email
> don't receive one
> use this link if you don't receive one
> resets password
> still no verification email

so 4 passwords and 2 hours later still no verification email and no way to send one.

I have like 20 gmail accounts..its free money man I know the signup sucks but suck it up

You can use bluestacks on a laptop

Can you not use the same login?

Gay ass thing lost my coins? Had ten this afternoon. Got on ainute ago and .42? What the fuck?

wtf is this gay shit? You need to use a unique mobile phone number per account.

All the fucking pajeets have already gone through all free online sms receivers.

Can't you just use multiple devices with the same account?

What software do you use for this? Bluestacks?

Dunno, I have a few phones, will post back in 30 min or so

How does bluestakcs determine the hashrate of a simulated tablet?

this is what im wondering

What's your hashrate?

this is such an absolutely retarded idea. kudos for exploiting it.

How much can you make with 30h/s per day?

Every 10 you mine it sends to your wallet, you coon.

I don't know

I'm mining on a laptop with 1050i and I'm only getting 23 h/s

What gives?

Oops sorry for the tripfag, I just wandered out of /smg/

How are you mining on PC?

I downloaded bluestacks like did

Any updates?

Please be bait

I don't understand, why is that bad

Turns out I'm retarded. I got 23 on my laptop and 20 on my phone, so it's not worth using bluestacks

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"We could not send you an SMS at this time. This may happen if the server is busy or your mobile number is incorrect. Please try again shortly."

I'm trying every minute or so, should go through eventually

using genymotion i set up 3 emulators and get 30h/s on each for a total of 90h/s on my desktop

So you have 3 unique mobile numbers? Any way to get by that?

I think you can just use the one account on multiple devices

I just use the same one account for all my devices

OP this is my endgame.
My in-laws have so fucking many tablets and cell phones, I have so fucking many old tablets and phones.

I gotta get to work... you'll hear about me one day.

Only getting 5 H/s on my PC while I get 42 H/s on my phone

What the fuck?


mkid, those fucking bags are getting heavy now aren't they you cocksucking faggot. Enjoy your ETN scamcoin. ETN has no devs, 100% marketing driven. When they hit the 187 block fuckup last week they went scrambling for help to every other dev team out there, then fucked the guy over that bailed their asses out.

And look at this thread. It's two ETN faggots samefagging on different IP's over and over again to themselves. If you have ETN, you are a fucking retarded normie. Gas yourselves.

saged for being fake and gay.

we are just mining etn to instantly sell and buy other coins, learn to read retard

Lol look at this assblasted retard

I get 400/day

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What's the trick to not having shit hashrate with bluestacks?

You only have to use 1 account, you just have to verify the new devices you add the account to(email).
hash rates as follows:
s7: 26
motorola C+: 11
S4: 3

The electroneum app relies mostly on your phones RAM, on genymotion you can change this but not sure if you can on bluestacks, im getting 50h/s now with 4096mb memory per phone on 4 phones, even tho my pc only has 8gb. 200h/s total


10k from that one plus another 5k from 570s

goddamnit, its 50h/s per note 8.
Going to have to run a gorillion to get it anywhere near viable.

This is from just today. Even with 50 hs it gets a ton of coins. Idk why..

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All day everyday

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Shit nice setup /b/ro

are you sure the ETN pending balance isnt the balance from all your app-miners on different phones/emulators added up together?

yes I am sure, I have my computer set to only deposit if I have more than 50 ETN, and each phone is getting a bunch of coins a day..its kinda stupid