Usually biz can go fuck themselves. But I'm feeling generous. Take a look at LINK BTC volume.
I can't say any more.

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15min chart. kekekek

Something is clearly going on, this much volume and basically static price.
Someone probably wants to accumulate while staying user (Szabo?)

Explain for a brainlet what the large volume means. All I understand is the price going down.

Satoshi is buying

I have every cent I own in this, wish I hadn’t more $ but oh well. Godspeed OP

it means mostly nothing, its become a meme here in the past 3 months.

Wasn't 2m link sent from the main wallet to binance? Is someone buying link through binance?

Basically if volume is increasing while price is sideways or going down, and there are more green volume bars than red bars, it means price will probably go up soon.
However like with everything TA, it doesn't always work.

It means a lot of new stack holders whose cost is that price. They are likely to hold because of their expectation of profit. Higher volume for long periods of time will exhaust the pool of sellers leaving more holders. Provided all else is equal, this will increase the price.

>it’s another “sergey dumps his bags” episode

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Everybody transfering link to the exchange to dump it after the conference delusion

Trips confirm

thanks just (unironically) bought 100k

>the conference delusion

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Price has hit the rather predictable 5000 sat floor, and volume is high as hell now due to smarties accumulatin'.

You can buy now or you can cry later.

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Today's daily volume is the ATH, so it can't be long before price reaches ATH too

So fucking what, newfag? Go look at the daily chart. Volume is picking up but it's nothing major.

>Today's daily volume is the ATH

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Its fucked.

NEBL volume is also through the roof

Except ChainLink wallets move Link to Binance to sell when there's ??? buyers they have agreements with. There's obviously some level of coordination behind these sales.

Holy shit

The volume is daily dumbo

Now I have shared to much.

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It was 900 something btc volume this morning
Dropping like a stone

Around the time of the alpha release Link volume beat NEO on binance (1500 BTC) for awhile. If this is sustained it may be something. If not its just post conference hype

It's going to crash in 7 hours. After that it will hit this price again. Don't say I didn't warn you

linkies really are this retarded

>Don't say I didn't warn you
i don't fucking know you, cunt, so why the fuck would i say that

Not on the 15 minute chart it isn't

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My dick is so hard.
Link will go back to over a dollar soon.
Check em

Can you share how to access this? Is it insider or can anyone view

Based Pepe baller, good seeing you around lately

Your question dropped my xxx iq to the low x

You fucking idiot
Get the binance app.
Search for link at markets.
Tap it.
Go to depth

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its hard being a link marine when the solider next to you is this retarded.

We will just keep him at the front of the line with a painted broom stick

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I instantly got Hard

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you do realize that he was just pretending to be retarded, right?

Get the fuck out of this board, pajeet newfag. Your stupidity is cancerous.

dat cup and handle tho

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Such a brainlet

Yes but it’s fun to play along buzz kill

2020 maybe
check em


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My multiple decades of studying TA have told me that higher volume means on of the following:
>price will go up
>price will go down
>price will go sideways
But aleays tske TA with a grain of salt.

Explain what it means or gtfo.

Nice you shared a screenshot? Explain what we are looking at here? Wtf do you not get we all are fucking brainlets or do you think we're here because we're smart.

What does the color of the volume bar mean? Is it just the price change?


pure wash trading, a retard is selling and buying 50k link all day

dumped everything

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Screenshotted this