Chase a check, never chase a bitch

>Chase a check, never chase a bitch

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This nigguh knows what's up.

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how were niggers so redpilled on women before whites caught on?

Future knows what's up

Daily reminder that Future can buy your GF

I’m so groovy
I got power
I’m so groovy
I got power
That’s your bitch?
I just bought her
Oh that’s your bitch
I just bought her
Percs and molly
Playing Janet
I just fucked her face
I don’t know her name
Tom Brady, Tony Snow
I just backdoored your ho

Offset what nigga. I can't wife no thots. Married to the money

Sergey slowly takes her clothes off. He says something like
"in the industry, from our experience, smart contracts work best when there are trust issues."
The roastie with trust issues realizes that Sergey is a living smart contract. She becomes instantly wet and strips off Sergey's shirt. For some reason, and to her surprise, it smells like dried whisky and Ethereum brand laundry detergent. She slowly reaches for his oracle, but is stopped because the contract terms have not yet been met, so execution is not possible. After sending $32m worth of ethereum to reach the """hard""" cap, she gains access. The singularity happens. We reach $1MM per link. Sergey ascends to heaven, leaving his mortal body as the roastie looks on in awe.

This is the future. This is chainlink. We are the link marines.

The strong. The knowledgable. The Sergey.

Words to live by.

Their women are awful

>chase a dump, never chase a pump

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Radical feminism hit blacks first. Very soon all women in this country will be shit. Once you make it, they will naturally flock to someone who can provide for them. Thats when you can laugh in their face and buy an advanced ai sex robot to fulfill your needs

Out of all of the genres of music, rap provides its listeners with the most realistic and practical life lessons.

This saying only works if you're fucking different girls every night, like Future. You incels just take it at face value to make yourselves feel better. Sad.


Damn truth

Did your mother dropped you on the head when you were born?

>Did your mother dropped you
Looks like you were dropped

but why then do they not work but literally run down the street after fat asses?
"yo lemme holla a chu a minute miss excuse me miss lemme holla lemme holla holla holla"

Does Future do that? Maybe those people running down the street after random chicks are the ones he's trying to lecture.

when i was a young man i had a "hood pass" and many of my mocha brothers tried to get me to use their methods, including the "chase & holla". the yield/embarassment ratio was too high for me. but on the margins of mixed neighborhoods this is always happening, like birds chirping.


>Reminder: don't save her, she don't wanna be saved.

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Don't chase your dreams, chase your reality

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I know this post sounds bitter and resentful, but it's true.

it's true desu, particularly when it comes to roasties

Rappers have always said: fuck bitches (as in disregard them), get money.

They knew what was up long before MGTOW


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