Warning: My group planning a sell off tonight

This is a warning, tether up! We plan to cause a slight crash down to 6.5k.

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>sharing your trading plan with a group

When will this happen?

You're the idiot, we're looking for more help to accelerate it. Regardless, you have been warned.

So, how hard do we moon?

Shorting now is incredibly dumb OP. Wait until Sunday or Monday.

you dont have a group
you dont even have bitcoin
no one believes you. stop embarrassing yourself.

The whole idea of coordinating a dump with a group of people is stupid but I also think a dump is coming.
I always look at blockchair.com/bitcoin/blocks#f=id,hash,time,guessed_miner,miner_votes,transaction_count,cdd_total,output_total,output_total_usd,fee_total,fee_total_usd,fee_per_kb_usd,size to see if whales are selling. During the last hours a lot of old coins were moved, for example this one miner from 2010 (maybe satoshi):

You've been warned.

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Fuck off pajeet. You won't touch my btc

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Nice just held 100k

ooooh maybe i add to my short position

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>he thinks his group and him have any actual power to influence BTC's price
Kys you fucking deluded narcissist. You are fucking nothing.

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Are you the same whale who told us not to buy in until we hit 6k, and now you're longing it?

Whale here. I'm propping the price up so I can slowly dump on you bulltards. See you later tonight ;)

Whale here, going to place my buy order around 7k and buy up to 8.3k

Get ready to put a long in at 7.2k if this shit actually drops that low.

I am long at 7.3k. Not the absolute bottom but I want to make sure my order gets filled.

Whale here. Gonna swim around some more and eat as much krill before I fall asleep. You’ve been warned.

whale here ima buy everything you sell and pump to 20k next week

>the only one not larping itt

How does your computer work underwater? Also how do you type

Whale here, gona dump VEN to 38k sats
You've been warned, check out my sell wall, i'll start dumping another 100btc soon


retard larp

OP is going to lose all his money shorting the bottom everyone laugh

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Pls don't!!! Not my VEN!!!

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Electronics don’t work underwater you retarded faggot. That’s why I’m beached right now.

The market isn’t bottoming out. The stock market has been at all-time highs, and still is. The crypto market, on the other hand, is bottoming out because everyone is realizing that every cryptocurrency is more useless than the next. FOMO was the only thing that soared the prices, but that’s gone now. People realized that they weren’t missing out on anything. If you’re planning on making money in the crypto world, good luck! You’re going to need it!!!

Dumping ven rn is stupid, especially for a whale

My group is going to buy, what now faggot kys

Thanks, just sold 100k

It will probably pump because op is always a larping faglord

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It'll dump for sure to $72xx, but bears might need to wait until monday. Word on the street is bfinex manipulators are gonna pump this weekend.