Ahh raven mind, not for biz

I know none of you have the patience or testicular fortitude to accumulate and hold Raven, but I thought you should at least be aware that...ahh never mind biz, it’s not for you.

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I already bought 220k from discord weeks ago. Shit is trading for less than i bought. Feelsbad

mining this for weeks but I don't think it's ever gonna amount to much. It doesn't really seem to have anything novel whasoever?

ASIC resistant algo and no premine/ICO

Name another coin that has this.

asic resistance doesn't exist dumbass

Link to where I can buy an x16r ASIC miner?

Didn't think so brainlet.

there was no scrypt asic miner when LTC was released either. that doesn't mean LTC is asic resistant fuckhead

1. your asic argument isn't worth responding too
2. not telling anyone about your irrelevant shitcoin while you mine it for months then claiming it was out there for anyone to see doesn't count as "no premine"

Devs have stated they are anti-ASIC and should an ASIC be developed they will change the algo.

Do your research fucktard.

>doesn't understand how cryptographic hash functions work
gotcha bro. good that you did your DD for your shitcoin lmao

It's posted on bitcointalk like all other coins in existence.

People who aren't braindead normies frequently find new coins being established quite easily.

Good argument. Glad to blow you the fuck out.

k tard

LOL. You lost, move on.

nice try but still no spoonfeeding ;)

why are you posting so much in this thread to discredit this coin? if you don't like it, don't buy it or mine it. what are you gaining by incessantly posting fud?

maybe i like laughing at retards in my free time? what the fuck is your problem faggot

>reading this shitcoin's whitepaper
>actually all their whitepaper is about their mining algorithm
>they literally make retarded errors on the first page
>i don't even know what they do
>pow is dying anyway
lmao only on Veeky Forums you find out about these absolute shitcoins

LMAO. Implying you know of another coin with similar characteristics and the knowledge of it is so valuable. Everyone sees you can't name one and fell back on this lame excuse.

didn't even read your post cause i know you're retarded based on the first word. nice try faggot

Its biggest ASIC resistance is the fact that no one would fucking bother to create an ASIC for it. Algo chaining wouldn't help you anyways.

>Name another coin that has this.
Monero? What the fuck.

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he never posted it to bitcointalk. Someone else did months after he had released the code.


Yes Monero is one of the only other coins. Look how much it has grown in 4 years.


125 million of the billion coins were mined before it was posted to bitcoin talk. "no premine" my ass you dumb nigger

What is math?

125 million mined of the 21 billion supply?


Kill yourself please, thanks.

They only upped the number of coins after people called them on their shit you dumb faggot

So they mined 125 million out of 21 million supply?


How are you even breathing right now?

They didn't "up" the number of coins. They mistakenly listed total supply as 21 million instead of billion.

You're obviously a brain damaged peon.

To everyone saying there was no pre-mine...... just look on Bitcoin Talk forums, people were VERY upset about the way this launched.

A small group of people mined a huge number of coins before anyone even knew about the project.