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reminder that chainlink is getting shilled by the same pajeet group that shilled bazingacoin few months ago

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I sold my 10k link stack yesterday

>it's oversold
>strong sell

What did they mean by this

If it's oversold buy, come on guys this is basic stuff

Jesus Christ that blaabjerg's TA is shit, there's absolutely nothing truthful in in. Fuck me...

wanna know why LINKY STAYS STINKY?

because it's a shitcoin

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That TA basically panics sells and fomo buys.

>using ta summary on trading view unironically

Market sold my stack today, can't take holding this dying piece of shit any longer

Really makes me think

How many of my fellow LINK holders are unironically bag holding?

I'm still in the green. Only have 1000 but I bought in at 0.00064 ETH.

How does that make you feel?

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Market sold my 500k LINK today. Can't take this shitcoin anymore. Everything just dumps it.

Marketsold my 50k link today, POS coin, it's not going anywhere. Can't believe I fell for the memes. I was literally shaking as I hit sell

Stop listening to your junk indicators... if it were that easy everyone would be rich off trading... look for stoploss accumulation.

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My magic meme lines say we're going 4-4.2


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kekked, thx user you deserve a You

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I dropped my bags at $0.66. Feeling good to be out of memecoin land.

and then you put it into tron or some shit and lost money anyway. kys