Veeky Forums was right again. Ark girl didn't kill herself

Veeky Forums was right again. Ark girl didn't kill herself.

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hehe silly boys :p

fucking phony

How do I acquire a crypto bae like dis? Am powerlifter, angel investor, and electronic music producer:

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No shit. She just wanted attention.

Either of these ways work:
Treat her like shit
Flash your wealth

No one that posts like that actually kills themselves. Just read some of her posts on reddit. Typical annoying attention whore. And the people replying to her... Behond salvation. Dont know whos more pathetic to be honest, the attention whore or the retards replying to her on reddit

she's painfully hot though, I could literally fuck til my dick hurts

Unironically this. Girls even fail to kill themselves when they try.

Most of the people who kill themselves don't whine on plebbit and then go blow their brains out.

She made a couple hundo off that post. Guaranteed.

she hot as fuck. i would legitimate give her some of my arkies for a blowjob.

> A fundamental question is how big is c?

would pay a lot of ark to worship and tongue her asshole for 6 hours

lmao lurk Veeky Forums please

woah, she's some kinda math nerd

Typical attention seeking chick.

>I liek crypto and math!!!
>I'm a little drunk rn
Should have an hero'd desu

if you have all that and still cant get a gf, you lost

what a dumb fucking cunt.
all fucking bitches are attention seeking whores.
nothing more.

I hope she doesn’t kill herself. Dummies can never increase their IQ but people with mental illness can get help and find meaning in their lives. I’m not saying it’s likely or not, but there’s a chance.

I was hoping she would.

As long we can put more memes of her ill be a happy camper

one thing is for certain... we need more pics of her.

If she wasn't whoring herself out every other day on Reddit, she would be wife material desu.

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Can someone convince her to kill herself?

the drama!

desu prob still is. nothing wrong about whoring herself on reddit

Jesus christ, women really are like children


instead of sending them to a government run institution

she has homely boobs

>successfully killing them self

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80% of the men who attempt suicide actually kill themselves while it's 20% with women iirc. Women attempt suicide a lot more but without really intending to kill themselves, most of the time it's about getting attention.

what's her fucking problem? she could literally get a beta to buy her a home and unlimited ARK for life faster than I can say tits. whys she being retarded

wife material does not exist in 3D world get this in your mind like bread and water

Would you want dozens of videos of your future wife rubbing her tits on the internet?

Even if you don't care about classmates of your children jacking-off to your wife, whoring sends a clear signal that having normal family life with her for any prolonged period of time is impossible.

>women can't even kill themselves properly

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This woman is a 6/10 at best, what are you fucks drooling over? Plus she used to be fat so guaranteed she'll have a 35 BMI in 5 years.

Link sauce vid?

how was he able to pull the trigger holding it like that?

The fuck?



yes it's a fucked up link don't ask me where I found it, it's just where someone uploaded it

I remember when that chick first posted here, what happened with her?

People told her to kill herself and she's actually considering it now.

where does she post on reddit? fuck webms on mobile

Doing the googling so you don’t have to

christ she is deluded. and doesnt ever show her tits. the worst kind of deluded.

Holy shit. Craziest suicide vid I've ever seen. He live streamed it to his friends. And his mom comes crying and she looks into the camera.

>suicide vid
These are a thing? I saw one before this many people are streaming their suicides? Jesus

Hes from r9k. Suicide is two days old. I bet more to come since this got so popular.

Yeah been happening since live streaming has been around. Usually just some sad bastard alone in a room. First time I've heard someone's friends beg and plead with the person not to do it and then the reaction after.

i'll pass, thanks

his mom did not come in. there was just 30 mins of dead time with his blood on the ceiling. Sucks he pulled the trigger though. Always a way out of that stuff, if you keep going long enough. Feel for his family

Did your video pause or something? She comes in moments after the suicide.

lmao get back to plebbit faggot

you can literally get a woman like this even if you are an average guy
shes literally nothing special
and the fact that she's a confirmed redditor?
hans, get the gas

i didnt see her in the video. i had no sound on. i skipped through everything after he took the shot, and it was just the same view dude

She comes in and tilts the laptop. That is why the perspective changes. I skipped ahead to the end initially too and noticed the perspective shift so I went back to find the cause. I figured he was death spasming but nope, mamma looks right into camera.

more info in this thread too.

you idiots are wrong. she comes in...

There always light at the end of the tunnel.
I don't think people realize how badly it hurts their families.

Yeah but you have to admit blowing your head off with a shotgun on livestream is pretty badass

Pause when you see her face, it's sad


I wish her body was in the morgue.

She's so insecure. Can only imagine the things shed do to my benis for some Ark. Wew.

>absolutely no tits

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The guy was determined though, so I guess that's his choice. The bitch at the start crying and barely forming comprehensible sentences was insufferable though

He lived

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Gotdamn! Would fuck her til I drop dead.


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He's wearing a Nike shirt. I don't think I'll buy anything Nike ever again.

i liked the part where he did a 10/10 brainlet cosplay

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She comes in, calls 911 then cops or paramedics show up and start examining it.
The paramedics are making jokes to each other and laugh, obviously because this is how they deal with going to tragic scenes, and you can hear the mom downstairs crying
Pretty fucked up

Call me a pretentious fuckwad if you want, but when I see hordes of retards replying to some attention whore online it just validates the NPC theory for me.

NPC theory?

kekd jesus christ i love you faggots

>when I see hordes of retards replying to some attention whore online it blabla blah
pretentious fuckwad proceeds to reply to some attention whore thread

yeah i've seen a bunch of suicide live streams since 06. Never have I ever seen the mom come up to the camera until that vid

she went to go pick up her daughter and told her son she'd be gone for 30 mins, but apparently she took only 15mins. She was probably in the neighborhood and heard the gunshot

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do the meme gun


You know, let me lay it on the line.

>some time ago a girl I've known for a long time threatens suicide to get my attention
>go to see her, no suicide happens
>I begin to suspect that it was just a cry for attention
>ark girl is gonna commit suicide thread
>pop in and see that she says "goodbye"
>keep paying attention to her reddit and Veeky Forums
>she didn't kill herself
>I find the entire thing... cheapened, from all of my experiences

I don't know what to feel anymore. What kind of a person do you have to be to cheapen the act of suicide in this way? I've always seen suicide as a noble form of protest against a set of unjust circumstances. How can people treat it as though it were a cheap ploy?

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People treat it serious, serious guarantees attention

How do the people who cry wolf live with it?

She attempted to kill herself and failed bad.

holy shit the wailing chick (not the mom) is so fucking annoying
fucking ruined the video

That makes the video better, desu

People that want to really kill themselves don't warn anyone, they just do it.

Women are either incapable as fuck, or just do it for attention
Which of the two you believe is left up to the reader's discretion

Mother discovers him at 7:10
Her arm is in cam to move the tarp at 7:54
Her face is visible at 8:29
This is when she moves the laptop, and the view changes, and stays in that position until the end.

Who is she, I want to send her shotgun ads.

Why not both?

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