Who else buys W140 when they make it?

Dream car

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>you probably going to regret it...

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No thanks, my dad had one when they were new. It's an old POS now

>not buying a BMW 8
Pleb taste, m8.

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Wtf is jerry seinfeld doing behind the wheel?

That's good too user, I'm actually a BMW guy at heart. These cars gotten crazy expensive in last 5 years or so, like 3x price increase for 850 with V12, they are only bound to appreciate more. I'd probably take E38 before this though, and with 4.4 engine, but good one

volvo 850 is the chad's choice

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The parts are hard to get and are overpriced as fuck.

I have this and i LOVE IT!

And this is coming from a guy who had an older M5, newer S class (w221 bought a 2009 in 2011) then bought a new 2014 CLS550.

Even though S is much more luxurious, the CLS is exactly what i want in terms of comfort, speed, performance and exclusivity.

For every NEW BODY CLS i see, there are 10-15 S classes.

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>lol it’s user
>look he bought a Benz
>yeah but it’s an old Benz
>must be smelly in there

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Nice hyundai you have there user

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Already bought this one with my crypto gains.

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Do people slow down when you drive near them?

oh yeah?

posted this a little bit ago.


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Is that the sl500? If not, its just a shittu rustbucket

They do, and yeld often too.

Those old 8 series BMW coupes are gonna be worth a fucking fortune in a few years. Buy them cheap now.

I hope you didn’t buy a new one

>buying cars
just mine them right after launch

Had 1600 miles on it. full warranty and extended to 110k miles.

>tfw every other MB owner stares at my car because they know its the sexiest benz out there not minus the SLS.

Did you know that a new model is right around the corner? Fucking brainlet buying decision.
CLS is considered poser Benz in Germany. All the mudslimes like to drive them. Looks fancy but depreciates faster than the Zimbabwe dollar. The wagon is kinda aesthetic though.

fuck that's an ugly car

like, if you asked me to pick out the ugliest fucking car possible, that would definitely be it

If I really make it ill get a 458 to fuck around with

Nice ride. Tell me about the M5 tho. Was it E60? That's on my list at some point too. Maintenance would probably be OK for DIY but MPG is a bitch on these.

The right one is ringed already and with a weird thumb. Her pussy no longer fresh. Left one is old but yeah I'd hit it with great force in doggy position. So I can't say IDGAF about their opinion, just maybe for the left one.

Ive had it for more than 3 years, paid off now (since november), Ill wait until 2019 for my next car, i wouldn't mind going back tot he s again but its just not as fun to drive like the cls. I never buy the first year of a new model just to be on the safe side from the electrical kinks and what not. I know its not the more popular opinion but I'm also thinking about an i8 but i cannot use that for work for obvious reasons.

what do you drive?

Oh and if i remember correctly the last gen CLS was one of the last non-SUV Benz that didn’t get the fancy S class style interior. You goofed user.

f40, man

i love this thread

i havent even made it, but i found a w140 years ago thru a friend for 3 grand, i bought it,

and i lucked out big time.
SLS suspension already sorted out, wiring harness done, someone even changed the ECU, bose amp still works... i can go on.

I love this car, but I have driven w140 in bad shape AND STAY AWAY!!!!

If it shakes its probably tires.
If it has no reverse then it needs tranny rebuild.

If it drops into neutral while in gear, stay away

Otherwise, get the 500 because that motor is the best of both worlds, the m119

pic related; my baby

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The i8 with the Prius sized tires? No thx Jeff.
I live in Hong Kong, i.e. public transportation cuck if you’re not a gazillionaire. Before that it was some ancient Honda Accord.

so what do you think looks nice im very interested in your taste if you think w140 sl are ugly

Buying out of date executive cars is my jam

Classic style, affordable and classy

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Had an e36 stick. Most fun car I ave bought. It was a shitbox but I loved it. Came with an lsd. Currently camry. Feels good to not be fixing it. But I miss my e36. Gonna buy an w201 190e and just mod the fuck out of it for fun. hopefully with my gains one day.

>getting a modern, asymmetrical car
The ancients knew what they were doing user. This is a 1977 Mercedes 240SD. This screams "automobile." Modern cars are just highway machines.

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Gonna get a simple 2018 Honda Civic sedan.

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its Jeb! actually

being rich in the 80's must have been dope as fuck

*blocks your path*

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I really want a 2009 M6 with low miles. The only benz I would buy is this legend right here.

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don't fall for the german engineering meme

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This is my dream classic car. Still looks sexy af.

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What does Veeky Forumsrael think of 126 coupes with a 5.6L m117 in 'em?

If i ever truly "make it" I'll retire this old girl and find a 600SEC AMG

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I prefer this shape user

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a man of fine taste user... may i present for your consideration the pic related

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these are all ugly old man cars lmfao

yall gonna look like tools pulling up in these

Well we aren't betacucks like you who are so concerned what everybody thinks about you.

you literal vagina

you do realise most of these cars appreciate in value?

That lambo Diablo is worth more than most Aventadors on the market today.

I wouldnt daily drive a classic but Id like a collection of a few.

you only need one. pair with high IQ daily

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mfw i drive a mazda3 s grand touring.
I love my car.

You cant find these anywhere in good condition

>Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster
My approval rating for Trump just went up 0.5%. He can drive stick.

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Those are gorgeous but for that money Id be buying a LaFerrari or Enzo (I think)

Fuck man I wish but so unbelievably unreliable. We are talking 35k a year apprently

Yea I guess its to be expected from any of these types of car, maybe Ive been watching to much Doug DeMuro haha

Any ausfag that makes it and doesnt get pic related, just fuckin neck yourself

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best car ever

ausfags can easily find one, cheap as shit too, the value is fucking insane

With a stupid heavy clutch no less

Yeah see these cunts are everywhere in Australia

Holy FUCK.
What year/model is that? I'm a carlet / brainlet

Only you. What a pice of shit

that's a 90s 8 series, they're OK


What are you calling "making it"? I thought that meant when you get rich. So why would you be buying a car? You don't have to drive.

Why this nigga drive a acura in a suit?

Toyota Crown Comfort