What do they mean by that?

what do they mean by that?

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Is that NEBL?

It's LINK.

That's how bagholders are born.

What that is, is market Volume... it represents the amount of money injected into the market at the closing of that candle

Its the Singularity knocking at the door

Tonight...its happening tonight. Strap in, boys...

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Don't make me do this, Veeky Forums. I know that link is just a meme, don't make me buy it.

compra link :)

>vietnamese are accumulating

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It is based in proportion to the last 200 candles... you will usially see large volume during SMART MONEY transactions... think of an elephant jumping in a public pool and the water represeting market volume

This is definitely someone accumulating. Watch the book for 5 minutes. Small 1-10k sell order keep being placed in 5150-5160 range.

Já comprei anão =)

how high can an elephant jump? im trying to picture an elephant jumping on a public pool but in my imagination that seems impossible.

Here is somthing yoh should take into consideration over the next 2-4 weeks

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stop posting orders above mine!!!

Ok fuck the elephant... think of a fat motherfucker sitting down in a kitty pool.. these are the central banks placing trades to move the markets

There is a lot of selling volume as well, isnt this relevant as well? My understanding was that smart money scenarios is high buy volume but low selling volume, not high selling volume.

Volume does not represent buy volume or sell volume... it only represents the direction of that candle... there could be huge amounts of buy volume on a sell candle and it will be red.. like i said just imagine the volume as the water level in the pool..m weather it be buy or sell... smart money usually jumps in during reversals

Dumb people taking what they perceive as an opportunity to sell. Or swing traders.

Reversals dont necessarily mean a bank is buying really hard, it could also be that banks algorithms are closing out positions which will move price if there is enough money ( we are talking tens of millions of dollars, 20 million + in one trade ) the closings of these positions will not spike volume

You are wrong sir, big money just bought that dip, thats why volume spiked

> it only represents the direction of that candle

Wait, really, but then couldnt the opposite also be true? Huge selling volume and little buy, but the candle is still green? How do we tell if this volume is positive or negative then?

every buy is also a sell

No retail trader has enough money moving in and out of the market to make a volume candle that size... hedge funds together can make a decent size candle if they trade at the same time, central bank algos can easily make a big candle... volume is not used to show you how much selling volume or buying volume is in the markets.. what would make it too easy.. it just represents the "water level"

you are thinking of a depth graph
volume is only realized transactions, buy and sell always have the same volume
now, price is another question, but here price has been basically the same for 24h, which makes it very probable that a large transaction by a limited number of parties is taking place in small bits

Smart money buys and sells 80% of the time are against themselves just so they can stake a position because their trade size is so large people collectively cant amount to the trades other side... thw other 20% is when they close out positions against retail traders and hedge funds.. than they position themselves for the next direction of the swing this is usually what causes a reversal and a spike in volume

i just said that. shut the fuck up. you're not adding anything to this thread. dumb bitch.

This is literally your first post on this thread.

Buys and sells do not have the same volume, but "Depth of market" shows NET long and NET short positions on the current instrument.. this information is usually attained through your broker.. nobody can show you net long and short of the entire market nor is that legal..


If the price of LINK/BTC goes up, will LINK/ETH necessarily go up with it?

When central bank money wants to put a big boy order in, they stall price and use retail selling to take the other side of their buys as they load up.. if they dropped it all at once its too obvious.. but if they spread out their orders into multiple small bits they will fly under the radar

There is sometimes a couple of cents of discrepancy, but the market quickly corrects it.

Yes it will correlate if eth is actually based off btc price

its crashing.

Its not crashing anytime soon... market makers are JUICING the fuck out of bitcoin

What if my exchange is BTC/LINK rather than LINK/BTC? Do I lose money on the conversion? I use gate.io

Idk what it means, do you?


answer my god dam question dip shit

>it represents the amount of money injected into the market
How can you fuck this up

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What do you mean by this?

Market makers & banks & brokers make MONEY when stoplosses get blown the fuck out.. SO WHEN YOU LOSE MONEY THEY MAKE MONEY

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They're accumulating before the end of march happenings

The yearly quarter in the US is ending

>thinks he will make it
>actually thinks link is the vehicle to escape the favela

cago-me a rir com voces brazucas do caralho, uma delicia

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Can't wait to x5 my REQ later this month and then dump it all into LINK.

>sem título.png

wow brazilians shill link, who would have thought

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This user gets it

They call me ben shiller bitch.

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Im br and all in on link too.

So they're pumping bitcoin to stomp out stop losses and then they'll dump it liquidating longs? If true holy shit.

What happens end of march? Something to do with taxes?

The end of march is the beginning of the 2nd yearly quarter.. market algorithms are designed to shift sentiment during these quarterly shifts.. news will coincidentally "line up" with price action during these times

Yes thats how market makers operate

What you should take into account is the big M on that chart friendo

The double top waiting to be stop raided??? Yeah. Got that.

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Link will stay at todays lvl.
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