Alright folks, listen up


I'm running small laptop and celly repair center in St.Petersburg, Russia (!). It's situated not far from the football stadium, where the FIFA 18 will be held. There are also a lot of big and fancy hotels aroung, like Sokos (it is less then 700m away from our workshop actually).

How do i profit from tourists this summer? They will definetly need to fix their iphones and laptops during the visit, aren't they?

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As a tourist, first thing i'm going to do if i have a broken iphone/laptop is google search nearby repair shops. Make sure you have an internet presence.

You mean un-stolen?

Are you somewhat handsome and good at sucking dicks? If yes, consider a change of business model for the time of the event.

i am handsome, but straight. can i srill profit from this?

Everybody knows how forbidden gay sex is in Russia. People will pay a fortune for getting their balls fondled by a genuine Ivan. It will be the easiest bucks you've ever earned.

there are also riverisde wharfs nearby, so eurofags are probably will travel here by water. should i put some advertisings at the docs?

oh stop it, you liar. easiest bucks were investing in ven at 30c

You should be good, just be sure to keep your business on the Internet like another user said (perhaps cater to English speakers too?) and customers should arrive.

yeah, thanks guys, will try to make it easy for them to google my workshop

I will google it and then create male gay prostitute ads for your name and address, thank me later

yes, mate, thanks in advance
The name of my workshop is easy to connect to gayporn btw

if you connect to any wifi in russia your device will be hacked.


what kind of bullshit is this?)

check out what happened at the olympics.
it's hacker central.

use a burner phone that doesn't connect to any of your important accounts

idk, sounds strange

most European countries will boycot Russia, especially the UK..

Government probably. Not athletes. And not football fans, i guess

OP are you even aware of the reputation of your country? if you went to somalia on vacation would you ever hand over your electronics for repair? stick to the locals who will come from other Russian cities, nobody will hand you over anything worth more than 200bux

>55:49 No
Whore out other poorfags like yourself to the rich tourists

Have you seen the movie hostel?

sounds reasonable, thanks for this point actually

A phone/power bank changing service of some sort would probably work here, IF you can handle all the crazy amount of administration that comes with it.

Best of luck to you

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considering you are talking about selling other people, i don't think i want to watch this movie

yeah + you will automatically mine bitcoin and your device will be used to crack usa elections so trump would win again


Go to Russia and let some gopnik fuck around your phone.

The only way you can benefit from the tourist influx is to:

1) buy kneepads
2) profit


what exactly do you mean by "crazy amount of administration"?

Op just make sure you have a video camera ready when England fans chimp out about something and sell the footage to the media

cвoё oкeй ceбe в жoпy зacyнь, имбeцил

oh that what happened the last time

kneepads is a "musthave" running business in russia,
This time i'm planning to earn some cash!

this what i told your mother when we've met the last time. tell her i'll come again later

buy kneepads and let your gf suck off some Arabs when the terrorist teams play in st petes, besides that the only profit you can generate is by going to the metro entrance dressed as shokoladnitsa man distributing pamphlets

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нaдeюcь ты cдoхнeшь нaхyй и нe дoживёшь дo oлимпиaды пидopac

Signs on the front of your store for portable power banks you absolute retards

Turn your phone repair shop into Russian souvenir shop. Just don't sell any Putin themed souvenirs, nobody really likes him outside of Russia. Try selling matrioskas, branded Vodka, miniatures of Kremlin etc.

that's not olimpics retrad, it's fifa
go back to school kid

that's not good options, because my workshop is situated not on the first line. it's in the yard and people don't actually see it when they walk by

Imagine 100 people yelling at you at the same time trying to get their fully charged phones back from you at the same time. You have to keep track on who's phone belongs to whom, how long THAT particular phone belonging to that PARTICULAR customer have been in your shop and so on. not to mention coming up with a safe, fast, simple, and secure way of keeping track of everything