The surest moonshot EOM - April

>I've done my research.
>Other coins i'm in for good quick profit are - UIS - ELE - AION.
>I've got a $7500 bet riding on this.

This will do a x5 after the announcement end of month & following into April.

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Scam coin
No blockchain dev
Incompetent team

Very good sir I fully invest my coin in this looks very promising good idea good developing on it.

Most easy x5 of my entire life

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>people are still shilling this after everything that has happened
holy shit

cool looking coin! I will invest

yeah I agree, how do I buy some?

looks promising

nigger are you retarded

What, you afraid of taking calculated risks ?

We can see your id you absolute brainlet


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Looks good, which exchanges can I get it?

Promising team, already have 5k thinking about buying 5k more for a node system.

very good will big moon!

all in brothers we make it!

Nice, was thinking about a masternode too but it was too expensive, now it's so cheap so I will definitely pick one up too! So excited for this!

HitBTC and cryptopia my brother ;)
WElcome to the club!

It's a privacy coin so you can only buy it over the counter

You didn't research very thoroughly or you'd have found a project in chaos and dev team in disarray.

>looks promising
yeah I agree

take a look at sky, it looks much better as a project

Directly competing with the EOS billions, no thanks

What kind of reverse shill is this?

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Monero 2.0