Ag revenue strategies

Hey Veeky Forums I’m a farmer who grows 180 acres of raisins. Last years crop yield about 45% less then average. I was wondering what other strategies could we implement to build different revenue streams? I understand that alt coins could yield revenue from my existing assets of cash but I ant to build something more stable. What kind of strategies do you recommend. Anyone is welcome.

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Make wine instead

do you have a nice looking farm? accommodation perhaps?

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We already make wine. However, it’s my brothers business. So all that revenue is his.

Sell your farm, buy LINK.
also, kneepads

manufacture and sell compost from your ag waste

wrong board friend, we specialize in shitcoins not actual buisness

Start doing a pick your own grapes thing for families and kids

Obviously adapt to a more profitable culture in your region or implement better farming strategies.

It’s like well kept. Some parts of the farm are really old so the vines look fucked and not all are producing as they should. It was a combo of frost hitting us late in April after disking and a melybug problem

Then make yours and target high level individuals with some good words. They love expensive wine, even if it s shit, they just care about status. Luxury wine market is in a permanent bubble. Btw what kind of wine is he making?

Use that at your own advantage, the older the vines, the higher the price of the wine, and less are production costs

Rhône varieties. A lot of blends but some are 100% good amount of reds as whites. I never thought about making my own wine before.

I don't know about permanent bubble I would love to look into sales of expensive wine against the stock market to see how they compare.

But the yield isn’t the greatest especially with Thompson seedless. We can probably get 2 1/2 tons maybe 3 tons per acre. The thing is that the price per ton has been really low and it makes it harder to be in the raisin business. The onl benefit in staying is that a lot of farms have switch to almonds instead. Power supply should lead to an increase in price. Also the people who sell our grapes take about 50% of our yield and giving it to the usda since 2001-2010 and we’re in a lawsuit with the us government about taking our property and violating our constitutional rights.

Also if anything absolute shit wine is in. Start making box wine middle aged women love that shit.

and college students.

Actually make wine but have a 4lokos like twist on that shit, and market it to college kids you'll make bank

jesus man what the fuck are you doing making --raisins--? Make wine. Now. Create a story behind it. Make it tied to your land, family, history etc. Brand the shit out of it by learning what the taste makers want and doing that. Market to China with a crazy margin. Never worry about money again.

Seriously man. You have a fucking vineyard. What the fuck are you thinking making RAISINS?

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An actual business that provides a valued service in exchange for money? Sorry bud, this is a degen shitcoin gambling board

Partner with some supply chain shitcoin for $$, make sure to take selfie with CEO for moon. sell at the top of the pump

Well business is business and the same basic concepts should apply. Even to those who post about shot coins should still have an understanding of how to evaluate their investment instead of blindly buying in hopes to sell. Strategies are strategies and the basics of those strats is what will push us forward. Let’s face it, there’s only a few great coins out there

this. Where are you from?


Nice dubs and trips

Kek, are you making wine also?

Can you clarify? It almost reminds me of bitconnect of what you’re saying.

Yes but it’s my brothers winery and he uses his own grapes. It’s my dad’s farm that I’m worried about

He’s saying choose some supply chain shitcoin, buy a ton of them, ask to partner. They announce partnership with you, you then sell the shitcoins from the hype.

But I’m not famous

Are you in Napa?

No Central Valley. I’m surprised I’m saying this.

>Central Valley
That s a nice place. Get some barriques and do this LINK 1000$ EOY

If I made wine. Do you think Veeky Forums or even /b/ would help me in terms of marketing?

you could brew some fancy sour beer using the natural yeast from the grapes, craft beer faggots love interesting stuff.

You need to find something not so seasonal, expand on the existing rep of your business.

idk man... not enough details in the OP...

Do you sell dried raisins or fresh grapes? Not my primary language, so I'm unsure what you mean by raisins.

Processing your produce in your own space is generally the best way to increase agricultural income, at least where I'm from where "traditional produce" and shit sells a lot (Southern EU).

Maybe remove some vines and put solar in their place, so you can use the energy for the processing facilities.

Are your acres on a hillside or the flats? If you own some flatter land, preferably on higher or same ground as your crop maybe you could create a small aquaculture part in your farm.

Have some freshwater fish and use that water for organic foliar sprays or watering some times or some shit. Just for a few acres, not the whole lot obviously.

Good luck and good yields broseph

Don t know how many fags in here can really understand luxury wine business. But unironically, the higher you want to go the less the marketing, marketing is for dirt cheap shit wine, you have to work on relations with high end wine distributors. Focus first on making a good wine, then build this then build relations. Profit, it takes a lot of time, but in the you, your family and your future generations will be rewarded.

okay so you're basically farming Sultana, because if you say you're farming Thompson seedless, it sounds like fucking motor oil and no-one will buy the wine.

Make dessert wine from the best Sultana grapes and acknowledge your raisin making past, but have it work for you, not against you. The story is EVERYTHING. Once you have that, market it first to taste makers like Michelin restaurants and have them pair it with their desserts (they'll tell an abbreviated version of your story as they're serving it with the dessert) and then once you have you foot in that door, leverage it to the retail market.

There you go, you are now selling crates of the best dessert wine known to man to wealthy chinamen who have more money than sense.

This one was a freebie, if you need more marketing advice it's gonna cost you.

T. +10 years in the biz

weed nigga!!!!! even at 1k an lb you can grown 5lb plants out there. 2 acres could yield a healthy profit. All you need is a broker to get your shit sold on the east coast.

What kind of details would you like?

Cannabis will get my land taken by the federal government. Bad move

Thanks T. That’s a good strategy

/b/ will not do shit for you. Veeky Forums might. I'd be sort of interested in dabbling with this just for shits and gigs myself.

I think Veeky Forums has been helpful so far in this thread.

How do I market to other countries?

I'll backtrack on my saying the next one's gonna cost you. I've got an event I've got to go to so this will be my last post though.

1. Create a trip code like "biz wine maker" so we can follow your progress and you can post new threads telling us how it's going.
2. THE STORY IS EVERYTHING. Research your family history if there is any to research in regards to vineyards, raisins, wine making and all that jazz. Be honest but paint a relatable, lovable, artisanal and touching scenario. Do not touch on shit like you had to switch from raisins to wine for economic reasons, unless you absolutely know what you're doing in terms of story telling, which you probably don't.
3. Make a quality product. Have experts come by if you know any, learn dessert wine making, do not put out shit. Wine is one of those things where if it's good, it can be great if the story is there, but it needs to at least be good.
4. Build your networks in the industry. Go to nice restaurants, kiss asses (not too much), bring your venture up in conversations, be passionate about it.

You'll do fine.

create a local reputation first. Then make a new thread. We've got a bunch of experts here on int. marketing I'm sure.

Thank you Veeky Forums for the great information!

I can't wait until crypto speculation collapses in the next five years, and threads of substance like yours are all that's left. I come from Italian nobility and am opening up a saffron farm on our old land.

Saffron is stupid expensive and from my understanding user there’s a small window to harvest them

You might have some good equipment that you can rent out to other farmers. Machines, etc.
Or maybe even use them yourself on their crops if they want to hire you. Many people haven't invested (yet) in machines, or might want to free up some time.

Also, maybe I'm talking bullshit here, I don't know much about grapes, but doesn't almond grow well where grapes do?


Grow a trending super food like Tumeric.

Winemaker and viticulturist from Oregon OP - top graft some premium varietals on to your table grapes. In the mean time make some of our own wine to get a feel for it like the other user’s have said. Also consider doing a cover crop like barley in between your rows and make your own beer. Do you have a farm stand or some local outlet? If so, consider fermenting your own vegetables and selling them there, or to local restaurants.

What zone specifically? Italian here aswell.

Do you think grafting is a good idea on sultanas?

It's the same species V. vinifera so I can't foresee issues. It depends more on the rootstock, I don't know if CA has a phylloxera problem or not. If not then it should be ok

only if youre a faggot and a pussy. you have any idea how many massive grows are all around you?

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he actually owns something of value, don't try to fuck him

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>Also the people who sell our grapes take about 50% of our yield and giving it to the usda since 2001-2010 and we’re in a lawsuit with the us government about taking our property and violating our constitutional rights.
can you expand on this situation? I'm always interested in learning about government corruption.

Hire an agronomist to do soil tests and send your yields through the fucking roof

Here's my advice:

1. Start wine because for every happy woman, there is 10 unhappy cat lady feminists.
2. Get a proper website set up, come with a good name, get a good logo
3. You're surrounded by faggots in California, find a way to appeal them

Bonus: Anons keep talking about "make a story about your farming history". My recommendation is to talk about how your jewish grandparents came to california to make wine and that you're also the descendant of slaves as well. Serious 10/10

I dont like the taste of wine, and i'll get a headache from drinking it. You should start producing quality beer, that's my daily drink over water.

We are heading to mini ice age with a full speed you will have 80% crop losses coming years and most farms will go bankrupt. There are hedge funds betting big time on ice age

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