The flippening is a meme

>the flippening is a meme


Anyone holding BTC will get ass raped.

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LN is utter dogshit. I wouldn't be surprised if BCH flipped BTC.

>mfw the war is already won

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Almost hit a year mark where bcash still tries to insist its the real bitcoin

Bought at 0.133 already down
Never managed to make money off of this scamcoin fuck this shit

Please stop, it's Roger ver trying to Short bitcoin and then pump bcash, ha have massive holdings in both

honestly I think that both bitcoin and bcash are obsolete, but objectively bcash is the real bitcoin, there's no bias in thinking that following the idea and development plan is not seperating, it's core supporters who "forked" away from the plan

>not keeping both

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LN slowly coming out is pretty much going to be the reason for the flippening.
People will get disillusioned.

stupidest comment of the day right here, objectively. lmao

Actually no, he's spot on


It doesn't try, it is the real bitcoin.

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right? why does everything have to be a fucking battle. i have about 10k of bitcoin and 5k of bitcoin cash
>zero fucks given about which one is better
they both do the EXACT same shit for me. yeah sure bitcoin cash is nice and polished and fast, but bitcoin will always be my bottom bitch


Once people realize LN is utter dogshit the flippening will rapidly unfold.

Segwit shitcoin is only held up by this facade of the magical LN.

This is it guises?! Is this it, the BCH FLIPPENEING?

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Hodl gang will boycott themselves obsolete

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are corecucks seriously expecting their boycott to have an impact?
cashies, myself included, are cult-like; and i would fully expect any counter-boycott to more than make up for any lost sales

okay, that convinced me. faggot

Bitcoin cash is no longer a thing, you silly Koreans.

Why would you hold bcash when you could hold ETH? It's far more likely that ETH will actually flip BTC.

ETH has no cap, it will change to faggot PoS and the lead dev/cult leader is a pedo

They will suffer either way.
You don't have to participate while we build peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

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kek at that meme

uh because ethereum literally has said that they will suppress views they dont agree with, and it's a "currency" run by avowed communists

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PoS is trash.

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What's wrong with PoS? No meme arguments pls

Ethereum has a very different use case, I have ethereum as well.

>something else is trash

>unintentional pic related's are the best pic related's

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sorry, actually meant to post this link instead

>huge article with examples and other nonsense
Can you just explain in 1-2 sentences what you don't like about PoS cause I'm not gonna read the ramblings of that guy

We can assimilate Ethereums features within Bitcoin as Vitalik originally planned:

im gonna put this as my ringtone if the flibbening happens

zooom out a little bit

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it's not actually cheaper; it just hides the costs and has dubious security. now maybe that's fine in a coin like ethereum where they don't give a fuck about security anyway, but for a crypto that isn't run by self-avowed communists security matters.

>.118 BTC
>Actually lower in USD than back before the December boom
>muh satoshi's vision

Woo boy, the utter state of Bcashies. Dropped my load at .2 and never looked back.

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nice cherry picking there pajeet, BCH has outperformed BTC since its inception in august

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2X? You call a 2X outperforming BTC? Not even 2X against BTC, but 2X against USD. It's actually fallen against BTC.

You utter fucking mongs.

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>craig isn't satoshi

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Finney was Satoshi.

no, there are logs of finney helping satoshi sort out debug logs lol don't start with the "it was all a super conspiratory ruse" fuck off

>the inventor of bitcoin was not concerned enough with obfuscating identity to do so himself

k tard

and yet also managed to send the first transaction from SN to... his public identity
gg retard

pics like this kind of bother me now, after so many years. I've become the opposite of desensitized.


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you know the bitcoin chain is backwards compatible and bcash is not
and no one gives a fuck about bcash enough to scam fork it like they did to bitcoin

this picture is ridiculous and wrong, the people behind segwit2x failed and their code was corrupt as well


Corecucks foaming at the mouth

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Classical pump and dumb coin

It applies to 5 billion people who are too poor for banking services.
CoinText will bring Bitcoin Cash for them.

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80kb blocks.

>therefore LN leads us to adopting a third party
>can't hold a lot because it can get compromised
wait until CoinText establishes a gateway in your region.
If you lose or change your number, CoinText cannot recover your funds.
Yes. CoinText collects a small fee of 10 Satoshi (.0000001 BCH) per byte to broadcast a SEND message through its API. In US Dollars, the fee is about $.05 (five cents).

that fee is higher than bitcoin main chain,2h
even if you go through the entire history only a few months of transaction spam has it ever been over 10sat/byte
and considering if bcash does go up, 10 sat/byte would raise fees for those poor sierra leone cashies

0 confirmation acceptance is just allowing low security and promoting it as a feature

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Prove your point by "spamming" it, we welcome all use cases with cheap and instant transfers :)

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don't be poor niggers

Bitcoin Core has unstable fees, this is why Steam abandoned it.
We dont deny second layer solutions, they work better with bigger blocks. FYI, there is bounty for 0-conf exploit, its not feasible to execute with regular amounts (less than 50k$).
They cant develop without banking services in corrupt governments.

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cash won't address the memory bloat a completely onchain system creates
in theory this leads to exponential costs to run a node centralizing the operators keeping records of the network
to keep it decentralized you either need to prune out the back end transactions, or have an option to decide how much of the tx history the node will host like ethereum or what grincoin is planning on
it's really this or that pros and cons, the large blocksize is a quick fix right now but we'll see if it has unintended consequences later on as the technology progresses
cash doesn't have layer 2 devs do they? they're just planning on copying and pasting other development teams ideas

Bigger blocks address future growth, there are multiple techs like Graphene for pruning proposed terabyte size to 5 gb.
Exponential costs would imply it has risen to world currency tier and i would happily invest 10k$ equipment to deal with it.
Cash does not need layer 2 devs atm, they have more exciting stuff to come in May and beyond, read the roadmap.
Here is the cost calculations based on todays tech to support world dominance tier scenario:
Gigabyte testnet was success and they now have terabyte initiative and funding of few million:

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people who would happily invest 10k in equipment aren't in africa, in fact thats 99.99% of the world who can't invest 10k in equipment
1 system isn't ready to scale at the moment and the other isn't ready to remain decentralized
1 presents a usage problem and the other presents a security problem so pick your poison
for me I'd take the secure chain especially when this technology is in its infancy and scaling solutions are being developed

cash has some serious money backing it with major players adopting it for funding, but its solutions aren't that good

Without any doubt Bitcoin is ready to scale beyond 1 megabyte. Also why you even imply everyone has to run full node?
Almost every business, even in Africa, will afford 10k because we are not talking about tomorrow. Moores law will continue and in 5-10 yrs this setup costs 1k.
Decentralization is not the goal. It's just a tool we use to achieve censorship resistance. Censorship resistance is the goal.

>fees with a currency coin

Looks like all the blockstream kikes went over todays talking points and received their handout responses.