Why haven't you bought XVG yet? Literally better than monero in every way and will top it 100x

Why haven't you bought XVG yet? Literally better than monero in every way and will top it 100x

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dogecoin fork with copypasted code, doesn't even have all needed privacy features
also I will never be comfy buying privacy coins because governments can make them be worth a lot less very easily and they have many reasons for it

shoo shoo pajeet

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Dogecoin isn't bad though. It had a good idea, and XVG took that and improved upon it. Pic related. It's you

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everyone knows verge is shit mate, you got your pump last year and that was your chance to make some money, that ship already sailed and if you miss it your loss, no amount of pajeet shilling will change that

>muh guvnment ban will make privacy coins worthless!

end yourself retard

dogecoin dark
1 dev
botched wraith launch 3 FUCKING TIMES
literally just doge with tor (and still doesn't work)

this is by far, without a doubt, the biggest shitcoin on the top 100. this has to be the worst buy a person could make. the fact that this reached 4 billion absolutely blows my mind and is a great display of the absolute retards in this market.

you could literally not buy a worse coin at this point in time.

The FUD is so weak and uneducated.. I wonder how people can be this fucking stupid and not LARPing as a Down Syndromer.

accumulate DGB you morons, this one will be front and center next bullrun

All fucking day this not even memeing.

all the fud is fact...

dogecoin dark? fact
1 dev? fact
botched wraith launch 3 times? fact
privacy works by running through tor? fact
not secure because only privacy is based on tor? fact

are you a fucking retard who bought in dec? fact

I actually believe you but I don't want to have to guess the fucking prices because dgb dumps harder than an Indian on Ramadan

Its not a fork. It only shared the name and that is changed for good reason.

They have a dozen of developers all visible in GitHub.

Failed release 2 times but everything is now out and working. Literally 0 technical flaws.

Run over Tor and ability to use either a private or public blockchain.


I see comprehension is hard for you. I never said it would make them worthless, but would reduce their value significantly. I don't think I have to explain why.

>public blockchain
Verge is not a privacy coin.

I can recognize you by that terrible style, you're the same Pajeet as in the many other XVG threads.

what are you buying with verge?

Who is buying with monero?

Excellent argument. Surely this pursuades anyone!

Because it’s gonna get BTFO by Electra when the release tor wallets along with all the other shit it can do

OPTIONAL - you can literally switch, a unique feature on top of being fast and cheap.

Verge isn't coming back. Nor is anything else with the same chart pattern.

Source: the same thing happened in 13/14. Those coins are dead.

Coins that haven't been pumped yet have a good chance. Along with ones that didn't completely die, like most of the top ones.

I love that shitcoin. Never owned it though because it's a shitty pump and dump.

Optional privacy is not privacy. Zcash is not a privacy coin. PIVX is not a privacy coin. Bitcoin Private is not a privacy coin. Verge is not a privacy coin. Monero IS a privacy coin.

>Literally better than monero in every way

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