Anyone else accumulating?

alls I know is TEL will be worth $1 one day and I'll be the lamboboy

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Shill me please or its a vaporware

How new r u boy

this is one of those coins that sounds like it has a use case until you realize there is none

*cough* bitcoin *cough*

Tel is actually doing hella shit this year

ian balina dumped it


Too lazy for that, i just hold. I can wait 2-3 years i don't care.

Vaporware and ICO funded ambitious dreams of world travel for team to sell snake oil

Sounds like link

sold at 90 sats...thanks pajeets, enjoy the bags...loving the 19 Ian Balina sold the bottom...because he paid nothing for the

You really think $1, I mean its possible they will have real world use by the end of the year but I was thinking more like .10-.20 EOY

lol most shitcoin that has an active team will be unironically b 1 dollar in years ahead. even digibyte ffs. may take 5 years, but hey.

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In my humble opinion 30-50 cents EOY, but I'm only holding 800k

>investing it telephone when cellphones are superior
What a moron

That would be incredible, I have 706K

There is no way in hell this is getting to even a cent again. Why? Because I hold 7 million of them.

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thought about bumping it to an even 1mil

Depends if you are willing to wait 9 months is all...probably significantly over .01

In 9 months it will be worth .003. And sorry but I'm not selling.

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I've been swing trading I'll get there

some of you guys are so fucking stupid

look up what tel is going to be used for

so people in the third world without smartphones can make payments with their phone.

do you not see how fucking stupid this is?

>tfw when I got over 5kk tel at once at 24 gwei yesterday
>panic and sell them back because I thought it was getting ready to dump even more
>the 25 gwei wall was eaten up immediately afterwards and starts climbing
>at 30 gwei today
Just shoot me. Jesus.

Stay poor

Wtf are you talking about

anyone who cares about ian balina is a third world pajeet. no one cares what some twitter negro thinks.


This is free money under 40 sats

Well they're ahead on that front, they put a black guy as ceo to be normiebait. Not just any, a cute french one.

No way this reaches 1$, look at the supply.
Guessing this will rise also with the next altseason