He still hasn't read the CL whitepaper

>He still hasn't read the CL whitepaper

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hello dear sir this for the whitepaper i read is very good

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>falling for the undercover Rory shill

>white hand

this is why I tell people not to just hold Link but to keep buying it because when it takes off it isn't going to be slow it will go from 40 cents to 400 hundred dollars not just the greatest transfer of wealth in history but the fastest

ambient light
heres a better pic i just snapped

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Did you just post your own shill twitter lol

This photo was posted months ago. It is fucking Steve Ellis holding his white paper

Literally who

I print out all my white papers too. Glad I’m not the only aut



>Honda are the first to release a hybrid car
>Toyota struggle with getting theirs to work
>Toyota read the Honda Insights user manual and find their solution
>Toyota Prius becomes the most popular car in it's category, vastly outselling any other maker
There are disadvantages to being a first mover and publishing your workings

Toyota are the best company in the world for innovation and quality control to the extent chemistry students study their techniques. No one in the blockchain world is at that level.

Lol yes let me trust the user twitter shill with a fucking evil grin photo.

Didn't you all look at his name? Unit Capital is a big deal. They handle finance for the bogs.

Buy now or stay poor fuckfaces, you heard OP.

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Justin sun and the alibaba

>Pajeet spotted

look at mr fun over here

I'm all in on link and i still haven't read the whitepaper

funnily enough Nick Szabo followed Sergey, Steve and the smartcontract twitter on twitter today.

Link ain't going to make it. I have 30k link.

>Justin sun
im mean maybe with marketing a coin with no product

ste...steve..is that...you?

Yikes not seeing obvious sarcasm