Be me

>be me
>be an ugly beta loser loner autist with no friends or social experiences since school, no female attention ever, never been to pub, club, or party, have no passions in life and see everything as work
>wake up at 9 am
>browse internet on my phone then read until 11 am
>sleep until 1 pm then wake up
>sleep until 2 pm
>clean my room (zero existential crisis benefits)
>go to the gym
>go for a walk at 5 pm and see rush hour wagies (I couldn't be bothered going in to work today) and young people enjoying Friday evenings in busy bars
>currently drinking coffee, browsing the internet on my phone, and feeling sad about life
>not sure whether I'll go to a museum or not

>it hit me earlier today how I have completely wasted the vast amount of free time I have had in the previous 3 - 5 years
>have zero motivation to do anything when I'm too ugly and asocial to be accepted socially
>had zero interest in my degree and all my jobs ever
>can remember a few seconds long memory of driving around on my last day of university (day of the last exam), at night, stopping at a petrol station for junk food and coffee, and telling myself it was the last day of having those two
>told myself I'd go through that computer science course and parts of that maths textbook in a few months at most (after university)
>procrastinated so much (due to boredom) I still haven't done them (and more importantly, I haven't done anything else instead)
>don't have the balls to live life according to my own intuitions and do what I enjoy

I just feel doomed to being a consumercuck. I feel cucked about everything I do, don't do, and how I do it. I believe in free will but don't trust my future self.

I count down the pages to all the books I read because I read them for pseud cred. I go through SICP because pseuds tell me I have to.

My proudest achievements of the past 5 years have been having the balls to put zero effort in to the degree and jobs I hated. But I would've done better to quit.

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KYS on r9K with a cool gun if possible.

Oh it’s this thread again. Clean your room bucko. Problem solved. Next please.

You need to:
Do what you need to do. Which you already know what is it, there's no "how", just do the shit you need to.
Yes, that's my normie advice for you.

Jordan here, I suggest that you keep cleaning your room. Read the Bible.


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Rescue your father from the belly of the whale
Slay the dragon and get the gold
Climb the lobster dominance hierarchy

I like you for going to park. You are a good man.
also museum.
Go to the pub. Ugly cunts will chat with you. You will be fine. I believe in you.

kek, this. stop feeling sorry for yourself and make it.

Have you considered stepping into a pub? That would solve one of your problems! If you're feeling particularly KONFIDENT you can even enter a club, that would be two!

Clean harder

Go to the pub, order a beer drink it slowly until someone talk to you. Answer with a joke or a 'yeah heh'.

Basically me. I don't know what the fuck I want from life anymore.

OP here. Just finished my coffee and I'm going straight home

What did he mean by this?

Go for a beer you meek cunt. I dare you to drink one beer in a pub.

leave him alone, it's natural selection

I'm ugly as fuck. This go getter bullshit doesn't work outside America.

If you're a UKer, you know how much of a monoculture we are. Any deviation from normieness is a social death sentence. I'm not a private schooler or working class.

I am Polish living in UK. You are all bunch of ugly cunts and you will do just fine. People will chat you up in 5 minutes. Trust me.

>being ugly by british standards
wew lad you must be hideous

Thank you.

You can't "make it". Go whine somewhere else you bootstrapper

I am introvertic autist and you fucking people talk to me everytime i leave home. Had to chat with a granny in a park today for some reason and help her out. She literraly called me from 50meters away.

If you live in the UK you have tons of opportunity.

This gets posted every day. Why do you idiots reply to it every time?

lmfao @ the lobster comment

Peterson is such a fucking moron

What’s stopping you from making internet money and using it to buy plastic surgery?
>t. My plan.

Also people who are ugly have the best personalities in my experience (except the losers who feel sorry for themselves) they don’t cruise on their looks so they’re nicer and funnier. I will be unstoppable with the ps pill.

Maybe you should downsize and travel. Live in a van or tiny schoolbus. Park anywhere live anywhere. Find fishing spots and feed yourself. Drive to nyc and park in some industrial area and hit the town.

Travelling is degenerate.

It is if you pay $120 for a hotel every night and do touristy shit. Nothing wrong with being frugal and nomadic and experiencing what this world and the usa has to offer.

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OP here. I am at home. I saw lots of Chad and Stacey couples and young people enjoying their youth on the way, which was very demoralising.

Start playing tennis and workout at the gym (lift not treadmill) You will be happy. Dont crave for women that makes you dependent and weak . Always remember: LET THE GAME COME TO YOU!

Your wasting national resources that could be spent on the stock market growing your countries economy.