"Stellar will be $1 by March!"

>"Stellar will be $1 by March!"
>Currently $0.23
>tfw holding bags of Stellar bought at $0.68

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meh, I bought at 8 cents so whatever. markets waiting for all the idiots who bought over 50 cents to capitulate so we can move up

I'm not selling this shit at a loss. It's still a good project with solid tech and team despite Veeky Forums trying to FUD it.

eh it will be $1 one of these marches

And had it not been for Mtgox trustee it would have been. Doesn't that make you feel better.

xtcc will save stellar

Same. I fell for all the meme coins. xlm, ven and link.
Put £1200 in, currently worth £400.

Im 90% in stellar. Bought at 0.5 and 0.34. Worst mistake of my life. Project is solid as rock but the silly logo and zero marketing effort from the devs just destined it to fall and evaporate.

Buy ground floor coins on SDEX.

Actually, it will be one dollar after April if market gets some pickup. There's a bunch of shit coming.

This is rather extreme and incorrect

project is trash because they are giving away billions to agro nignogs

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Alright you got me, if the project is trash name why and one that's better.

Well, the fact that they do charitable activities was a strong factor for me to buy since you can be sure there will be some big figures going behind this project.

just google stellar banking the unbanked. They are literally giving away like 50 billion to random niggers in africa.

Also total supply is like 800 trillion, only 1/4 is reflected on cmc atm.

Stellar LITERALLY became Niggercoin in 2018.

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Can someone point me to where they have recently said they are giving coins away to third world countries outside of small amounts during meet ups? What was said in 2014 versus what's being done in 2018 are very different thing. 95% of the coins are still locked up and my understanding is that most of those will likely never move.

sold my entire stack and put it in LINK. fuck this shitcoin and it’s astronomical supply.


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April May for big price increases.

Big Things to Watch For:

- Jed claims "interesting" announcement soon; likely IBM's plans with central banks + tokenization of central bank fiat
- Official IBM news on their Hyper/Stellar Ledger plans
- Stripe BTC replacement announcement circa April
- FairX Beta - April/May
- Lightyear.io major announcement late March/April

literally in their mandate: stellar.org/about/mandate/

They are holding almost 50b (47.% of total supply) for direct signup program. Giving away free lumens to poor niggers in africa

>could have sold mine at $0.90
>finally sold at $0.43

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Supply is growing 1% per year vie voting system. Banking the unbanked in the 3rd world countries does not only mean niggers in Africa, lol. But yes, its a shitcoin right now.. hard.

XLM should pretty much just rename itself to BLACKED KEKCOIN

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The direct sign-up program was a failed experiment and they are not giving away lumens that way anymore. Google. The only three ways to get lumens is through a partnership grant, attending meet ups, or Stellar Build Challenge.


Far reach, but let's say that stellar becomes the top-layer protocol for asset transfer in the world. On a protocol level, stellar is a distributed exchange that requires lumens to place and order / create a transaction. Now let's assume there's $241 trillion dollars of "cold hard money" in the world. While assets traded will not necessarily be lumens, lumens will be the most important asset on the network as they are the fuel for it. 1 lumen can do something like 10,000 transactions - but everyone will need them to do anything.

It would be very funny if it went ballistic on April as says don't you think?

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Mmk so you have no idea what you're talking about. That's what I thought.

>bought at 45c
I feel like shit

I want to believe, but this bear market makes me think that Stellar will be stuck at sub-$0.50 for the next 6 months

Fairx when? I need to pay rent

You can put your xlm votes (you don’t send your xlm) in an inflation pool and counteract it. I get 1 xlm per week right now doing nothing. Look up inflation pools.

im ok with free $

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Wtf you have 800k lumens????

no dox plz

The year is 2025.

I wake up at exactly 6:00. I need no alarm clock. Two of my wife's mulatto transgendered kids are jumping on the bed. I give 0.0000001 XLM to each of them for their weekly allowance. My wife's son is in the bathroom so I can't shower, but my professor wife (women's studies) catches a glimpse of my Stellar balance in my blockfolio and flashes me a wink.

I leave my reasonable suburban home and get in my 2006 Hyundai. It gets great mileage and has been paid off for 15 years. I drop my wife's kids off at school and head to the office. I work hard for my employer and I value the oppurtunity they provide me in my career. Even though I've made a lot of money from my XLM investment, I still work because I enjoy myself and plan to donate most of my crypto earnings to charities supporting Africa.

After finishing 16 TPS reports and closing nine tickets working an extra 3 hours of unbilled overtime in my cubicle, I hop in the Hyundai. I check my phone. The wife saw XLM up 1.5% this month and got so excited she snapchatted me a naughty picture of her bra strap showing. I blush, and pull onto the freeway. I turn on NPR and settle in for the 3 hour commute home. When I arrive, I see Tyrone, my wife's son's tutor leaving for the day. I wave him goodbye and turn the bronze-encusted knob and go inside. Wife is showering and singing 'the snek is AWAKE' after Tyrone left, so I start washing the dishes and preparing dinner, humming to myself - nice trajectory stellar snake!

>posting real numbers from a public block chain
Congrats, you played yourself

This one's like Stellar except they're giving it away to rich people instead of poor Africans.

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First they said January/Feb, then end of February. Now it's April/May.

got 'em.

the iq of stellar holders

Don't bet against Jed McCaleb. You'll be fine. Bet against Sergey and all you fucking linkie losers.

>Don't bet against Jed McCaleb

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>totally not autistic

Simple rule of thumb, 3 lumens will always buy you about 1 ripple. Do with that information what you will.