Please just give me some good news about link im about to give up on everything

please just give me some good news about link im about to give up on everything

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Your moms on

You're retarded for falling for this shit you idiot.

Sell. Some of us got buy orders up, fgt

SXSW? Are you fucking brainlet?

Sell your bags.

Capitulate, come back in 3 months and buy mobius, sir

When the price is low: good news! LINK is cheap!
When the price is high: good news! LINK is mooning!
With this kind of positive outlook LINK can never let you down

link me pls haven't fapped yet today

I'll buy your LINK for $5 and a cheese sandwich.

deal. what kinda cheese sandwich

>selling days before the price singularity

Nick Szabo started following Sergey on twitter

no you

Fucking BIG.

What the fuck is wrong with this nootropicat faggot? What could cause him to be so interested in a project he isn't even investing in? Why dedicate this much time to FUD?


but the team is answering to his FUD, this is good

hes probably investing in a conccurent tech

he's literally Oraclize's CEO

just give up, sell everything. nobody cares.

Big desu

True that, and they smacked him down.

famous surrealist artist Nazarov Dali just painted a Chain Link related painting, it is pic related, it should boost Link price to about $999

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What about Magritte?

u got memed

do it

He hasn't exit scammed (yet). Still time to minimize losses. Where'd the 32m ico money go? Where's the team hires?

>he fell for the meme
top kek

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what an absolute piece of art! complete and utter art!