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Are there any medanons who could help me out? I am finishing up my third year of college and about to graduate. I am graduating with a useless degree, so I need to consider graduate school. Obviously there is law school, but I was wondering about medical school. I know there are ~8 science pre reqs that I need to take along with the MCAT. However, do I need to complete a fuck ton of volunteering to be a competitive applicant? I am white btw. I also am completely aware medical school is a grueling process.

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desu don't bother. you are absolutely fucked and will not be able to compete. just learn programming instead.

Too late for med school friendo. Although, if you're serious about it you could do a master's and volunteer as much as you can during those two years. Then apply for med school. Master's also look good. Have you done any research during your undergrad? You could also just ace the MCAT now and get in but that's pretty hard.

>Unable to compete
>Too late
Why? Don't people do to med school in there 30s?

Shadow hours are important for networking.

>2nd year med student
>i had about 350+ hours of shadowing and volunteering
>the phycisian i shadowed was also the regional director of a medical program in my area
>hometown student in a rural area=step ahead
>505 mcat
>3.2 GPA

Osteopathic medicine is a good route if your gpa sucks dick. Like mine did, just do post bacc and you’re set. Currently ive got a good network down for orthopedic, anesthesia, and gen surg residencies.

Scored 94th percentile on step 1 and 95th on Comlex.

Just don’t be retarded and fall behind. Grades are more important, but shadowing + volunteering is more important.

Also, research is a fucking meme unless you want to go to a top 10 med school, which doesn’t really matter in the long run considering alot of them are research focused

>asian btw

Did you not read the rest of my post?

Let's start with this.

Do you have a 4.0 and a degree involving difficult science / math classes where you spent 40-80 hrs a week studying?

>I am white btw
yeah that's a problem, not even joking.
every idiot in the world is squeezing into american grad school programs. are you fit? clean record? go for the air force or navy, go for the intel side of the service, get your tickets and join the private sector in a plush job.

Also forgot postbacc gpa, 4.0

Yes. Like I said, I am graduating in three years. I could take the pre reqs and volunteer. 15-20 hours a week would give me 480 hours if I volunteered for two semesters. Is research that important? Non science majors get admitted into med school
>Do you have a 4.0 and a degree involving difficult science / math classes where you spent 40-80 hrs a week studying?
You don't need a science degree for med school.

>513 MCAT
>3.97 GPA
>100 hours shadowing
>Clinical volunteering
>Hospital Volunteering
>One summer of research
>Bunch of bullshit clubs at school, one leadership position
>Applied 26 MD schools, made the waitlist at one
Where did I go wrong, I'm a white male if it helps.

I am not worried about getting a good job. I have a cousin who works for a big law firm and uncle who is upper level management in a F500. I just am considering my options

I'm aware, but it's a good proxy for whether you're even smart enough to handle it if you somehow got in.

networking, your university probably wasn't prestigious enough

>If I am smart enough
Lets assume I am. I was specifically asking about volunteering and EC to see if this is a viable option.

Yep. I think you're right. I went to a middling SEC school (dumb one that is good at football). I'm going to retake the MCAT and just keep adding to my resume for now and hope the waitlist comes through.

Apply for fuckinf DO you muppet. You’ll get in if you open your net.

I applied for 30 med schools, and 25 DO schools

being a white male completely fucks you. I am a white male with 517 MCAT and 3.7 GPA and got in my second round, its racism at its best. Its never too late, i got into med school when i was 26

everyone i know in biglaw hates it. a management-track f500 slot would be hard to turn down.

My gpa does not suck. I was just wondering because I have not done any volunteering or shadowing if med school is still a viable option

>everyone i know in biglaw hates it
Well aware. Residency sucks as well. Big law opens options for in-house/ boutique though

Just shadow/volunteer. 100+ hrs is fine. I just managed to get up to 300+ because of my gap year.

What degree do you have? Consider looking into a post baccalaureate program to do the classes you need for med school. I'm pretty sure such programs take between 2-4 years to finish depending on your circumstances. You could also look into doing some courses at a community college if you want to save money or take easier classes. Maybe both at the same time if it is possible.

Volunteering will only get you so far and med schools couldn't give a fuck if you are white; they don't have enough people becoming doctors to be picky. From what I've been told, the most important thing med schools look at is your GPA coming out of undergrad, followed by MCAT score and then your extracurriculars. Once you got all that done and somehow manage to get in, have fun enduring 6-8 years of long, hard work until you can get your M.D. :^)

>Consider looking into a post baccalaureate program to do the classes you need for med school
I did. Most med schools require 2 biology, chem, organic chem, and physics. I can complete those without going to school for an extra two years. I was specifically asking about the EC/ volunteering

The medical field is over-saturated with doctors, especially since the pajeets and Russians are flooding the market. Same with law, there are too many lawyers in the field, because the medical and law schools have been getting fat and happy with Federally backed student loans.

Also, you should never go into medicine unless you want to heal people, not to make money. There's too many greedy moneygrubbing doctors already, be a doctor to help people, not be a Jew.

Find a field that actually NEEDS workers, and get a degree in it. Was that so hard? You want to make money? Go into hospital management, the Boomers are all gonna need nursing home and a metric ton of healthcare. Ride the medical billing side, not the healing side.

>med schools couldn't give a fuck if you are white
Look at the admission percentages for white/Asians compared to blacks

You're a freshman in college. Stop larping that you have a big swinging dick, you're a muppet like all the rest.

Nah. I am graduating in four months. Just considering my options before I decide.

you literally don't know what the fuck you're talking about. look at BLS statistics, demand for doctors is growing faster than they can come into the market and demand for hospital management and at home nurses is dropping. Actually talk to some of the people doing these jobs and they'll tell you they're afraid to lose their jobs in the current market, even nurses that have done this for decades

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Med school is long road. You'll be 100k+ in debt unless your parents can afford it and don't mind. Do it if you have a passion for it. If you think you want to do because it pays well, then there's other ways to make a lot more money. Rich Dad poor Dad doesn't want to have a high paying job.

>be me
>95 percentile MCAT
>3.9 GPA
>killer rec letters
>hospital work 1 year
>cancelled app before secondaries after seeing doctor life
Be very honest with yourself on why you want to go to med school. Majority go because they don't really see any other straightforward path to a decent salary and some status/respect. If those are your primary reasons, don't bother. If you want to talk more on it, just drop a burner email.

Take this user advice. I've had friends go down this path. I've seen what it can do to you mentally and physically.

Yep this. Honestly go if you love it.

My dad is a doctor and I fell in love with the lifestyle and honestly just helping people. You basically have to be a masochist however if you end up being established, it becomes quite comfy especially if you transition into more admin work

I pussied outta dental school when it was going to cost me around 300k. I wish I studied programming instead of science shit. Now im back in school because its the cheapest option available. Make ur decision quick, dont end up like me

OP, saw your email but i guess you deleted? Anyways, just make sure you go because you love the lifestyle, not because you are unsure and want to take a safe, established way out.


Apply for fucking DOs dude. Much easier to get into, literal same education

Much appreciated. I know that until your 30s med students and residents get into crippling debt and work insane hours. I also know that there are better ways to make money/have a prestigious job. Do you know if the lifestyle gets better after you begin to practice?

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Y3 med. getting in is probably the worst part desu.

My ecs were 1.5 years volunteering with kids with spins bifida, local emergency service, took part in a bullshit “public awareness for pre risk diabetes” campaign, did some other bs charity work too. Worked in health stores and pharmacies during my undergrad; tied that in really well into my personal statement. I also managed to land a stint at a fertility clinic which opened huge doors when I get to know the doctors well there (LoR, etc)

What’s your degree? Mine was chemistry. Got my thesis published so that helped a small bit. Personal statement is fucking huge. I got thourougjly complimented on mine at the interview. It’s GOT to have a narrative and a flow, and be specific to the school you’re going to. C & C ithe school with other school (multi-tiered learning vs didactic/ straight onl) they love that bullshit.

I spent 3/4 months doing my personal statement on and off. You need to have a new draft every week or so, then leave it and let your mind reset; you can approach it with a new perspective then.

Ever consider applying to medical school in eastern Europe for a 6-year programme? I go to medical school in Poland where pretty much every medical school has an english student body where all classes are obviously taught in english. You will be certified to practice medicine anywhere in the EU and can work in the US if you take the USMLE exams. Its just an assfuck to get back to the US because you'll be limited with your placings and the EU courses aren't structured to prepare you for the USMLE exams but the euro equivalents. Getting in isn't particularly difficult because most schools have an entrance exam consisting of physics, chemistry, and biology questions at a European high school standard. Obviously, the actual work you'll be doing will be far more demanding and some older US applicants struggle with the material because they come in with their preconceived notions from their easier undergrad programmes. The price per year varies but it usually around 12000 Euros. If you have any questions please shoot me some questions and I could even get you in contact with some US students. Just know that is a long process getting back to the US and you might only find yourself returning after you've already specialised in Europe or if you settle for an unpopular speciality in a bad area of the country. This obviously doesn't apply if you happen to be an amazing student and have an influential doctor daddy back home.

I am a 2nd year internal medicine resident and fucking hate it so much. I hated medical school too. This whole process robs you of so many life experiences because of the time you have to spend in the library/hospital and once the novelty wears off the same routine day in day out of patient care becomes mind numbingly boring. Sure I will be making a comfy 6 figures a little more than a year from now but I would trade it all in a second to have lived a normal life up to this point and be making 80K. My first piece of advice is dont go to medical school, my second piece of advice is for the love of god don’t choose internal medicine if you do end up going.

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Wtf don’t go to Poland. While posnan/ jagmellion are good schools for polish speakers, you have to do your clinical years in fucking polish. Taking histories in polish. No way.

Hit up Ireland if you’re going transatlantic. They have huge USMLE prep courses and won’t let you sit it until you sit a trial run to show you’re not a retard as they won’t let idiots bring their average down. Trinity college, Royal college of surgeons, UCD are fillled with North Americans. There’s affiliations with US schools for your clinical electives too.

Going to Poland is a terrible thing you can do. Eastern euro schools are the Caribbean equivalent of US schools. They are good for natives there. Around 30 - 35% of Irish med populations are North American.

If you are planning to leave early once you are an attending, then you will be disappointed. You have more responsibilities, so you need to stay later and not leave before your supporting staff.

>Wtf don’t go to Poland. While posnan/ jagmellion are good schools for polish speakers, you have to do your clinical years in fucking polish. Taking histories in polish. No way.
I'm currently in my clinical years and this is a non-issue because the doctors translate everything for you and you will almost always have a polish American/ Canadian in your group that will help you. Also by the time you hit 3rd year and up you have been taught enough polish to get by if for some bizarre reason you're left to your own devices. However Ireland is definitely a fantastic option if you can get a seat.

Radiologist-user here, fresh out of training. Here are my recommendations

> it doesn't matter than you have a retarded degree. Science majors are looked down upon by Adcoms

>don't worry about volunteering much. Just find a shadowing experience through your university

> white male? This is most important: FILL YOUR CV WITH SJW ACTIVITIES. pass out condoms in Africa. Work at planned parenthood. Become involved with your local chapter of Black Lives Matter. I am not joking. This is most important nowadays, unfortunately. Unless you have PhD level research, you must pander to these delusional idiots that run admissions.

> you're still white, so you'll need to do well on the MCAT work hard for it.

> see if your cheapest, state school has a post-bac and do it there. It's not tough. You're competing against people that can't handle high level math, science or engineering.

> play off gay vibes during your interview. But jokes aside, load up on SJW shit. Once you're in, don't even reveal yourself until AFTER you match for residency.

fuck i hate the us shadow system I am soooo glad i am in a uk/oz where u would be told to fuck off by the Dr's and admin if you ever tired to even think about asking to shadow and it wold be illegal, an no patient would ever want to talk to you

This is another reason user. You have to do all this sucking up to everyone on the way up, while loaded in debt and always making sure you don't say or do the wrong thing, especially to patients. I prefer freedom over such a fragile existence.

Eh i got lucky considering my dad is a phycisian. Got me to shadow a surgeon/family friend. Ended up getting a letter of rec from him, and he is currently the chair for surgery at a hospital... which has a residency program.

Medicine is a combination of hard work, mind numbing memorization, common sense, networking, and nepotism. And non autistic people skills. Seriously, most techs and staff will make fun of you if you’re an autist

hey could you identify as trans black even if your white.

In a essay to get into medical school, I identified as a minority group, and should have seen the look on the faces of the girls in my study group when I explained my strategy. They realised that anyone could be doing it so the usual as a women i fell that xxxx is not as sjw, as a black trans

that also would be illegal where I am.

only registered person can see patients, and students have to be registered

true about " networking, and nepotism" though you are forced to do some of this once in.

however just buy a few bitcoin and retire on 1 million a coin in 7 years, seems a much better plan than med school

>And non autistic people skills
I guess its different over here in Europe because it just comes down to your high school grades and work ethic. If they didn't get in because of nepotism its because their parents locked their child up since primary school and prepared them for their finals. Perhaps they're not genuine autists but in layman's terms they're socially retarded.

I had to get an id, background check, and keycard to do my shadowing. And for every patient i saw in OR i had to get signed consent. Forced me to learn spanish (alot of patients in my hometown are spics)