Indicators and Trading methods

Over the past 5 days I've been trading on Bitmex and managed to get about 40% gains at my high but after getting stopped out hard in 2 poor trades I lost all my gains, but my initial balance is intact. I may deserve it because I used 25x leverage. I'm trying to refine my methods and never stray away from it like a robot. Regardless, I found the following.

Sadly my best trades use low leverage and no stops. I just manually sell out of a losing trade with a mental stop, and give my self more room on it. Granted it Bitmex decides to go down during heavy volume I'm screwed so that is a problem. Algo trading seems to always find them though.

I try to get rid of all the noise and trade simply. I use Heikin Ashi candles to follow trends. EMA 20 and 55 crosses and MACD for reversals, Volume profile for resistances and supports and Fib as well. Any other methods to get a clear picture. What do you use?

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I buy shitcoins and hope for the best.

>I use Heikin Ashi candles to follow trends. EMA 20 and 55 crosses and MACD for reversals, Volume profile for resistances and supports and Fib as well.
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Lmao I have some shitcoin investments as well, but was hoping I could earn some extra BTC to further invest in them for the future while everything is so goddamn cheap.

Okay what do you use? What's your record? I'm strictly

enlighten us then please

I'm strictly doing BTC/USD


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i slap 30 period momentum on 1min chart is it going up? i go in 50x leverage if im not in profit 5 min later i simply close the trade and wait for another signal which are plenty btw

I don't have any orders open currently, wanted to study my mistakes of the past few days and re-organized. The long term trend clearly seems to be going down, but we had a nice pump to 8500. What is telling you to short right now?

Hmm I'll take a look at the momentum indicator. Any tips on how to accurately read what I'm looking at I have it set as you suggested?

This one? Change input to 30? Buy when it bottoms out?

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since you're pleb at momentumjust use
1 min chart
Rate of Change 30
Rate of Change 60
is 60 period above zero look at 30 period if it also goes above zero buy and then get out of trade when it goes below zero again and vice versa for shorting

5 days?

Interesting I'll give it a shot thanks

Ok then carry on, I read it wrongly, good luck

Thanks, we're all gonna make it, just never give up!

Bump...anyone else have any useful strategies they have found successful? You'd think /biz is a small enough group to where we can help each other without stepping on toes!

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