What will march be?

what will march be?

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A $5 toy car

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hot wheels

>tfw bought a 2016 honda soyvic cuz I needed a cheap reliable comfy car
>just realized I'm not never ganna get laid

its an abstract feel

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Should've gotten a $3k civic, or it's redpilled alternative, the $4k Buick

>Dec - Ill have all my debt including house paid off by eoy 2018
>Jan - Things are going fairly okay, this could still work
>Feb - Lemme take a month vacation with some gains to think about this
>Mar - I can at least still make enough to pay my bills

If you think the reason you’re not getting laid is cause of a car then I have some bad news for you

>Apr - At least i haven't lost my initial investment
>May - At least i haven't invested what i wasn't willing to loose

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nice analogy for some risky ico's
>illegal for burgers

beat me to it.


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One of those dildo sex machine cars.

Thats legit hillarious

delet this

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