Would this work?

>create an account on bitmex or bitfinex
>deposit $1
>margin short 100x
>make $100 if correct, if wrong lose $1
>repeat multiple times until rich
Am I just a brainlet or could this work?

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Why not $2 pussy?

Yes this will work, millionaire EOY.

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When was the last time a 100x would have worked?

deposit 2 dollars
margin short 100x 1
margin long 100x 1

you now have profited 99 dollars
just repeat every time and you are rich

This obviously doesnt work or everyone would do it, i dont do futures so why doesnt it work?

try it

is this the secret to billions? just bet on everything?

>short .0000001 BTC 100x leverage
>liquidate instantly from trading fees + bitcoin moving .0001% up
>wonder why no one does this

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works at the roulette table too

>vote half on red, half on black
>keep winning until rich

This gets posted every day by a new retard. Why don't you go try it out. Btc moves up and down so quickly that most 100xs are liquidated in under two minutes.

i don't do futures either, but it wouldn't work because you wouldn't make anywhere near $100 by the time it reaches your inverse-liquidation price. only a bit less than $1.

the absolute fucking state of this shit board

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The secret is to double all your previous bets combined until you win.
100$ lose
200$ lose
600$ lose
1800$ lose
5400$ WIN=2700$ profit
You literally *Cannot* lose

Holy fuck, nobody here has ever traded on BitMex apparently. Send $1 to your account and try to open a 100x 1 contract position if you want your tiny little brain to attempt to figure out what margin, fees, and maintenance are. Just stick to HODLing alts and leave leverage to people who actually know basic shit.
: ^)

exactly, nobody ever lost any money using this method

for every +1% btc moves up, you get +100% on your position, since youre 100x.
this means you have 2 dollars. not 100.

>leave leverage to retard gamblers

Hey guys, I just put $1 into my Bitmex asscount, could you guys tell me how to make a cool $10,000? My wife's boyfriend wants a new Mustang

>tfw 0 comes up

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>what is a stop loss
>what is averaging in

Gambling is holding fucking meme coins and hoping for le MOON xD. Do not respond. This gay little thread will 404 in 30 minutes and I have a shit to take.

It's literally impossible for it to land on the same color 10+ times anyway

exactly, nothing this unlikely can ever happen

except when it's a one-in-a-million chance, then it'll happen for sure

but a million is not a power of 2, therefore it's safe

There are stake limits for that exact reason.

Did you graduate from Las Vegas upstairs Gambling College too?

There's actually a very real chance of it landing on the same color 10 times in a row. Granted that chance is roughly 0,1%, but you need to consider the risk/reward ratio. You would need $102,400 to make 10 consecutive doubling bets if your initial bet was $100 and in the end, your only actual profit would be that initial $100. Is it worth risking $102,400 to make $100, even if the risk is only 0,1%?

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Can somebody tell me what I'm doing here? It's a long position. I am just in the TestNet messing around

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At 102,4k the profit from a win would be 51,2k.
I guess you could change the ratio of your next bet, as long as it's more than all of your previous losses combined.

yeah bro what class were you in?

Advanced multiplication table (numbers 1-10)

Hi doctor nick

t. never gambled before

try to do it and see what happens

if you're a brainlet don't margin trade. get out now before you lose what little you already have

>I am just in the test net messing around

Reading comprehension, you stupid nigger

How would the profit be 51,2k? If you start off with $100 and lose the first 9 rounds, then you'll recoup all of your losses +$100 with the 10th round. To win 51,2k you need to start with 51,2k, which obviously means you won't be able to double in round 2 in case you lose.

>it's anotber martingale episode
Biz realky taught me a new sucker is indeed born every minute.

Bitcoin would have to halve for you to make $100 on that trade.

Not sure why I'm even responding to this.
I'll explain with small numbers:
You bet 1$. You lose
Next you bet 2$. You lose
Then you bet 6$. You lose
Now you bet 18$+pray to Jesus. You win.

Your combined losses before your prayer assisted win were 9$, but you won an 18$ bet. Did you win more than 1$?

Opened a x50 short yesterday for 1k$.
Lost all because bitmex refused my stop loss limit in 10 minutes.
All that work after 2 weeks constantly making money gone.
Bitmex is trash.

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Okay, I have to admit that I didn't notice you were doubling all your previous bets combined, not just your previous bet. But in any case, the odds are stacked against you and a catastrophic loss will eventually occur, causing you to lose all of your initial funds as well as anything you might have earned in the process. It's enough to read the wiki on martingale to see this.

Wrong his position is $100 not $1. He would profit $99

This is a gambling fallacy that is old as hell. Go look it up, eventually you will get a string of losses that will bankrupt you catastrophically

Realistically you get liquidated on both sides.

They all forget the prayer part.

100x short $19,666, close at $6001
100x long $6000
ez game

Martingale Strategy is what it's called

Casino dealer here. Can confirm my personal record is 16 of the same color in a row. The table limit also exists to stop Martingale. GG we always win