/biz related because I want to look nice for my job interview

/biz related because I want to look nice for my job interview
So how does /biz shave?
Because my growth of beard is pretty pathetic I just started shaving months ago.
Till now I used the cheapest shaving cream and these disposable 3 blade razors . Even tough I didnt cut myself 1 time, I always have this irritation and pimples all over my throat area, that stay for several days
So how do chads shave? I am thinking about to pick pic related up.

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>Because my growth of beard is pretty pathetic
Drop the soy faggot

>removing hair with a blade

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I am only 18 tough I have hope it improves soon

Jewlette 3 blade one, or 4 blade one if you're an Ahmed

most important step is a brush and a proper shaving soap, that's the biggest step up, even with disposables (which preferably should only have 1 blade, max 2 and no goo strips and that crap)
you can always get a safety razor later
I use a straight razor, but that's expensive and hard to get into.

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I use one op. Cheap af and comfortable. Do it

It will Pajeeta don't you worry.

5 bladed disposables cause I don't eat soy or take estrogen

also, if you want to get a DE, get a baili from aliexpress, cheap and quality.

i wish someone had told me as a 15 year old that working out hard and lifting promotes testosterone production and causes more full and complete beards. only realize this in my mid-20s which was thankfully still time enough to start hitting the gym heavy (i have always been into sports, but always hated lifting)
within a year all my patches in my beard are gone and it grows completely. also splitting wood is crazy good for testosterone, stamina and beard growth (not larping)

Yeah I use one of these. Cheap, comfy, and at least for me it's also a closer shave, I can go 2 days and still be okay versus needing to shave every single day with a Gillette.

>yes goy! More beard = more blades! Be sure to buy from the official Gilette website and get an ART OF MANLINESS sticker with your order!!

Gillette Mach3 + Noxzema foam ever since I was 13.

My setup
- 6 blade razor cartridges from Dorco
- generic shaving cream
- Gillette after shave gel (don't get the can shit, apparently that runs out fast. I get the plastic container)

With the after shave I barely get razor burn anymore. If you don't get the after shave, you will get razor burn.

If you don't mind spending more money

- Get the executive razor (6 blades I think) subscription with the Carver shaving butter from Dollar Shave Club. It is a subscription.

Apparently Dollar Shave Club is cheaper than Gillette. I prefer Dorco because there is no subscription. I just buyy razors in bulk. And they last me a long time because I'm a basement sweeping crypto NEET who only shaves every 4 days.

>not plucking the hairs using your fingernails

Man never thought that all yhose years of jacking off all the time and eating tofu would contribute to my patchy beard.. brb buying a Woodstove

Please dont post on biz unless you are at least 23

Hmm I am 18 and did Muay Thai, Weight Lifting and Calisthenics in the last 4 years. Obviously not altogether but there wasnt a month where I didnt do any sports. I actually also do help my dad out splitting wood now and then - good that it worked out for you tough.

Here's how I get a perfect shave every time. First, I take a hot shower. Then I get out and scrub my cheeks, neck and chin with hot water and Jack Black face buff cream. After that, I apply a bit of Cremo cooling shaving cream and start shaving with a Gillette Mach 3 razor. I take 3-5 short strokes at a time and quickly rinse the blades under the running tap. Once I'm finished, I wash the lower portion of my face with a bit of salyalitic acid acne soap and rinse off with cold water. Finally, I apply a bit of Benzoyl Peroxide to my lower neck to prevent razor burn. The razor itself then gets rinsed and goes back into a steripod to keep the blade sharp for as long as possible. With this method I can shave 5-6 days a week while only using about 6 blades a year.


and after that a gentle assfuck from your friend before heading to your starbucks shift
philipps electric top of the line + preshave and aftershave
don't have time for your faggy beauty session in the morning

okay faggots, i will let you in on a secret and save you moneyon bs faggotry men's products. take gilette razor into shower. take nice hot shower. at some point, apply liquid soap to face. step 2, shave face. no mirror needed, just train yourself. use yourfree hand to feel for areas that still need to be shaved, your fingertips can feel stubble that your eyes cannot even detect anyway. warm shower softens whiskers and you won't waste money on faggoty shaving cream.


Don't over complicate it.

Shave in the shower. Soap instead of cream, shave up

I don’t have fingernails because I plucked mine out

>I always have this irritation and pimples all over my throat area, that stay for several days
Don't shave with a razor. With your skin type, the blade cuts the hairs too close to your skin (it literally pulls the hair out slightly and then cuts it below the skin surface) and then pimples form as the hair tries to grow back out through the skin. Use a beard trimmer instead. On it's closest setting it will still give you a close cut, but the end of the hair remains slightly above the skin and doesn't need to grow back through causing a pimple. I got pimples all the time after shaving before switching to a beard trimmer many years ago. This one is pretty good.


LMAO at this faggoty Top Gun IceMan bullshit.

>how do chads shave

I have that exact razor. Pretty good. Gives a good close shave, dont have any complaints

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I'm using a safety razor like in the op. Can shave in the shower without a mirror or shaving cream, pretty great desu.

I have a razor like that and the way to avoid pimples is to only shave with the grain, that simple.

how do you faggots get this much time to use a razor. why not use electric shaver and save the time? 5 mins in and out

shower shave is less than that

electric shavers don't shave as close. You need to use an electric shaver every day. For my lazy crypto NEET trading ass, I only need to shave once every 4 days (when the irritation starts to kick in). You need a razor to remove the hair from your face when you have that much facial hair.

Kek 100% this

That shaver and the cheapo astra shaving blades are fine.

The face is everything, so I take perfect care of my skin. If hitting the gym for an hour a day after spending nine hours at work makes sense, then so does spending 3-5 extra minutes a day on my face. Cash and muscles aren't going to save you from getting cucked by someone with a better face.

OP did your dad not pass this info on??? Apologies if he's deceased or worse, a faggot.
Shave routine if you've only got the basics available
> Hot shower
> Wash face with a course flannel pay extra attn to the beard area, just loosen that shit up
> When out of the shower, put flannel under hot water. Make it as warm as you can bear, but don't be a tough guy, no need to burn yourself
> Put it up against your face, feels fucken amazing
> Apply cream, lather it in good
> shave that shit off
> Clean with warm water
> Towel dry, fresh towel, not the same one you've just been drying your balls and ass with
> At this point I use an exfoliant, a dead sea rub. Probably not necessary for most because shaving itself is a good enough exfoliant.
> Smooth and dry face, get it all nice and cool again
> Slap on a small amount of moisturizer across your entire face
> Now you're good to go.

Takes 5 minutes but well worth the effort. You'll feel fresh and look shit hot.