Useless token

>useless token
>manchild CEO
>shilled by pnd groups
>NDAs not announced meaning every deal fell through
>top 5 lowest volumes on binance
>bleeding sats for months

Feeling sorry for the idiots who fell for the larp shills. They will exitscam this shitcoin soon.
VEN and WTC do everything better and have already working products and real life partnerships.

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sell me your bag faggot


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It's a pnd what did you expect lmao? Mod amb trac and origin trail are all ripe for pnd. They're low cap and retards think they have a use case. Avoid all of these like the plague

I'm already balls deep in MOD. Dont know about TRAC

Already sold my stack thank god

This is now am Ambrosus shill thread

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>doesn't understand how tokens work
>has no idea what a CEO does
>clueless on how NDAs work
>hurdur low volume is bad ok kek

Don't they have some Swiss partnership? That's about Vin-tier level progress

DAILY FUCKING REMINDER: NO price action this month OR the next for you AMBlets.
>mfw TGfags actually think I hold MOD after mentioning it once
top fucking kek, sure they will both go up (at the end of cycle), but at least MOD doesn't have massive bagholders from the trifecta shilling of kimchi, pharm, and swissFAGGOTS

Note to self: /biz starting to shill AMB more... sell those bitches asap.

Its a dead coin and has been since it was created, mod does everything amb does and they're further along on the roadmap

Exactly!! You know when biz is onto something its already too late. Amb is the bagholders coin of 2018. I would honestly fucking prefer bitconnect atleast they get some volume

Only source on this is their medium. And f.y.i anybody can writw a fuxking medium article. If your even thinking about buying amb then its too late for you your not gonna make it

Te hnically their swiss coffe project was an mou. I know your a brainlet so you dont know what an mou is. Basically thwy signed an agreement that would allow amb to pitch their shitcoin to the swiss coffee alliance. THEY BRAGED ABOUT BEING REJECTED FOR A PILOT. AMB EVALUATION .02 cents eoy.

Kek only amb threas that doesnt get attention is the one that points out the obvious faulta of the shitcoin. Thats how you know they have a telegram shilling this and downvoting everything against. Im not gonna touch this coin with a 30 foor pole

Why do you think your opinion is meaningful?

Seriously, been doing this the past month... saved & made.

I held bitcoin at 30$ and eth at ico. I know a fucking shitcoin when i see one

So while you precious shitcoin bled 60% you were able to take some screenshots? Good job cuck go and suck agnels cock and when he cums you can use the amber to verify thats its not from a pajeet cock like you have.

chadsetti fucked this guys mom

He's a theiving gypsy and was kicked oit of Cambridge for rape. He's luxky sjw protected muh immigratiob so instead of being in prison hes leading a transparent ponzi scheme. Kys pajeet I've seen the youtube video of currys oike you reading paid scripts.

Ambrosus is actually good user, don't fall for the memes. I would wait for the bleeding to stop before I buy in though.

Bagholder detected. Anyone on biz telling you to buy is a pajeet earning 2$ a day. Dont listen and dont buy look at the volume for christ sake i dont even think a single order has been filled today

This thread is the biggest buy signal for a shitcoin I've ever seen.

Look at that controlled demolition. AMB is an inside job.

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>consistently bleeding in sats and $ compared to other supply chain token e.g mod
>volume dwindling to near 0

Safe to say the only ones holding now are the devs amd some dead wallets. Your litterally better off going to the casino or sending your money to twitter scammers.

Idk if your arguing with me but t.a is useless in crypto. Crypto isnt a child of god, but a child of man instead so voliatility and unpredictability are rampant. Dont go of t.a, instead base your investments on intuition and reality. Amb is a shitscam.

I'd just hate to see honest anons pike yourself get tricked by pajeets. Low cap coins are really risky business and they rarely pay off. Just stick with something solid like btc,mod,eth,omg and so on. You rarely see amb get grouped with coins of that caliber.

Add origintrail to that. In this volatile market you better have a working product.

That whales are controlling the price is obvious in the case of Bitcoin, I'm saying the same's the case with AMB given the inconspicuous way the price has decreased.

My intuition says that given the team they've got, AMB's current market cap is incredibly undervalued. You're fudding so much and so badly, you're probably working against your own interest. I know I rest easier about AMB once I see you and that other bear wolf faggot fudding the coin.

I always thought the idea sucked. Everyone says
"dude its an easy 5x etc" but the selling point is
>its undervalued
>the team is good
>its a good product
>its a good idea

Oh did you mention me?


Daily fucking reminder
NO price action this month and next month for you amblets

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Tell me about TRX and how great the product and idea is.

>price keeps decreasing
>it must be whales
This level of delusion. Unbelievable. You could say this about TRX too.
Run back to your TG little one. Didn't you ask promfag yet why he didn't give obvious advice to buy alts LOW at end of downtrend? Oh that's right
>This not a bear market, just a january correction
>I-It's actually very easy to short the bear market, many entry points
>W-why don't I share entry points? U-umm... HERE look at what synth is saying!

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It's really not.
OP making a lot of factual statements and not being refuted on any of them.
Shills just posting fluff and memes.
Not a good look.

>deflection to some other shitcoin

Origintrail is shit. I dont kbow much about it but i only swing on sure things like btc,eth, neo when it was below 1$ and most recently mod. Judging by my track record it's not hard to see mod is a clear contender for top 3 eoy

all supply chain meme tokens are shitcoins. IBM will take the supply chain using private blockchains. who the fuck wants to ship and track with shitcoin being pumped by chinks and pajeets on dozens of exchanges? get gains or get rekt. just dump on the next plebs you fucken suckers

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At least this TGfag is honest. AMBlets are all hiding behind "amazing team" and "undervalued" when really they are looking to dump bags they bought in january, hoping normies will come and spike prices like in december. Too bad that was a once in a lifetime event. But I'm sure "options trading market" will be so thrilled to rush in and buy whales and decemberfags bags anyday now right?

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No its not that wont work its too much cost expensive. Mod and a few other coins will deliver a better project for less of a cost.

nope. wrong. IBM is already all over it. i attended one of their live conference seminars and they eluded to it. basically all the international laws and regulations across borders will be the key focus of the participants. the existing companies are not internationally connected on the level that IBM is. you'll lose your money so fuck you if you're stupid. educate yourself. these fly by night crypto companies will not be trusted on an international level. be reasonable. the tech will be used by existing players, not the new guys.

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>Says low cap coins are extremely risky and to stay the fuck away
>Shills MOD with 33 million dollar market cap
Wow my almonds are activating furiously right now

Trips of truth AMBlets BTFO

You do realize most things are manufactured in China, right?

they have no other choice
their cultleader swissfaggot tricked them
they won't admit it

IBM is a steaming pile of shit. Wallstreet knows it and so does anyone else with half a brain.

also daily reminder:

25% of the vested team tokens are unlocked end of april/early june

so guess what will happen?
they will make an announcement of a smaller partnership or some shit to pump the price a little and then dump their tokens on you
then no big announcements until the next 6 month lock up period is due
meanwhile btc will start its next bull and this shit will bleed only more until then
guess the swissfaggot did'nt tell you that?
le insider fundmanager
fucking idiots


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There’s more volume on a Monday night trying to buy a cracked up whore on the streets than this piece of shit chad meme coin

Everyone has heavy AMB bags. Dev dumping their coins soon.

>says the TGfags who thinks finding swiss telegram makes them high IQ

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