Crypto is over isn’t it

Crypto is over isn’t it.
Even a 3 year bear market wont result in another 20k run at the top will it? Bubbles don’t happen twice like that.

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the next crypto bull run will occur during the next stock market crash

It's over until the next ethereum pops up and helps the market regain confidence

look at dotcom bubble chart and go to today

Why is everyone on this board pussys with no basic economic knowledge, June. That's it June. June is when the bears will pull us through 20k. This isn't a classical bubble by any means this is more of a growth cycle for Bitcoin. You can't call Bitcoin a bubble if it bubbles every God damn 6 months its a growth cycle.

You are saying the proverbial of crypto is dead but not the 0.1% that will survive and haven’t even begun an s curve yet.

Interesting. We have no way to determine whst they are. Btc must be one.

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everyone who was late to this party expects it to happen again so this time they can be part of it
with all regulations btc is done - bankers will turn it into another boring part of their boomer investment portfolios with 10% yearly gains

>You can't call Bitcoin a bubble if it bubbles every God damn 6 months its a growth cycle.
but one time it woudn't grow in 6 months
would be too late to call a bubble burst though

its almost like Indices such as the nasdaq and sp500 are indices and not a single entity like bitcoin

Ive been around crypto since 2012 but was a poorfag teenager. I do recall people saying that its done each time it crashed. That all the money has been made and such.

This was before government were actually getting involved like this time though.

good one, there was massive government involvement in 2014

SEC hearings? Korean government greenlight? Japanese government approved? Not quite the same.

I see it as regulation destroys speculation and moons. Wallstreet will just leverage the fuck out of 100 dollar swings which take months to profit

For a board that's supposed to be about business most of you dumb faggots have never cracked a textbook.

>unironically absolute state of biz

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The market cap is 100% going past 1 trillion within a year or two. The cost savings in decentralized online wealth storage/computing are just too great.

shit hasn't hit rock bottom yet so I don't think it's over

when you can't even sell your crypto then you'll know it's really over

What the fuck are you talking about?

>Even a 3 year bear market wont result in another 20k run at the top will it?

Looking at the silver market as an example of a Russian governmental pump and dump as was crypto we can see that a sideways pattern will be the end result with an effectively stable price at about 1/3 the peak. So about 6000 USD for a decade or so.

The big question is will the cycle now revert to pumping and dumping PMs for a couple of years or will another asset class be the target?

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See you at 21k next month fag, but 7k first

5trill eoy

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Easily 100k. Halvening in 2 years.

I saw this happen a few times already with btc. This is at least the third.

I believe normal markets with such growth cycles dont have fucking whale manipulators who control literally everything single dollar in price movement though. So im saying that this cannot grow normally and its likely whales will cssh out slowly and then let bitcoin die

Blockchain bubble hasn't even started yet nigga sheeeeiiiit

Nice crystal ball

The fact is blockchains are not so revolutionary. We dont need them in much. There are plenty of systems in place which work fine as is. Supply chain is the only real use for them.

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smart contracts
Transfer of value

Blockchain tech is the best possible tech for all of these.
My prediction is: 90% of shit projects will die, the rest will go through a long ass bear market but will be higher than it is now in 5 years from here.

The technology IS revolutionary maybe it is THE revolution of our lifetime.

Hopefully. It just feels like one big fucked up minefield. Btc is the biggest blockade to this kinda stuff being reality and mooning. Its ironic and sad.

Even the whole Internet could be built on these technologies and theres more to come (hashgraph). Everybody getting depressed now didnt ever research properly in the first place.

too bad that hashgraph already made the blockchain obsolete
dos and windows
you are oldfags now

Hard to say as the hashgraph code isnt open source. It still has to prove itself and we cant knowyet, but theres reason to be hyped for it

t. boomer nocoiner



Each and everyone of those are 100% memes holy shit.

Crypto is all about digital contracts, and it's barely holding its transfer of value status.

This. If any blockchain technology ends up being widely used it will only very loosely resemble any existing blockchain technology and certainly won't be Bitcoin or any alts that exist today.