AMA: I am WatchBro

My team and I have been working behind the scenes. I am currently in the USA attending multiple investor meetings. I will be here for 30 minutes before boarding a plane.

We are now looking for select individuals to join our global network. NON-US only sorry - SEC does not allow for me to deal with US Citizens.

Welcome to the revolution.


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Can confirm this man's legitimacy.

Sup Watchbro

We shall see just what kind of a Man you really are. Post your waifu.

How low will we go? Do you think we will see 6k again?

Two posts into the thread and I already have a cancer

Such a shitty watch you got there, buddy.

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i only expanded the image cause in the thumbnail it looked like you were flashing ur dick but it was ur shoe

so is this another bitconnneeee type of setup or what am I looking at here?
> 523 Hours spent in Research each Month

they probably include the jacking off to anime breaks

did I meet you at the Surely goat in encino?

in what country do you reside in?

What do you think my watches?

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that shirt sat next to you looks familiar?

soiboy tier

Highly likely. Possibly even lower. I have no magic ball.

comes with a gentle assfuck i think

i-i..s that sergey in the driver's seat?

That's a fine ass watch son. It has all the 80's vibe on it. This guy fucks.

Hey R.D.
Any Good icos for the Future?
Have a Good flight.

Is MAN still a good buy? It dipped alot recently.
What are currently holding? The same?

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Seems fishy,

Why would I join your team.

Can confirm watchbro is the real deal, the amount of people he has helped and educated is beyond comparison to anyone in the crypto scene, no I’m not shilling.


Nothing in MAN has changed, other than its price. If you you were happy to buy it at 1.00 why not at 0.50?

sounds legit to me

come on, lets fight the jews

i have extensive experience in paramilitary tactics and a severe hatred for jews, is that enough?
you are not jewish, are you?

What are the requirements of joining your team? Ok keen on getting into crypto investing officially rather than how I’m doing it now.

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prove to me that your dick isn't well below average

like, I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL if it's like micropenis status


that's all I think about when I see guys with expensive bullshit

saged and reported

Yeah i'm going to do kyc. Give all my information to some annonymous guy for muh crypto advice. Your worse than ian shillina. And all you picks dumped so hard rofl. You are probably gonna sell our information on the black market.

Those shoes are from Aldo

God I love you guys lol. Taking the same photo.... :)

What is your goal in say the next 6 months? What separates you from being a normal ICO pool group?

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Read the google form. All info goes to Onfido. Please read user

He is real and a nice guy. We are a small Community and are searching for new ICOs.
We already pooled for an exclusive ICO, Tier 2 funding, and he provided us proofs for his Credibility.

you are sure?
such a cheapskate
good shoes over watches man
or is this watch made in china?

also what about the fight against the jews?
tell us

Onfido HAHAHA.
It's a hint faggot. A hint that they scam you like Confido. Are you this deluded for some 'crypto advice'.

so you don't know who he is and you gave him money?
did you receive something yet?

Yeah I have the exact same pair

Guys just apply for the discord and see it yourself, there is enough proof. This is the best opportunity of your life

fuck man, that does'nt look good
no offense, but that are poor mans shoes
think he will run with my money
maybe he is a jew after all

When does bullrun start? Should we tether up?

do you know his name or person?
did you receive something yet?
or do you just send money to a user?

Yo Ryan how you doing? family good? Cool, see you around mate

Fucking LARP, it's probably a fake one

>our backgrounds range from fintech to basement dweller

love ypur AP but would go for a nautilus, same designer but homebrew clockwork from Patek. sadly I'm not rich enough to afford one right away, thats why i went with Panerai Luminor. was one of my hardest decision between AP and panerai. Anyway love your watch

I think they were like only $200. Not sure, why do you care about my shoes lol.

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>why do you care about my shoes lol.
Probably for the same reason you bought em, fit em in the original pic, and then felt the need to show their label lol.

Fake airport too? Lol

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sage for /r9k/ /soc/ faggotry

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Eat a burger bro.
That leg cross, fuck you must be packing no heat!

My nigga. Many Thousands on the watch.... dub hundred in the shoes. U remind me of me.

sorry man idk,
my business shoes are comfy as fuck and cost 500-800, but my most expensive watch roughly 1k
maybe different preferences, but shoes over watches everytime
gives me a weird vibe
if you also hate the jews, it's ok tho

>Brags about watches
>Doesn't care about shoes
>Virgin autist detected
Looks like he's a legit crypto investor guys go all in.

Plz rate
Don’t mind my skin color

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Dude. 500 hours a month and you have over 90 people on your team?

Do the math bois. Each of his highly skilled investigators burn a whopping 15 minutes a month on research?

What the fuck watch bro. Let alone this whole watch bro thing is painfully neet.

Nothing about being a "watch bro "sounds exclusive or fancy. It sounds like a bunch of faggots that have to pay for sex hahah

So what are the requirements for joining the team?


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Don't listent to the haters, this watch and it's derivatives are fine watches.
Despite being cheap watches they are mythical and deserve a place in the clockwork hall of fame.

Your bags please

Man, shoes ain’t shit. Shoes don’t hold value, nobody wants your smelly ass shoes. A watch is a precision machine, shoes are shoes.

You can find me rocking some 200 dollar Jordan’s with a 2500 tag.

Even from 1k you can get a nice respectable time piece such as a glycine


kill yourself faggot

omg another eric choe type faggot

Why would you get a nigger watch??? Oh man you could have got a patek, you could have got a vacheron, and you get a nigger watch?

with properly fitted shoes you do something for your health you fuckhead, i don't see them ass a asset
also lol at jordans+tag
are you kanye west or some hoodcracknigger?
pathetic shit

at least they made an effort to align to the screws in a circular pattern.

unlike fucking Hublot where the screws are never aligned in any real direction.


godspeed, user

You must either be some Veeky Forums low iq pleb or a NEET who cries himself to sleep at night because he's to fat to leave the house. Option 3 would be just your regular brainwashed "but muh guns" yank.

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>watch bro
Piss off.

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now connected watches are cancer...
literally, bluetooth? who wants an overpowered (for what it does) wireless system on him/herself at all times?

sorry man you lost completely,
shit shoes+shit watch
would take the crackniggerstyle from the other user over that desu

why do you have to show the world you faggot musicstyle on your watch? what is this?

You're a fucking goofball. How many salty faggots around here have this kind of mentality? Certain things are tacky. But liking expensive things, nice cars, etc, shouldn't mean you have a small dick. At least it doesn't in my case. Fuck off cucklet.

Your website is even gayer than I thought it would be. Fuck off back to whatever stuck up business school you went to, Patrick Batemen wannabe.

kek how obviously salty can you be over people here being rich

just let go of desire and enjoy what you have

Hmmm he requires a CV and your dox to even join his network. WTF? Obvious spearfishing data mining operation detected. Expect to get hacked if you offer up your info anons.

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Nice 14k AP faggot, try larping this hard when you have a 40k+ patek.

sure whatever it shouldn't but it does lol

this is the kind of shit I personally like to show off

>wrote it, played every instrument, recorded it, produced it

I also trade (and teach how to trade)

so if you want a math

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you are right; however I personally make a distinction between real rich people and show-offs...

real rich people didn't get there by handing out money to (((them))) for "luxury" goods "just because"; they picked wisely. UNLIKE show offs who will just buy anything deemed "fancy" at any price.

I mean I recently kept getting called by my ISP who wanted to enroll me in a "high end only 3000 members elite club mobile super duper classy" scam. Basically they wanted me to pay up front 2500 + 300 euros/month to get the same thing I currently pay 30 euros a month (FROM THEM!); I can't brag about paying 300 euros for a mobile but then again why would I? It is about functionality in the end...

I had a black card card for a while that my bank offered for free the first year, I sent it back because I didn't see myself using it to it's full potential anyway and didn't see the point of paying extra for something I won't use fully. So I stuck with my pleb card.

pls don't tell me you wear fucking jordans with your patek

>movie meme shoes
no one will take you seriously with that trash tier footwear

I joined the team, not because I'm one to blindly trust anyone but because of the opportunity cost of not acting.

Join the group, see what we're working on and make your own decision.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of something big.

sounds like a crazy cult man desu
do you know him personally or just sending money?
did you receive something yet?
why did nobody answer that?

>ywn go on a roadtrip with Sergey

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>watches in 2018


>spent some crypto earnings this week
Bought a pretty new watch.

And yes, I'm a female on Veeky Forums. Get over it!

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Wow, you're loaded!

400 bucks! What a baller,

Weigh out the possibilities user. You either do nothing our join and see it for yourself

I remember you shilling that album for eth mid last year

btw theres only like one good song, cant remember what it is, but yeah sounds good

not really original though is it :^)

What is the compensation if I make it to your group?
Can I send an anonymized CV? Don't want to give personal info to someone from Veeky Forums desu.

We aren't financial advisors, we aren't offering investments. We're a research and marketing group.

We look for worthwhile projects in their infancy to offer our network and use as leverage to gain access to what we think will be the most exclusive opportunities in the space.

Jet to Salt Lake

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What are your feelings on ARK mate?

lolol pretty fucking crazy how that turned around on you so fast huh bitch

>pic related is me

you think I give a fuck? thanks for all the money you've been giving me in the markets

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wassup man

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