How do I say fuck you to the people who never believed in me without saying fuck you

How do I say fuck you to the people who never believed in me without saying fuck you

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Grow up.

persecutor detected

OP, ignore them. Live life on higher gear and sooner or later they'll see they were wrong

Be so happy and full-filled you genuinely forget about them. It is the only fuck you that beats kicking them in the nuts.

Take pictures where you awkwardly try to flash your normie watch

Chad on the left doesn't need to

I date a model and drive an Audi and am currently wearing 2k in clothes and go back into the cafes and restaurants I worked at just so that the owners can feel awkward.

Literally none of them ask how I have been. They can fucking see it and I love it.

I did it this morning as my old horrible boss was signing paychecks and talking about how he couldn't pay his rent, he then looked up and saw me and didn't say anything and left. no larp

sad and petty
its nice that you are successful financially!
its sad that you don't know what to do with it other than rub it in people's faces.

Neck yourself.
Biggest "fuck you" ever.

Gargle your own cum

Fund where they wagecuck amd drop past in your lambo. Offer them a job amd then ghost them

This shit is so petty and low vibration
Stop revisiting the people who brought your resonance down OP

Definition of a loser.


Ain't worth it, if you are truly happy and content with your place in life.

jfc kys

OP is a fucking faggot turning to Veeky Forums for advice after his first taste of "success". You haven't made it if you have a shit attitude, sweetie.

>drive an Audi
>wearing 2k in clothes

You sure are showing them hahahahHhahahaHAHAHAHAHAH


the harder you try to show off on social media or in real life, the more obvious it is that you are self conscious and desperate/thirsty for validation. You think you are "showing them" but really the only thing you are showing is that you can't escape from the real cause of your misery - yourself.

Delete your social media, or at the very least never post on it. Focus on yourself, your health, your wealth, your intellect, your spirituality. Your enemies will slowly fall apart, and their lives will decay.

The next time they see you, they will be reminded of your existence, and their mind will realize why they havn't heard from you on social media or seen you lately - its because you no longer need that shit. The tables will turn and they will realize how pathetic their lives are seeking validation constantly.

In private or in front of people to show off?

This and if you run into them they will notice that you are doing good.

t. have never had to work under a horrible person for years of their life

Get a lambo

This is what I'm doing . then I'm gonna laugh at Stacy for going with someone who was doing better than me at the time. Thanks for not believing in me Bitch.

Yeah but you really need to watch those run on sentences

This is excellent bait. OP, as others have said, just ignore those people you want to impress. Not caring, or thinking of them, is the best revenge. You show you literally don't have time for them.


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This is good advise


i'd knock your teeth down your throat and steal your girl every season of the year

Ask yourself why you need their validation to be happy

amen brother
i dont go a day without going back to the wendys i worked at and make those nigs that laughed at me cook my food while i prance around with my hot girl touching me and drive a new vehicle every week there and fresh clothes

why do you relate more with losers working in a dead end job being assholes to people under their command rather than someone who has built themselves up and out of it purely because he is gloating?

Are you that jealous? Or is it ideological hatred of success to the point where you defend managers and business owners who basically torture their employees?

Prance is a great word. No 100% hetero male would prance, least of all around a Wendy's. Top kek user.

Make up some invites to a party at your house. Tell them to get there for 4pm. When they knock at your door tell them sorry, you meant 3pm and the party has just finished and it was the best party ever and you're sorry they missed out. Pay a mate to walk out saying 'That was a great party user' to help make it more convincing. That'll show them.

Solid advice on this thread Veeky Forums

I'm in a shitty situation atm. Pretty much a failure compared to many people in my age group. I've been working very hard tho last few weeks teaching myself programming. I feel like I can make it but sometimes I get the feelings of FOMO b/c I have no friends or gf.

t. 45k LINK owner

>Be so happy and full-filled you genuinely forget about them. It is the only fuck you that beats kicking them in the nuts.

Avoid them, don't try to make them jealous. Jealous ppl report you to the IRS (i assume you have crypto gains).

Those nigs are beating off in your burger though
Don't consume anything you don't see them making if you're just going in there to spite them
Otherwise enjoy your niggo cum

Put on your best shit eating grin and say hello.

Have you done Self-Authoring?

You seem as if you have sorted yourself out, stop caring what other people think, just focus on yourself user.

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Why do you relate more with faggots?

Mr Shekelburg is calling you, better run along now.

By flaunting an abundance of wealth and women

>sorted out
>fell for the link psy-ops

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A nice shiny watch.

This needs to be answered or nobodys ever going to know

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this is Genius shit !

Suck my dick. Make sure you throw up both middle fingers after saying it.

Get decent clothes. A haircut. And no monitories as friends.


Solid advice.

gods work user. Make them feel shitty

Stunt on Snapchat obviously

I relate with people that get out of a shit situation only to be able to rub it into peoples faces that deserve it

you're a little bitch that relates more to being a cuck, go figure