Will I make it biz?

Im a hodl hoe. thoughts on coins?

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> diversifying in more than 3 coins/token even though you havent atleast 5BTC+

where is chainlink?

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needs more tron

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I needed atleast 1 shit coin. Tron was my pick..

Because its the most shilled coin on biz.


Chainlink is a self fulfulling prophecy that will come down hard on the average braintards.

People that went all in on Chainlink should seriously get their Iq's checked

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Chainlink is trash, god help you all..

Looks pretty good, add Cardano (all FUD memes aside)

Also not sure about TRX, I don't know if it really has a future.

0 LINK? Do you hate money that much?

>Chainlink is a self fulfulling prophecy
>a bad thing

You're seriously retarded..

Link is trash

bag rating thread?

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unironically 100k before EOY

EOS, LTC, and TRX, the fuck are you doing Pajeet

thats alot of omg. i salute you

teach me senpai. post ur coins to meeehhh in wordssssssss

i don't think it's that much, got all 850 back in August @ $3 a pop. 1000 is my goal, just hoping to flip ELEC into OMG once it truly moons

keep accumulating ELEC then, dummy. what if you could get in on OMG at 8 cents?

How fucked am I Veeky Forums?

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move your stinkies to a fucking bluechip like OMG or something.

Why is omg so good?

You're fucked for leaving everything on an exchange n00bfag

it aims to be the fastest and most inclusive payment gateway in global finance with staking/dividend payouts per token.

some buzzwords: ETH and Plasma, million transactions per second, Vitalik and Poon advising, conglomerates, deal with Thai gov., wallet SDK, staking Q2, roadmap milestones Q2 and 3

The fucks the rest of your shitcoins at. Shit doesnt add up to the total you brainlet

oh lol those tron bags

Thanks. You just made my day.

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